The 13 Best Tower Defense Games for iPhone

Kingdom defense, which is a very strong sub-genre among strategy games, has a serious fan base. With the App Store brimming with options, finding the best tower defense games for iPhone can be a daunting task. Fear not, as we embark on a comprehensive journey to uncover the cream of the crop in this exciting genre. From defending against hordes of enemies to constructing elaborate fortifications, these iOS games promise hours of thrilling entertainment and strategic challenge for players of all ages.

The Best Tower Defense Games for iPhone

  1. Kingdom Rush
  2. Clash Royale
  3. Lords Mobile
  4. Bloons TD 6
  5. Plants vs. Zombies 2
  6. 2112TD
  7. Towerlands
  1. Green the Planet 2
  2. Fieldrunners 2
  3. Realm Defense
  4. Radiant Defense
  5. Defense Zone 3 HD
  6. Tiny Guardians

Kingdom Rush

Developed by Ironhide Game Studio in 2011 and published by Armor Games for PC, Kingdom Rush is a castle defense game that peaked in popularity when Android and iOS versions were released in 2013. Although it has simple graphics and an easy-to-play game system, you can still meet many Kingdom Rush lovers even after years.

As you achieve success against dozens of different monsters that you will fight in turn, you gain stars and you make your castle much stronger with these stars.

Kingdom Rush on the App Store

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Clash Royale

Supercell’s iconic strategy game Clash Royale is one of the best tower defense games for iPhone and Android as it successfully combines tower defense elements with card and battle royale elements. 

In the popular game, you can join or create a clan with other players to share cards and battle in Clan Wars in order to earn big rewards. You can also join Global Tournaments to match against the best Clash Royale players in the world. 

Clash Royale on the App Store

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Lords Mobile

In this popular tower defense game, you form your army by recruiting heroes from various backgrounds, from dwarves and mermaids to dark elves and steampunk robots, and try to become a true Lord to unite the fallen Kingdoms. 

Lords Mobile on the App Store

Bloons TD 6

Bloons TD series is one of the most creative defense games in general. Don’t be fooled by the fact that the heroes or the tower are basically monkeys and the defense is against the balloons. It causes you to spend long hours at the beginning after trying it once.

With its vibrant visuals, intuitive gameplay, and endless customization options, Bloons TD 6 offers a captivating and addictive experience for players of all skill levels. Strategically place monkey towers, upgrade them with powerful abilities, and unleash a variety of special agents to fend off waves of colorful balloons in this lighthearted and endlessly entertaining tower defense adventure.

Bloons TD 6 on the App Store

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Plants vs. Zombies 2

Amassed more than 200 million downloads, Plants vs. Zombies 2 is one of the best tower games for iOS. With its charming characters, inventive gameplay mechanics, and humorous storyline, Plants vs. Zombies 2 delivers a fresh and engaging experience for fans of the original game. Strategically plant an array of powerful plants, unleash devastating special abilities, and fend off hordes of zombies across a variety of dynamic levels in this addictive and endlessly replayable tower defense classic.

Plants vs. Zombies 2 on the App Store


2112TD: Tower Defense Survival thrusts players into a dystopian future where they must defend humanity’s last bastion against relentless waves of cybernetic invaders. In this gripping tower defense experience, players are tasked with constructing elaborate defensive structures, deploying powerful weapons, and strategically managing resources to fend off the ever-advancing horde of enemies. Whether devising intricate defense strategies, upgrading tower capabilities, or unleashing devastating special abilities, players must utilize every tool at their disposal to ensure humanity’s survival in this epic battle for the future.

2112TD on the App Store

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Towerlands transports players to a vibrant and fantastical world where they must fortify their kingdom against waves of relentless enemies. As a master strategist, players must strategically place a variety of towers, each with unique abilities and upgrades, to fend off the encroaching hordes. Whether defending against swarms of goblins, dragons, or other fantastical creatures, players must utilize every tool at their disposal to ensure the safety and prosperity of their kingdom. With its endless waves of challenges, customizable towers, and dynamic gameplay, Towerlands promises hours of strategic fun and excitement on iOS devices.

Towerlands on the App Store

Green the Planet 2

If you are looking for a much more relaxing alternative to typical tower defense games, Green the Planet 2 is the best iOS tower defense game for you. In the game you focus on finding the best combinations of cannons, lasers and missiles to defend your planet while enjoying and relaxing with the art.

Green the Planet 2 on the App Store

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Fieldrunners 2

Fieldrunners is really a game that requires you to put up a relentless defense against the hordes of soldiers pouring in on you. In terms of strategy, Fieldrunners, which comes to the fore with a little more freedom to the player, is formed by the progress of the enemies on their general maps through the towers you put.

Strategically place a variety of towers, utilize powerful special abilities, and fend off waves of relentless enemies across a variety of dynamic maps in this action-packed tower defense extravaganza.

Fieldrunners 2 on the App Store

Realm Defense

Realm Defense is a defense game where you and your heroes fight against fantastic monsters. The fact that your heroes are so important, especially with the towers you set up, makes the game more fun.

Realm Defense on the App Store

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Radiant Defense

Radiant Defense is one of the best tower defense games for iOS, which is the most vivid and colorful form of defense games. Set in a neon world, Radiant Defense is a game where you defend against aliens invading you with various weapons and traps. Radiant Defense has become one of the most interesting defense games in a short time with its lively world and entertaining graphics.

Radiant Defense on the App Store

Defense Zone 3 HD

Immerse yourself in the intense action of modern warfare in Defense Zone 3 HD, a visually stunning tower defense game from Artem Kotov. With its realistic graphics, dynamic gameplay, and challenging missions, Defense Zone 3 HD offers a gripping and immersive experience for players seeking a more realistic take on the genre. Strategically deploy a variety of military units, upgrade them with advanced weaponry, and unleash powerful airstrikes to repel waves of enemy forces in this pulse-pounding tower defense masterpiece.

Defense Zone 3 HD on the App Store

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Tiny Guardians

Tiny Guardians invites players on an enchanting journey through a whimsical world where they must harness the power of elemental guardians to defend against the forces of darkness. Set in a vibrant and colorful fantasy realm, this captivating iOS game combines classic tower defense mechanics with unique card-based gameplay, allowing players to strategically summon and upgrade a diverse cast of guardians to thwart enemy attacks. With its charming art style, immersive storyline, and challenging levels, Tiny Guardians offers a delightful and addictive gaming experience for players of all ages. Whether devising clever tactics, exploring new environments, or unlocking powerful abilities, players must use their wits and ingenuity to protect their kingdom from impending doom in this imaginative and engaging adventure.

Tiny Guardians on the App Store

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