Clubhouse rolls out Replays to let you record live rooms

Clubhouse has rolled out Replays, first announced at the end of September, allowing users to record live rooms and listen to them whenever they want. With Replays, now available on both iOS and Android, public rooms can optionally be recorded by creators as they happen and then saved to a club page or speaker’s profile.

Creators will also be able to download the audio to edit and use as a podcast, a clip on YouTube, a TikTok video, an embed in their article or newsletter, or anywhere else. 

With Replays, users listening to a recorded room will also be able to skip to the next speaker, listen to it at 1.5 or 2x speed, pause, scrub,  and take 30-second clips. Replays will also support Pinned Links, a new feature that lets room moderators pin a link to the top of the room.  

Clubhouse will also allow creators to see who is listening to a room’s Replay after the live room has ended to allow them to connect with other users who are not listening to the experience in real time. 

The company has also introduced a new analytics feature called Total Attendee Count to let creators see cumulative counts of all the people who came through a room. 

Written by Maya Robertson


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