The 6 Best Sudoku Apps for Android and iPhone

The popular game sudoku, which emerged in Japan in the late 1970s, is played by many people today, regardless of country. It is also possible to play the game, which is used both as a brain training and a relaxation tool, on your mobile devices. In this article, we have brought together the best sudoku apps that you can play on your Android or iOS devices to relax your mind.

The Best Sudoku Apps

With over 10,000 classic sudoku games, Easybrain’s is one of the best sudoku apps, with daily challenges, seasonal events that award medals, and being free. The app has all the features you need such as auto-check, note taking, highlighting duplicates. on the App Store on Google Play

Sudoku by Brainium Studios

The app, which contains quite a number of classic sudoku games, has statistics to track your progress, features such as auto-fill, auto-clear, and auto-error checking, and the option to play with your friends. If you want to learn how to play sudoku, you can give a try to this app. The interface of the app, which also has features such as dark mode and unlimited undo and redo, is very clean.

Sudoku on Google Play

Sudoku on the App Store

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Sudoku by PeopleFun

Available only on Apple’s App Store, this app is ideal for those who want to track their score with a leaderboard. You can compete against your friends through Game Center in the app, which has millions of users. The app also allows you to customize the board with different templates.

Sudoku on the App Store

Sudoku by Beetles Studio

The popular sudoku app with more than 5000 puzzles has four difficulty levels. The app, which has features such as daily challenges, pencil mode, highlighting duplicates, is one of the best sudoku applications for Android users.

Sudoku on Google Play

Microsoft Sudoku 

Offering classic sudoku games at six different difficulty levels, Microsoft’s puzzle game also includes irregular games. Rules in irregular games are the same as in classic games, but blocks have irregular shapes. In the free game, you can also play 3 unique challenges every day.

Microsoft Sudoku on the App Store

Microsoft Sudoku on Google Play

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Sudoku by Guru Puzzle Game

In this app, which is at the end of our list of best sudoku apps, you can take notes, see your mistakes in real time with auto-check, use hints when you get stuck, and play at night with a dark theme. Offering different features such as unlimited undo and eraser, the application will allow you to spend quality time.

Sudoku on Google Play

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