The 5 Best Tabata Apps for iPhone and Android

HITT training, known as high-Intensity Interval Training, developed by Japanese doctor Izumi Tabata, is called Tabata. Tabata is applied as 20 seconds of work and 10 seconds of rest. The purpose of Tabata is to increase the heartbeat and metabolic rate. It is an intense and pretty effective kind of exercise for those who want to lose weight fast and rise their condition. Tabata’s quad workouts are ideal for beginners, and you can perform exercises such as squats, planks, and burpees for 20 seconds, with 10-second rest intervals. Before starting and finishing the exercises, you should not neglect to do warm-up exercises because this very intense exercise will tire your muscles. Tabata is one of the best exercises to practice at home. You can gain strength and lose weight by taking just a few minutes a day.

Tabata apps have emerged as invaluable tools to guide and enhance your workout experience. In this article, we explore the best Tabata apps that seamlessly integrate into your fitness routine, ensuring every interval counts toward your fitness goals.

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4 Min Workout – Tabata HIIT

Price: Free

4 Min Workout – Tabata HIIT offers a unique workout experience that can be done anywhere. The app’s weight loss workout includes five exercises: Squats, Pushups, Lunges, Mountain Climbers, and Jumping Jacks. It is easy to lose weight and burn fat thanks to these exercises! The app also has photos and videos of workouts. Whether you can exercise with photos or narrated videos, it’s entirely up to you! You can achieve a regular lifestyle by exercising just 3 to 4 times a week. , You will feel active and strong in your daily life with the app.

4 Min Workout – Tabata HIIT on Google Play

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Tabata Timer and HIIT Timer

Price: Free

Tabata Timer and HIIT Timer is one of the best Tabata apps designed with both beginners and advanced users in mind. Users can set the timing according to their progress with the pro-grade Tabata timer. In addition, the app comes with two beautiful themes and a color-coded display that can be seen from afar. Tabata Timer and HIIT Timer has the feature of working when the screen is locked. The app guides you during training with audible notifications such as continuous beep, three-second beep, and half beep and provides voice assistance to focus on your training.

Tabata Timer and HIIT Timer on Google Play

Tabata Timer and HIIT Timer on the App Store

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Tabata Timer for HIIT

Price: Free

Tabata Timer for HIIT is a very easy-to-use and stylish app. This app, used for intense interval training, helps you do Tabata training. Tabata Timer for HIIT offers unconventional features such as multiple screen colors, customizable background music, recording your daily workout history, and notes for your next workout. Thus Tabata Timer for HIIT ranks first among the best Tabata apps. Create your own workout with a configurable number of exercises, rest time, cycles, and Tabata (sets). Record your weight and BMI and follow your progress closely!

Tabata Timer for HIIT on Google Play

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Tabata Pro | Tabata Timer

Price: google play:$2.99 / app store: $3.99

Tabata Pro is a professional Tabata timer for HIIT interval training, running, kettlebells, cycling, or any interval fitness workout. You can customize the number of cycles, the number of Tabata, and all-time settings in the app. The app has three programmable timers and easily audible alert notifications. Get fit with multiple Tabata training as the talking trainer guides you! You can pause and resume your session, and in case of any interruption, Tabata Pro | Tabata Pro can resume from where it left off.

Tabata Pro | Tabata Pro on the App Store

Tabata Pro | Tabata Pro on Google Play

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Tabata HIIT. Interval Training

Price: Free

Tabata HIIT. Working out and getting fit is easy with Interval Training! The app recommends 20 seconds of intense exercise, 10 seconds of rest, and eight laps to complete. This application, which has exercises that people of all ages can easily do, offers training plans by categories such as Abdominal exercise, Lower Body, and Fat burner. Tabata HIIT. Working out has a musical interval timer that you can have fun with while doing your training in the app and offers you the chance to evaluate yourself with a calorie counter and detailed statistics.

Tabata HIIT. Interval Training on the App Store

As the fitness world evolves, Tabata apps have emerged as indispensable tools to elevate your workout experience. Whether you’re a beginner or a seasoned fitness enthusiast, incorporating Tabata into your routine with the right app can take your training to new heights. Explore the best tabata apps, tailor them to your preferences, and embark on a Tabata journey that brings you closer to your fitness goals.

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