The Best Wine Apps for iPhone and Android

As one of the oldest drinks, wine is  more than a drink that offers a different culture from other types of alcohol, with its tastings, expensive bottles and community. Fortunately, mobile apps are available on Google Play and the App Store for wine lovers. In this article, we have brought together the best wine apps for Android and iPhone that you can try to buy the right wine.


With over 50 million downloads and 13 million wines from over 231,000 wineries, Vivino is one of the best wine apps for both iPhone and Android. Using the app, you can take a photo of any wine label or restaurant’s wine list or search by wine. Vivino also allows you to see the wine rating, reviews, price, tasting notes and recommended food pairings, and also lets you purchase wine from 17 markets around the world.

You can compare wines and get personalized recommendations according to your taste in the app, which has a very large wine database.

Vivino on Google Play

Vivino on the App Store

Delectable Wine

In the app where you can get instant scores and explanations about the wine you are looking for by taking a photo of a wine label, as in Vivino, you can also follow the world’s leading wine producers, sommeliers and wine critics.

You can find your new favorite wine in Delectable Wine, which also allows you to buy wine, add your own scores and notes, and recommend wine to your friends.

Delectable Wine on the App Store

Delectable Wine on Google Play

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Wine-Searcher, one of the best wine apps for iPhone and Android, Wine-Searcher allows you to find information on 8 million wine offers from 55,000 merchants, compare and buy. In the app where you can add your own reviews, you can search for a wine to find out prices, critic scores, grape and region information, available vintages and where to buy it.

Using the app, you can find out which wine stores are closest to you and see which wines are the best value at your local wine merchant.

Wine-Searcher on the App Store

Wine-Searcher on Google Play

Hello Vino

Only available on the App Store, Hello Vino works as a virtual wine assistant that allows you to get personalized recommendations based on your taste. You can use Hello Vino’s Q&A interface to find the perfect bottle for thousands of meals, special occasions or flavor profiles. The app will also suggest new wines based on your activity and settings when you scan wine labels and rate your favorites.

Hello Vino on the App Store

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Offering a vast collection of wine reviews, tasting notes and personal stories from people who love wine, CellarTracker includes more than 3.4 million wines, more than 9.4 million tasting notes and a community of more than 689,000 users.

In the app where you can search for a wine by taking a photo of the label and scan UPC/EAN barcodes on wines as well as special CellarTracker barcodes to make cellar management easier, you can also track what you’re drinking from the cellar, restaurant, winery or anywhere else, and add your own tasting notes, ratings and label images.

CellarTracker on Google Play

CellarTracker on the App Store


Preferabli, formerly Wine Ring, is one of the best wine apps for Android and iPhone that works as a personal wine assistant by learning your preferences from your personal ratings. You can search for wines by taking a photo of the label or typing it out, and you can get recommendations for wines based on your personal ratings and your taste.

Preferabli on the App Store

Preferabli on Google Play

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Bonus: Wine Events

Allowing you to easily find wine and food events happening near you, discover events in other cities on the go, and find upcoming events only on the weekend, Wine Events also offers exclusive ticket deals. 

Wine Events on Google Play

Wine Events on the App Store

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