The Best DJ Apps for Android and iPhone

DJ equipment and the resources and time you spend learning them can be very costly. Still, although it won’t make you a professional DJ, there are mobile DJ apps that you can use to improve yourself. In this article, we’ve brought together the best DJ apps for Android and iPhone to help you create great music while having fun.

edjing Mix

Designed in collaboration with professional DJs, edjing Mix is one of the best DJ apps for Android and iPhone, with advanced features that turn your phone into a true DJ setup and offer unlimited creative freedom. You can mix with over 70 million tracks in the popular app, compatible with Tidal Premium, SoundCloud Go+, iTunes, Google Drive, Dropbox, iCloud Drive, files, and more. The app offers almost all DJ tools, including automatic BPM detection, wide audio spectrum, HD recording, crossfader curve adjustment, and more. 

Other Notable Features

  • DJ Master Class with simple lessons, exercises to practice, and video
  • MIDI support with DDJ-200
  • Smart EQ feature that isolates vocals, percussions, and instruments of tracks
  • 4 skins for turntables
  • Continuous sync between tracks
  • Wide audio spectrum for optimized beat detection
  • Smart Volume that automatically adjusts the two songs being played’s volume and gain

edjing Mix also offers a Premium version that currently costs $7.99. You may test out the premium features for three days before switching to the free edition, like with many other DJ apps.

edjing Mix on the App Store

edjing Mix on Google Play

Cross DJ

Cross DJ, a free DJ app, helps you to mix in nearly-perfect sync with features such as Accurate BPM detection, quantize mode, and automix. The app also provides you with advanced audio features such as realistic scratch sound and audio FX. However, in the app, you need to make an in-app purchase in order to record and share your mix on social media and use effects such as beat and Low-Pass.

Other Notable Features

  • Ability to play MP3, AAC, WAV and AIFF
  •  72 one-shot samples + 12 loops
  • Keylock mode to change BPM without affecting the tone
  •  Customizable, manual pitch range (4 to 100%) and manual pitch bend
  • External mixer feature that controls EQs and crossfader with hardware mixers
  • Multichannel audio for USB compliant multichannel soundcard

Cross DJ on Google Play

Cross DJ on the App Store

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DJ Studio 5

Only available on Google Play, DJ Studio 5 is a free turntable for DJs that allows you access to everything needed to mix, remix, loop, scratch, or pitch your music. It includes 2 virtual turntables, 10 customizable sample pads, 8 sound effects, 7 skins, and much more features for you to make the perfect music. 

Other Notable Features

  • No in-app purchases or registration fees, all for free
  • Compatible with iRigMIX™ from IK Multimedia*
  • One CUE/RECALL point per deck
  • Live sound spectrum view with beats detection and zoom
  • IN/OUT and beat based loops
  • 3-bands equaliser for each deck

DJ Studio 5 on Google Play


djay, one of the best DJ apps for Android and iPhone, allows you to perform live, remix tracks, or enable Automix mode to let the app create a mix for you automatically. Although Spotify integration was removed, it still supports TIDAL and SoundCloud. The audio features of the app are also advanced enough to meet your needs.

Other Notable Features

  • Remix tools such as Sequencer and Looper
  • Native integration of Pioneer DJ DDJ-200 via Bluetooth MIDI
  • Native integration of Pioneer DJ DDJ-WeGO4, Pioneer DDJ-WeGO3, Reloop Mixtour, Reloop Beatpad, Reloop Beatpad 2, Reloop Mixon4
  • Automatic beat & tempo detection

djay on Google Play

djay on the App Store

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Only available on the App Store, Pacemaker is quite a popular DJ app allowing you to create your mixes and share them with friends. If you wish, you can use its app designed for Apple Watch to add live effects and mix tracks directly from your wrist. Some of the notable features of the app include a community of music lovers, millions of tracks from major record labels, and quick creation and editing options. 

Other Notable Features

  • Community where you can share your mixtape and search for your favorite artists
  • (Live Effects) Whitenoise, 8-Bit, ChopChop, Hi-Lo, Reverb for iPhone
  • (Live Effects) Echo, Roll, Loop, Beatskip for iPad

Pacemaker on the App Store

Music Maker JAM

Music Maker JAM is one of the most popular DJ apps across the App Store and Google Play. You can use the app to create, share and discover amazing tracks across all genres. You can use a reasonable amount of the features it offers for free, but you may need to make an in-app purchase for full access to the advanced editing settings library.

Notable Features

  • 300+ Mix Packs with a 100k+ loops library
  • Ability to create your own random remix by shaking your device
  • 8-channel mixer
  • Ability to download samples from several genres such as trap, RnB, EDM, and techno

Music Maker JAM on the App Store

Music Maker JAM on Google Play

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The free BandLab app is one of the most popular DJ apps in both app stores, with over 65 million users worldwide. It offers more than 330 virtual MIDI instruments, over 180 vocal, guitar, and bass effect presents, a 16-track mix editor, and more than 15,000 royaşty-free sound samples. 

Other Notable Features

  • Ability split your song into 4 stems (vocals, bass, drums, others) for free
  • A Sampler feature that allows you to create your own 16-pad sound kit by recording sounds around you, or by selecting from over 15,000 royalty-free samples and beats
  • Metronome and Tuner support
  • AutoPitch feature with five effects (Classic, Duet, Robot, Big Harmony, and Modern Rap)
  • Free mastering tool that was designed with Grammy-winning producers and artists

BandLab on Google Play

BandLab on the App Store

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