The 5 Best Fortune Teller Apps

Sometimes we feel certain events in advance, or we see them in our dreams. We often intuit that our emotions protect us or help us solve mysteries in our lives. Some people naturally know how to use these features. What makes them unique is that these feelings whisper truths to them. Today, psychics use these features as guides to people for a charge. We turn to psychics for answers to questions such as: “When will I meet the love of my life?”, “Will I find a good job?”. In particular, tarot is one of the oldest methods and is frequently used by psychics. Well, do you want to know about your future? If your answer is yes, check out the best fortune teller apps we’ve listed for you!

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Keen Psychic Reading & Tarot

Price: Free / In-App Purchases: $1.99 – $29.99

Keen is a fortune teller app with 14 million satisfied customers and over 1700 talented advisors. The app offers 10 minutes of counseling from trusted and successful psychic counselors for $1.99 on topics like tarot, relationships, family, work, and love. Satisfaction is guaranteed, and Keen gives promotions for first-time users. With written user comments, users can have more detailed information about psychics, and users can choose their psychic and even see the availability status in their next consultation.

Also, customers can browse the content that interests them such as personality traits and career guidance in the new horoscope section. The app comes with interactive games like tarot card reading, fortune cookies, and Magic 8-Ball and is a great option to kill time. The app offers tarot card reading, life questions, spiritual readings, love and relationship readings, and many more psychic readings. Keen, which has been working in this field since 1999 and ensuring the satisfaction of its customers, deserves to be one of the best fortune teller apps.

Keen Psychic Reading & Tarot on Google Play

Keen Psychic Reading & Tarot on the App Store

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Psychic Reading: Live Chat

Price: Free

Do you want to know about the past, present, and even the future? Users can ask questions about their destiny and find out what will happen by talking to online psychics. Psychic Reading: Live Chat provides advice and guidance in areas such as Single and Dating Career Forecast, Separation and Divorce, General Psychic Reading, Cheating and Affairs, and Dream Analysis. 

Also, “How do I find the right psychic?” At the point you say, the app’s wizard rushes to your aid! This personalized wizard asks you a few questions and guides you to psychics based on your answers. When you contact psychics, the first 3 minutes are free, and choosing your psychic is easy! You can get advice from them in the chat section where you can reach your psychic whenever you need it. Do you forget what was said after psychic readings? The app has thought of this too and offers the opportunity to revisit the readings.

Psychic Reading: Live Chat on Google Play

Psychic Reading: Live Chat on the App Store

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Fortune Teller – Life Path

Price: Free

You can start using the Fortune Teller – Life Path by simply giving your date of birth and your name! The app provides information in many categories such as personality, heart desire, health, expression, challenges, love compatibility, zodiac, past life, and horoscopes. Because the app wants to keep protecting its realistic features, it does not include games such as magic balls or fortune cookies. Thus, it takes its place among the best fortune teller apps. You can have information from the right time of marriage to daily dreams thanks to the app. Also, Fortune Teller – Life Path gives advice and reveals the secrets of luck, astrology, and daily horoscope.

Fortune Teller – Life Path on Google Play

Fortune Teller – Life Path on the App Store

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Golden Thread Tarot

Price: Free

Golden Thread Tarot is a great fortune teller app to guide you. The app offers the possibility to record and store the readings. You can ask your questions with physical and digital cards. Save your cards, and jot down your feelings and thoughts. Plus, get the chance to learn the basics of tarot with the illustrated lessons in the app!

Golden Thread Tarot on Google Play

Golden Thread Tarot on the App Store

Faladdin: Horoscope, Astrology

Price: Free / In-App Purchases: $0.99 – $119.99

Faladdin, an app that provides information in areas such as tarot reading, astrology, and daily horoscopes, is just one of the best fortune teller apps. Users are entitled to 1 free reading every day in the magical world of Faladdin, and users can use your daily coin for horoscope, tarot, or astrology. The app sends precise and detailed readings to millions of users every day and guides users with daily horoscope comments.

Faladdin: Horoscope, Astrology on Google Play

Faladdin: Horoscope, Astrology on the App Store

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