The 5 Best Moon Phase Apps

The Moon, orbiting the Earth, illuminates the Earth with the light it receives from the sun. While some parts of the Moon are visible, some parts are not visible due to the Earth’s motion. This is known as the cause of the moon phases.

The lunar calendar is one of the oldest calendars in modern society, based on the movements and phases of the Moon in the sky. Many moon lovers are still curious about the lunar calendar to observe the moon and its phases, and to know the height and brightness of the moon. When you want to watch the full moon with your loved ones, you can reach the full moon dates with a single app without searching for minutes. So how? Here we have listed the best moon phase apps for you.

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Luna Solaria – Moon & Sun

Price: Free / In-App Purchases:$0.99 – $2.99

Luna Solaria – Moon & Sun is an app that helps you discover the position of the moon, the position of the planets, and the sun details. All data in the app is real-time (live), and users can filter and review it according to a specific time and location.

Current moon detail data provides its users with data such as moon phases and names, exact percentage, age, brightness/magnitude, horoscope, and distance from earth. Users can also easily access the Upcoming Full Moon, and New, First, and Third Quarter Dates. Users can feel like they’re in space with real-time photos of the Moon, viewed by NASA. In addition, the app offers its users pervasive information about Moon location like Moonrise and Moonset Times, Transit Time, Azimuth, Altitude, RA, and Ecliptic Longitude.

Luna Solaria – Moon & Sun not only shares information about the Moon but also details about the Sun and Planet positions with its users. From Sunrise or Sunset to Twilight Times, Transit and Sub-transit Times to Ecliptic Longitude, it’s all in this app. Also, there is information about planets such as ascension, set, transit, azimuth, and ecliptic longitude. Planetary information includes Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, and Uranus.

Luna Solaria on Google Play

Luna Solaria on the App Store

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My Moon Phase – Lunar Calendar

Price: Free 

Standing out with its dark and stylish design, My Moon Phase – Lunar Calendar deserves to be one of the best moon phase apps. The app shares information about the golden and blue hours of the Moon for moon lovers. Users can see the phases of the upcoming Moon from the home screen and have information about the phases of the Moon such as the upcoming Full Moon, New Moon, First Quarter, and Last Quarter. My Moon Phase – Lunar Calendar also provides its users with the cloudiness of the sky in the coming days, so users can plan to watch the Moon or take pictures without risk.

Moreover, the app provides information according to the current and different locations, and My Moon Phase – Lunar Calendar notifies users with notifications when the Moon reaches a stage users have chosen.

My Moon Phase – Lunar Calendar on Google Play

My Moon Phase – Lunar Calendar on the App Store

The Moon: Calendar Moon Phases

Price: Free / Offers In-App Purchases: $0.99 – $1.99 

The Moon: Calendar Moon Phases is the universal lunar calendar from 0001AD to 2100. The app provides information such as Moonrise, Moonset, Moon phases, Moon Days, Illumination, Distance, and Status.

In addition, the app gives additional information such as Sunrise, Sunset, Altitude, Azimuth, and Distance, and there is a Russian language option in The Moon: Calendar Moon Phases.

The Moon: Calendar Moon Phases on Google Play

The Moon: Calendar Moon Phases on the App Store

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The Moon Calendar

Price: Free / In-App Purchases: $2.99 – $4.99 (7-day free trial)

Lunar Calendar is among the best moon phase apps because it provides detailed information about astrology as well as numerical data. Users can create a personalized lunar calendar based on location, time zone, and natal chart with this app.

Furthermore, the app guides its users in aligning their daily horoscope and life with the cycles of the Moon and provides Moon-aligned rituals and personal care advice.

Also, users can subscribe to premium (with a 7-day free trial) for $2.99-$4.99 per year to access more features.

The Moon Calendar on Google Play

The Moon Calendar on the App Store

Moon Phase Calendar

Price: Free / In-App Purchases: $8.99

Moon Phase Calendar is a great app to discover the phases of the moon. The app has a Moon view with more than fifteen parameters like Moon phases, enlightenment, and Moon rise. Also, the app has a Sun view with more than ten beneficial parameters such as length of day and night, twilight, sunrise, and sunset.

Additionally, the app has both future and past information. Thus users can easily access the info on the date they want. Users can see the moon phase without entering the app thanks to the widget. Plus, you can access all this handy information offline.

Moon Phase Calendar on Google Play

Moon Phase Calendar on the App Store

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