The 15 Best Escape Room Games for iPhone and Android

In addition to virtual new versions such as hyper-casual, mobile games can also provide us with the experience of games such as chess, golf, and football that we experience in real life. Escape room games are one of these types of games that we can find on mobile. In this list, you can find the best escape room games for iPhone and Android that simulate real-life escape room games very successfully and make you feel the same excitement.

The Best Escape Room Games for Android and iPhone

50 rooms 1

Price: Free

As its name suggests, in the game where there are 50 different rooms, you will try to escape from each room by solving different mysteries in each room and making calculations. The game, which you can find the 2nd and 3rd franchises in the app stores, also provides tips to help you escape, just like in traditional escape room games.

50 rooms 1 on Google Play

50 rooms 1 on the App Store

Tiny Room Stories: Town Mystery

Price: Free

In Tiny Room Stories, one of the best escape room games for iPhone and Android, you as a private detective try to find out what happened to your father and the townspeople in the small town of Redcliff. Featuring multiple locations and rooms where you will explore the city, find clues, solve puzzles, and unlock locks to further your research, the game is a mix of room escape and classic missions.

Tiny Room Stories on Google Play

Tiny Room Stories on the App Store

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The Birdcage

Price: Free

As one of the best escape room games for Android and iPhone, The Birdcage requires you to use all your skills to release the bird the King’s young son loved most. The highly popular game has puzzles and riddles that you need to solve carefully and using your intelligence.

The Birdcage on Google Play

The Birdcage on the App Store

Spotlight: Room Escape

Price: Free

Spotlight: Room Escape” is a room escape game based on the theatrical drama scene. In a strange room with no idea how you got there after being kidnapped, your only goal is to escape before the time runs out. In Spotlight: Room Escape, one of the best escape room games for Android and iPhone, you have to find answers to various questions such as who kidnapped you, the purpose of the kidnapper, and much more about the process of finding the way out.

Spotlight on Google Play

Spotlight on the App Store

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The House of Da Vinci

Price: $3.99

The House of Da Vinci, one of the best escape room games for Android and iPhone, allows you to solve mechanical puzzles, discover hidden objects, and escape from rooms in the authentic atmosphere of the Renaissance, in order to find out what’s behind your master’s disappearance.

The House of Da Vinci on Google Play

The House of Da Vinci on the App Store

Cube Escape: Paradox

Price: Free

When notorious detective Dale Vandermeer wakes up in a sinister room with no recollection of his past, he soon finds himself part of a bizarre game orchestrated by an old enemy. In the popular game, Dale must solve increasingly challenging puzzles to escape the room and recover his memories.

Cube Escape on the App Store

Cube Escape on Google Play

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The Room

Price: $0.99

Offering a very successful experience with its touch controls and 3D graphics, The Room is also one of the most popular home escape games in the app stores. You will solve physical puzzles in a well-designed room in the game, in which new puzzles have been added with the latest updates.

The Room on Google Play

The Room on the App Store


Price: Free

In this game where you come across an old book and get stuck in its world, you will try to escape from the world of the book by solving all its mysteries. The game, which includes 3 different endings, is packed with mysterious riddles and highly challenging puzzles.

Rime on the App Store

Rime on Google Play

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Agent A

Price: $5.99

In Agent A, a detective-themed game where you are stuck in the secret hideout of your enemies, you have to escape from the hideout and find loads of puzzles, hidden objects, spy gadgets and futuristic contraptions that best suit your needs in order to learn all its secrets and foil his evil plan.

Agent A on the App Store

Agent A on Google Play

Adventure Escape Mysteries

Adventure Escape Mysteries

Adventure Escape Mysteries is one of the best escape room games for iOS and Android with its story and puzzles, where you as the character of Aila will take control of the elements and learn the truth about your past as you fight the Stone Gods.

Adventure Escape Mysteries on the App Store

Adventure Escape Mysteries on Google Play

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Faraway: Puzzle Escape

You are carrying on your father’s legacy, a strange item collector who vanished 10 years ago. You will pass through deserts and oases on your way to the ancient collapsing ruins of a strange civilization. They built tools and challenges to test your aptitude for learning their secrets. To escape temple labyrinths, you should pay attention to your surroundings, gather objects, use gadgets, and solve tricky riddles.

Faraway on the App Store

Faraway on Google Play

The Escapists 2

Price: $6.99

The difficult task of jail escape is presented in the incredibly intriguing sandbox strategy game The Escapists 2. With hundreds of customization choices available in this well-known game, you may design your own game, play alone, or team up with up to three people to create the ultimate escape with local multiplayer.

The Escapists 2 on the App Store

The Escapists 2 on Google Play

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In NOX, you visit an ancient, enigmatic house full of mysteries and puzzles that are just waiting to be solved. There, you explore enigmatic chambers to uncover its hidden systems and artifacts while being told an intriguing tale. This game will test your ability to do research, whether it’s your first escape game adventure or you’re an experienced detective.

NOX on the App Store

NOX on Google Play

True Fear: Forsaken Souls 2

True Fear: Forsaken Souls 2, a horror-themed escape game, is the sequel of the successful series. In the game, which includes more than 40 puzzles and offers a wide map, you will try to find 14 hidden character figurines by solving puzzles and following the clues.

True Fear: Forsaken Souls 2 on the App Store

True Fear: Forsaken Souls 2 on Google Play

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Escape Legacy 3D

Escape Legacy 3D

In the first-person adventure game Escape Legacy 3D, you take control of Erica, an archaeologist who follows her grandfather’s daring footsteps to uncover the mysteries of ancient scrolls. You will need to gather goods to compete with gamers all around the world as you tackle difficult riddles in the game.

Escape Legacy 3D on the App Store

Escape Legacy 3D on Google Play

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