The 10 Best Space Games for Android

The space theme, which is one of the favorite themes of movies and books, also has a place in mobile games. In this list, we have brought together the best space games for Android, where you can feel science fiction and excitement to your bones.

Galaxy on Fire 2

When it comes to space adventures, many of us may have dreamed of using a spaceship. In Galaxy on Fire 2 HD you can drive your own spaceship and build your own space station. In the game where you play a former space war veteran named Keith T. Maxwell, you once again jump on our spaceship and fight against various enemies in the depths of the galaxy to protect yourself and your loved ones. With over 100 planets and space stations, Galaxy on Fire 2 features over 50 fully customizable spaceships.

Galaxy on Fire 2 on Google Play

EVE Echoes

Launched as the mobile version of Eve Online, Eve Echoes has been developed in great detail. There are more than 8000 solar systems that you can travel to in this space MMO game developed over 3 years. In Eve Echoes you can play with online users or with your own friends.

EVE Echoes on Google Play

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Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes

Games belonging to the Star Wars universe could not appeal to the general audience, they only gathered the fans of the movies behind them. In this production, we can definitely say that there are factors that fuel the new generation’s admiration for Star Wars. It is one of the best space games for Android. 

Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes on Google Play

Star Trek Timelines

While talking about such a list, it would be impossible not to mention Star Trek and characters such as Spock, Picard, Captain Kirk, Data, Worf, Janeway, Burnham. In this game adapted from the series, you can set up a fleet and have a good time. Star Trek Timelines, which can take you on a very fun space journey in your boring moments, are available for free on the Google Play Store.

Star Trek Timelines on Google Play

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Space Shooter

In Space Shooter, a game in the arcade shooting game genre, you will be faced lots of evil enemies and deal with many striker bosses in galaxy wars. With more than 200 levels, PVP mode, and epic and huge bosses, it offers a very good space experience. 

Space Shooter on Google Play

VEGA Conflict

In VEGA Conflict, a real-time strategy game, you’ll team up with other players in a bloody rebellion or rush into battle against a mysterious alien entity to reclaim the galaxy from the evil VEGA Federation.

VEGA Conflict on Google Play

Second Galaxy

There are 4,961 galaxies in Second Galaxy, a massive open sci-fi environment that combines RPG and SLG components and is home to a variety of cosmic dust, dark matter, wormholes, space stations, as well as other celestial bodies and manmade space structures. You may control a variety of spacecraft as you explore the game, and you can team up with partners of the same mindset to create businesses that accumulate precious resources across the cosmos. Additionally, you may engage in dynamic free trade with players from all galaxies and compete with other players’ companies.

Second Galaxy on Google Play


TerraGenesis takes place in a universe where real planets and fictional planets take place. TerraGenesis, which is designed to establish a colony and explore the universe, is offered to users free of charge.

TerraGenesis on Google Play

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Mines of Mars

Whether there is life on the planet Mars has been a matter of debate for a long time. Mines of Mars is an atmospheric mining game designed on this subject. Designed in a good scenario with many weapons, dark secrets, atmospheric vibrations used on gravity, Mines of Mars is one of the best space games for Android.

Mines of Mars on Google Play

Space Frontier

We are ending our list of the best space games for Android with Space Frontier, a physics rocket game where your mission is to launch your rocket as high into orbit as possible. In the game, you will earn in-game currency from successful launches and spend it to acquire new parts and styles.

Space Frontier on Google Play

Written by Sophie Blake


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