The 9 Best Puzzle Games for iPhone

One of the most played genres of mobile games is undoubtedly the puzzle where the players can pass the levels by producing solutions. In this article, we have compiled 10 best puzzle games for iPhone that have been very successful lately.

Monument Valley

Price: $3.99

Monument Valley is a stunning indie puzzle game by Ustwo. Players control their character according to the orientation of the maze of optical illusions. With each level it gets harder to get out of this maze and players have to think harder. The game not only solves puzzles, but also offers you a very nice visual feast.

Monument Valley on the App Store


Price: $5.99

Many of the recent puzzle games involve mathematical operations, which can be frustratingly difficult at times. However, Threes! has managed to combine puzzles and math in a simple and addictively fun way. In the game, players try to fold the same numbers on top of each other and struggle with the screen filling up.

Threes! on the App Store

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Lumino City

Price: $4.99

Lumi’s grandfather, the keeper of Lumino City, has been kidnapped in this puzzle adventure entirely handcrafted from paper, cards, miniature lights and motors. To find him, you must explore the city and find the fascinating mechanisms that power this unique world.

Lumino City on the App Store

Angry Birds Journey

In Rovio’s classic title, one of the best puzzle games for iPhone, you fling birds with the slingshot, and topple towers to solve puzzles and rescue Hatchlings. You will earn rewards as you complete the levels with the classic Angry Birds characters in the level-based game.

Angry Birds Journey on the App Store

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Puzzle games often get tense and put off by players as the difficulty increases, but Prune maintains the relaxed and serene atmosphere with its soothing music and gorgeous artistic graphics. While creating a calm environment, it does not let go of the difficulty. In the game, players plant their own seeds and solve various puzzles to grow their trees. You have to work your head for your trees to grow better.

Prune on the App Store

The Room

Price: $0.99

The Room mobile game first appeared in 2012 and remains one of the best puzzle mobile games with its sequel. The story of the game is simple but attractive: players must solve a strange puzzle box in a room. Each box requires certain conditions to keep opening them.

The Room on the App Store

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Food Match 3D

Food Match 3D, one of the best puzzle games for iPhone, is a match 3D game where you will find the food in the mess, match and serve them all. You will unlock new foods and use boosters to complete challenging levels in time.

Food Match 3D on the App Store

Two Dots

Two Dots is the sequel to Dots, a mobile game released in 2013. It takes the previous game to a whole new level by adding objectives, campaigns and power-ups. The levels are grouped into different worlds, and each world has its own unique objectives, obstacles and themes. The game is simple enough, players have to connect dots of the same color, remove them from the game.

Two Dots on the App Store

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Cut the Rope

Cut The Rope is a cute game that you will enjoy no matter what age you are. Originally released in 2010, players have to find ways to feed the cute little green monster Om Nom with candies. The candies are tied to a string and Om Nom can’t reach them. We need to cut the ropes correctly and feed our little beast.

Cut the Rope on the App Store

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