The 10 Best Apple Watch Apps

In the first quarter of 2021, 7.6 million Apple Watches shipments worldwide grew 35% year-over-year. Apple managed to maintain its leadership in the smartwatch market globally with 55% in the first quarter of the year. These data show us that while COVID-19 was expected to negatively affect smartwatch sales, it has had the opposite effect so far. We can think that during the lockdown, people have turned to smart watches to protect and monitor their health.

If you are looking for both free and good Apple Watch apps, we have prepared this list for you. From sleep tracking to weather, fitness to golf scoring, you can find the best free App Watch apps on this list.

Google Maps

The first app of the list of the best Apple Watch apps is for the ones looking for a navigation app for Apple Watch. Google Maps. As the most popular navigation app in the app stores, Google Maps allows you to both navigate to an existing shortcut and to a new destination using your Apple Watch. The app also allows you to set travel mode on your Apple Watch.

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If you are looking for a fitness app or a running app for your Apple Watch, you can give a try to Peloton for yoga and running. The Peloton app in Apple Watch displays distance, timeline, pace, heart rate, and Heart Rate Zones during a workout. The app also has an integration with Apple Health app to let you see your current vital statistics. 

In order to take a workout class with your Apple Watch, you need to start and complete it from your iPhone. After completing a workout, the Apple Watch app of Peloton displays a summary of the workout on the Apple Watch screen. 

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Hole19 Golf GPS & Scorecard

For the ones who are looking for a golf app for Apple Watch, Hole19 Golf GPS & Scorecard is one of the most downloaded and most accurate apps. It provides a distance tracker to let you measure the distance of your last shot as you walk to your ball and to see how far you are from your goal. You can also track your scoring by entering your shots, including putts, sandshots, penalties, and fairway hits. 

As one of the best Apple Watch apps, Hole19 Golf GPS & Scoreboard app covers more than 43,000 courses in 201 countries. It’s a free to download app where you are offered paid subscription packages at the end of a trial period. ($7.49 per month, $29.99 per 6 months or $49.99 per year,

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Nike Run Club & Nike Training Club

Nike Run Club and Nike Training Club both are available for Apple Watch for fitness and run tracking and training. 

Nike Run Club is among the best alternatives among running apps for Apple Watch. It allows you to select a goal and start an audio guided run, check out previous runs, customize a run, and get in-run audio cheers from friends.  

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Nike Training Club app is a good candidate to be your personal trainer. We can say that it is a must have and one of the best Apple Watch apps if you are looking for a fitness trainer. It allows you to set goals, advance to the next workout, pause, skip workouts and more, all while monitoring your heart rate and calories right from your wrist. Having more than 180 workouts in its app for free, Nike Training Club app provides you personalized workouts based on your activity and flexible training schedule to let you achieve your goals. 

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Lose It!

Lose It! is a calorie counting app designed to help its users to reach their goals for losing weight. According to the app statistics, using the app, 80+ million pounds of weight has been lost by its members so far. It basically tracks the calories you consume and helps you benchmark it with your goal. While the phone app enables you to scan barcodes of what you eat, the Apple Watch app of Lose It! doesn’t support this feature but it still worths to try to keep up with your calorie intake to reach your goals. 

If you want to continue counting your calories anytime you need, Lose It! is one of the best Apple Watch apps for you.

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Ten Percent Happier Meditation

The app aims to make you ten percent more happier. It is one of the most preferred meditation apps for Apple Watch. It provides quick meditation and sleep sessions as well as bite-size stories and inspirations to boost your motivation and decrease your anxiety. 

The Apple Watch app also has Apple Health integration to let you track your progress in the long run. In order to get full access to Ten Percent Happier’s meditation and videos, you need to subscribe to a paid subscription. 

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Pillow is a free to download sleep tracker app designed for iOS devices and Apple Watch. In order to start using the app via your Apple Watch, the only thing you need to do is wear your smartwatch before sleeping. The app automatically starts analyzing your sleep. 

You can see your last night’s report, heart rate graph during sleep, sleep stage diagram, and sleep session trends on the Apple Watch. It has an integration with Apple Health so your sleep data will automatically be added to Apple Health’s Sleep category.  

The sleep tracking app also provides different Watch Faces for the devices with watchOS 7 or later. Here you can choose and download your favorite Watch Face. 

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For the ones looking for a music streaming app for Apple Watch, Spotify might be a good match. Via Spotify’s Apple Watch app, you can play, pause, and skip music and podcasts, control the volume, save a song or a podcast to your favorites, and use Siri to voice control your music and podcasts. To get Spotify on Apple Watch, you’ll need: 

  • iPhone running iOS 12 or above.
  • Apple Watch on watchOS 5.2 or above.

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Nano for Reddit

The next app in our list of the best Apple Watch Apps is for the Reddit lovers. If you want to browse Reddit on your Apple Watch, Nano for Reddit is what you need. Via the app, you can browse your Reddit homepage, vote on posts, view images, check your Reddit inbox, and read news. 

If you want to limit the number of comments per post, you can change it from the app settings. You can also change preferences for stickied posts, haptics, and compact mode.  

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Dark Sky Weather

The last app in the list of the best Apple Watch Apps is for the ones looking for a weather app for their smartwatch. Dark Sky Weather. It is an accurate weather app that provides hyperlocal weather forecasts and information. You can see weather forecasts for the next seven days, rain estimation to see when the rain starts or stops, hour-by-hour weather forecast for the next day and week, and more. 

You can also get notifications via your Apple Watch about the weather. 

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