The 6 Best Dog Training Apps for iPhone and Android

Issues such as potty training and trick training can be challenging for dog parents, especially when adopting a dog for the first time. Not everyone has the opportunity to get support from a good personal dog trainer in this very fun and extremely challenging process. Fortunately, there are mobile apps where you can get support for such matters. These apps aim to make your job very easy to teach your four-legged friend both good manners and some tricks.

In this article, we have brought together the best dog training apps where you can access video content and one-on-one video calls from professional trainers.

The Best Dog Training Apps

  1. Puppr
  2. Dogo
  3. GoodPup
  4. Pupford Dog Training App
  5. iTrainer Dog Whistle & Clicker 
  6. EveryDoggy


Price: Free / $12.99 per month / $99.9 per year (after a 7-day free trial)

You can get support with live chat on Puppr, where there are dozens of video instructions prepared by famous dog trainers like Sara Carson. In the app, you can also follow your dog’s training development, get support for more than one dog, and get support on many topics from leash training to potty training. On Puppr, one of the best dog training apps, you will also find hand-picked product recommendations for training your dog.

The app, which features more than 100 lessons, also supports live chat to let you get your questions answered about topics such as separation anxiety, unwanted behavior like jumping on people, and new puppy or dog adoption.

Puppr also has a big community where you can show off all the tricks and behaviors your dog has mastered.

Puppr on the App Store

Puppr on Google Play



Price: Free / $9.99 per month / $79.99 per year

Dogo, one of the most popular dog training apps with over 4 million dog parents, will help you train your dog at home and establish a strong bond with your dog. In the app that you can use for both dog and puppy training,  there are more than 100 dog tricks with video instructions, professionally tailored programs for dog parents, knowledge-based articles, built-in dog clicker and whistle, and live chat support. 

As well as training your dog or puppy to teach skills, you can also use the app to solve unwanted behavior issues such as chewing and biting. In the app, you will get daily personalized training recommendations. It also allows you to set reminders for your dog’s training schedule.

Much like Puppr, Dogo also has a community where you can share photos, connect with other dog parents, and join in weekly photo challenges.

Dogo on the App Store

Dogo on Google Play

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Price: Free

GoodPup is one of the best dog training apps that offers one-on-one video call training from certified dog trainers. In the app, which uses positive reinforcement training, you complete your daily goals during your video sessions and if you have any other questions during the week, you can send a message using the chat. Your first week of training is free at GoodPup, which you can use with an automatically renewing weekly subscription.

Using the app, you can learn 8 basic commands including teaching your dog its name, laying down, staying with a release word, heeling, and going to your spot. It also will let you learn skills to avoid your dog’s bad behavior such as barking an begging.

GoodPup on the App Store

GoodPup on Google Play


Price: Free / $9.99 per month / $39.99 per 6 months

As one of the best free dog training apps, Pupford provides you with a 30-day video course prepared by popular dog trainer Zak George. Using the app, you can also track your dog’s progress by marking specific behaviors and class days. It also offers an academy membership to let you overcome problematic behaviors like barking, potty training, leash walking, and impulse control.

In the app, you will also find a full range of dog training treats, dog chews, leashes, and enrichment toys.

Additionally, Pupford provides a private Facebook group where you may ask questions, get suggestions, and interact with other dog parents.

Pupford on the App Store 

Pupford on Google Play

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iTrainer Dog Whistle & Clicker 


Price: Free / $1.99 for Premium

Only available on the App Store, iTrainer offers a dog whistle with customizable frequency from 100 hz to 35kHz and an intuitive dog clicker with 5 different clicker sounds. There are more than 50 sound effects to train your dog. If your dog likes a specific sound, you can also record your own in the app. You can also use the app’s whistle, squeaker, and clicker features on your Apple Watch. 

iTrainer Dog Whistle & Clicker on the App Store



Price: Free / $14.99 per month / $39.99 per year

EveryDoggy features more than 150 guided videos for learning tricks, playing games, and living a joyful life with your furry buddy. The app also allows you to avoid such problems as leash pulling, house soiling, play biting, excessive barking, separation anxiety, and other behavior problems.

You can send a message to in-app dog training experts if you get stuck in a problem. You can attach a video and ask for a review if you are not sure whether you train your dog right.

EveryDoggy on the App Store

EveryDoggy on Google Play

Written by Sophie Blake


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