The 19 Best Offline Games for iPhone

The need to connect to the Internet for many mobile games today, even if they are a single player game, can sometimes be frustrating. Especially when you are without the internet, you may need to play games on our phones to pass the time. With the developing mobile game world today, we come across many different mobile games that we can play without the internet. For the ones who want to spend time with gaming when you are without internet or want to stay away from the internet, we have listed some of the best offline games for iPhone.

The Best Offline Games for iPhone


Price: Free

A mobile version of Diablo is on the way, but there are many similar games available on mobile platforms. In one of them, Eternium, we destroy enemy armies, do lots of “loot”, produce new items and gain special abilities. When you open the first section after the first login to the game, it is possible to wait for all the levels to be downloaded and then start playing the game without internet connection. 

Eternium on the App Store

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Reigns: Her Majesty

Price: $2.99

Reigns series, which is reminiscent of the popular mobile matchmaking app Tinder in terms of mechanics, offers fun gameplay by adding different scenarios to it. In Reigns: Her Majesty, which debuted after the first game and has become one of the best offline games for iPhone, you are trying to make the right decisions that will balance all the balances to protect your throne. Reigns: Game of Thrones version of the series, which is quite entertaining, was also released a while ago.

Reigns: Her Majesty on the App Store

The Room: Old Sins

Price: $4.99

The last game in a puzzle game series full of mysteries where the rules of physics are at the forefront. The Room: Old Sins, where we have to progress in parallel with a story and solve challenging puzzles, contains dozens of detailed objects and each of them has different mechanics. Another strong point of the game is the dynamic sound effects and the music that strengthens the atmosphere.

The Room: Old Sins on the App Store

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Dirt Bike Unchained

Price: Free

Anyone familiar with Bike Unchained games knows how exciting, challenging and addictive these mobile games are. The Finnish developer of the game, Kuuasema, developed Dirt Bike Unchained for iOS and Android. Unchained, one of the best offline games for iPhone that you can play for free, promises incredible excitement on two wheels.

Dirt Bike Unchained on the App Store

Plague Inc.

Price: $0.99

In terms of its subject, it is one of the most interesting games in the App Store. Would you like to take on the task of managing the epidemics that have been the subject of movies and brought the end of humanity? If your answer to this question is “yes”, Plague Inc is the game for you. At the beginning of the game, you try to reset the world population by choosing one of more than 10 types of disease and using the right strategies.

Plague Inc on the App Store

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Crossy Road

Price: Free

Does anyone remember the 1981 cult game Frogger? In the game, we were controlling a frog and trying to cross it without dying. While doing this, it was necessary to pay attention to the cars passing by and to use the floating logs in the river. We have to do exactly the same thing when playing Crossy Road, but this time we have a lot of different characters. A full attention and reflex game.

Crossy Road on the App Store

Monument Valley

Price: $3.99

Monument Valley, one of the best mobile puzzle games of all time, puts players to a serious mental test thanks to its compelling level designs. As one of the best offline games for iPhone, the game, which confronts the players with structures with more detailed architecture in each new episode, also attracted attention by appearing in the House of Cards series. 

Monument Valley on the App Store

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Thimbleweed Park

Price: $9.99

Thimbleweed Park, which is a production developed by Ron Gilbert and Gary Winnick, who undersigned classics such as Monkey Island and Maniac Mansion, is also one of the best offline games for iPhone. The story of the game, in which different characters are controlled, takes place in 1987 and you make an effort to reveal the unreal secrets in your town.

Thimbleweed Park on the App Store

Alto’s Odyssey

Price: $4.99

Alto’s Odyssey, a game that totally appeals to the eyes and ears, is one of the best offline games for iPhone. In the game, which is the sequel to Alto’s Adventure released in 2015, a world covered with deserts, unlike the snowy world of the first game, welcomes the players. It is necessary to overcome the obstacles by jumping and travel as long as possible on the journey that is made by sliding on the sand. Join Alto and his friends and set off on an endless sandboarding journey to discover its secrets!

Alto’s Odyssey on the App Store

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Price: $6.99

Crashlands, which was awarded many titles including “game of the year” at the time of its release, takes players on an interesting and gripping adventure. In the game, which is similar to Don’t Starve in many ways, you first have to explore the planet you are stuck on. More than 500 craftable items, RPG-style character development, a skill-based battle system, and base building are the most important details of the game.

Crashlands on the App Store

Need for Speed No Limits

Price: Free

EA Games’ world-famous racing series Need for Speed hasn’t drawn well on consoles and PC for a while. On the other hand, the iOS version of the game comes with a very enjoyable story mode and the opportunity to play offline. The production, which offers nearly 1000 race possibilities, modifications and very nice graphics in total, is offered completely free of charge.

Need for Speed No Limits on the App Store

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Into the Dead 2

Price: Free

Into the Dead 2: Zombie Survival, which has been downloaded more than 70 million times worldwide, offers a quality FPS experience that we are not used to seeing on mobile platforms. The end of the game, which offers 7 different story chapters, 60 different sub-story, and hundreds of different challenges in total, changes according to the decisions you make throughout the story. After installing the game once, you do not need internet access at all.

Into the Dead 2 on the App Store

Vector 2

Price: Free

We can say that Vector 2 is one of the most impressive productions in the endless runner genre. The production, which impresses its fans with the sequel after the great success of the first game, has very nice graphics and animations. There is also a Premium version of the production, but you can get a nice experience without paying any fee.

Vector 2 on the App Store

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Traffic Rider

Price: Free

The producer, who made an explosion by reaching nearly 200 million downloads around the world with the game called Traffic Racer, takes us to the roads with 2 wheels, not 4 wheels this time. The game can be played completely without an internet connection and you do not need to pay any fees.

Traffic Rider on the App Store

Fallout Shelter

Price: Free

Fallout Shelter, which was chosen as the Best Mobile Game of 2015, is a base building game developed by Bethesda and released for the promotion of Fallout 4, which was released the same year. It’s also available for PlayStation 4, Nintendo Switch, Xbox One, and PC. Fallout Shelter is still regularly updated and new content is added.

Fallout Shelter on the App Store

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Wayward Souls

Price: $7.99

One of the most important features that make Wayward Souls, an action-adventure game, different is the procedurally generated random levels that allow you to have a different experience every time you play. The game, which contains 6 characters and 13 area types, also allows you to play without an internet connection.

Wayward Souls on the App Store

Brothers in Arms 3

Price: Free

Brothers in Arm 3, where you can battle brave soldiers from around the world on the multiplayer battlefields of WWII or experience a life-changing single-player journey following the D-Day invasion as Sergeant Wright, features 4 maps and 2 gameplay modes.

Brothers in Arms 3 on the App Store

Badland 2

Price: $0.99

BADLAND 2 is a 2D adventure game where your goal is to earn a friendly character at the end of each level while avoiding the many dangers that are constantly following you. However, your hero can get bigger or smaller, and even other members of the same kind can join him.

Badland 2 on the App Store

Civilization VI

Price: Free

In Civilization, a turn-based strategy game series where you try to build an empire, you try to become the Ruler of the World by establishing and managing a civilization from the Stone Age to the Information Age. To create the greatest civilization the world has ever known, you will compete with history’s greatest leaders while waging war, engaging in diplomacy, developing your culture, and more.

Civilization VI on the App Store

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