The 12 Best Space Games for iOS

How would you like to discover the endless emptiness of space and its secrets full of unknowns? Space games offer game lovers extraordinary gaming experiences. Also, space games are a magnificent option to discover aliens, planets, spaceships, and more. We have listed the best space games for iOS for you, here are the best ones!

The Best Space Games for iOS

Whether you’re a seasoned space enthusiast or a casual gamer looking to explore the final frontier, the App Store boasts an impressive collection of titles that cater to all levels of cosmic curiosity. This guide unveils the best space games for iOS that promise thrilling interstellar adventures, stunning visuals, and out-of-this-world gameplay.

  1. Nova Empire
  2. VEGA Conflict
  3. Aurelia: Stellar Arising
  4. Hades’ Star
  5. EVE Echoes
  6. Galaxy Attack: Alien Shooter
  7. Pixel Starships
  8. Space Marshals 3
  9. Hungry Galaxies
  10. Asteroids: Gunner
  11. Galaxy on Fire 2
  12. Star Wars: KOTOR

Nova Empire

Price: Free/In-App Purchase: $0.99 – $99.99

Offering a new generation online space strategy experience, Nova Empire is among the best space games for iOS. Gamers must fight with other players for domination of the galaxy, and the game allows players to form a strong alliance with people from all over the world for control of all space sectors.

In addition, the game has HD graphics and comes with high-quality music and sound reproduction. Nova Empire provides a real-time gaming experience to the players.

Nova Empire on the App Store

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VEGA Conflict

Price: Free/In-App Purchase: $1.99 – $99.99

VEGA Conflict is an RTS (real-time strategy game) with a deep and unusual style. The goal of the players is to reclaim the galaxy from the evil VEGA Federation and team up with other players to fight against a mysterious alien presence.

Moreover, the game comes with a real-time PVP experience and allows you to customize your battle. In addition, the game can be played on a tablet or browser other than the phone.

VEGA Conflict on the App Store

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Aurelia: Stellar Arising

Price: $2.99

Aurelia: Stellar Arising which offers a fleet space war game experience is one of the best space games for iOS. The game comes with nine ships and more than 150 missions. Aurelia doesn’t have ads and in-game purchases in the game.

In addition, the game offers gamers two campaigns with seven stages and 11 missions, a total of 20 ships (10 per nation), and 18 ship-specific upgrades. Aurelia supports three main game modes (Hybrid-Combat, Turn-Based, Team Turns) and has five difficulty levels for mission and campaign play.

Aurelia: Stellar Arising on the App Store

Hades’ Star

Price: Free/In-App Purchase: $2.99 – $99.99

Hades’ Star is an online space strategy game experience in a perpetual galaxy that is constantly growing and evolving. The goal of the players is to take control of a growing Empire, starting from a single planet.

Furthermore, Hades’ Star allows players to colonize multiple planets and transform planets into central centers of activity. Players can optimize trade routes, extract resources, mine, and build war and merchant ships to develop their planet.

Hades’ Star on the App Store

EVE Echoes

Price: Free/In-App Purchase: $0.99 – $99.99

EVE Echoes is a game that garners the appreciation of gamers with its interstellar exploration experience. The game offers extensive upgrades for encapsulators with its implant system and has several options for you to choose how to evolve.

Additionally, the game allows you to team up cooperatively for PVE mods, and you can challenge various hard mods. EVE Echoes provides players with numerous ship parades and great gifts.

EVE Echoes on the App Store

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Galaxy Attack: Alien Shooter

Price: Free/In-App Purchase: $0.99 – $39.99

Galaxy Attack is a game that offers an experience of multiple extreme boss battles with 140 levels of various difficulties and deserves to be among the best war games for iOS. Space game lovers’ goal in the game is to protect the Earth from alien swarms and take control of the lone spaceship.

Also, Galaxy Attack comes with high-quality images, multiplayer mode, and the ability to use active skills. The game allows players to upgrade their weapons and lasers. Thus they can gain an advantage in battles.

Galaxy Attack: Alien Shooter on the App Store

Pixel Starships

Price: Free/In-App Purchase: $1.99 – $99.99

Featuring a huge 8-bit online universe, Pixel Starships is one of the best space games for iOS. Pixel Starships lets you command every aspect of your ship, from its construction to its battles. Players can use their imagination and create their own Epic Starships in the game. The game comes with many races, aliens, and groups, which means many species to conquer.

Furthermore, the game allows players to create and deploy support ships to support their Starfleet. Players can control the power of the ship, and its limited resources and discover epic weapons.

Pixel Starships on the App Store

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Space Marshals 3

Price: Free/In-App Purchase: $2.99 – $12.99

Space Marshals 3, a story-driven action game, is a game with an emphasis on stealth and tactical combat and is one of the best space games for iOS. Space Marshals 3 offers game lovers the first few levels for free. 

In addition, Players can evade attacks by using the environment to take cover. The game offers distractions, smoke grenades, flash bursts, traps, and much more so gamers can defeat their enemies and distract them.

Space Marshals 3 on the App Store

Hungry Galaxies

Price: $0.99

​​Hungry Galaxies is a game that offers a single-player experience in a dangerous place in space. Players will travel to the cosmos, escaping everything that the Universe throws. Each new star item in the game allows players to increase their mass. Players’ goal in the game is to evolve by reaching new planetary dimensions, gas giants, and powerful stars.

Additionally, Hungry Galaxies comes with 11 different stages with its own threats and challenges. The game offers Asteroids, meteors, comets, neutron stars, black holes, and more for players to pass through.

Hungry Galaxies  on the App Store

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Asteroids: Gunner

Price: Free/In-App Purchases: $0.99 – $99.99

Asteroids is a game that lets you experience the next evolution in Atari’s legendary Asteroids series. The game includes four galaxies and 200 continuous waves to destroy rocks, seven additional ships to unlock, and a unique ship for the pilot. 

Players can unlock over 200 achievements with lots of power-ups and skill upgrades. Also, game lovers can play against their friends in the game’s turn-based Challenge Mode.

Asteroid on the App Store

Galaxy on Fire 2

Price: Free / In-App Purchase: $1.99 – $49.99

Dive into the expansive universe of Galaxy on Fire 2 HD, where you pilot your spaceship through visually stunning galaxies, engaging in epic space battles, and trading resources. With its captivating storyline and immersive gameplay, this space simulation game offers an unparalleled gaming experience on iOS.

As a skilled pilot, players navigate their spacecraft through beautifully rendered galaxies, engaging in intense space battles, trading commodities, and uncovering the secrets of the cosmos. The game’s captivating storyline, coupled with its immersive gameplay and cutting-edge graphics, makes Galaxy on Fire 2 a standout title in the iOS gaming landscape.

Galaxy on Fire 2 HD on the App Store

Star Wars: KOTOR

Price: $9.99

Step into the Star Wars universe with Knights of the Old Republic, a classic RPG that has found a new home on iOS. With lightsabers, starships, and the Force at your disposal, this game delivers an epic space adventure filled with memorable characters and an engaging storyline.

As a customizable character, players navigate through a richly detailed galaxy, encountering diverse planets, characters, and engaging in lightsaber duels and space battles. The game seamlessly blends compelling storytelling with strategic decision-making, allowing players to shape their destiny in the Star Wars universe. With its captivating narrative, memorable characters, and the ability to wield the Force, KOTOR stands as a must-play for both Star Wars fans and mobile gamers seeking an immersive intergalactic adventure on their iOS devices. May the Force be with you as you dive into this iconic mobile gaming experience.

Star Wars: KOTOR on the App Store

Embark on an extraordinary journey through the cosmos with these best space games for iOS. From epic space battles to interstellar exploration, these titles cater to a wide range of gaming preferences, ensuring that every iOS user can find their ideal cosmic adventure. Download your favorite space game today and prepare for an unparalleled gaming experience that transcends the boundaries of our galaxy. May the force (and your iOS device) be with you!

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