The 17 Best Simulation Games for Android

Games that are based on stories and topics that exist in the real world and that can happen are called simulation games. This game category is among the most preferred categories today. Simulation games, which aim to make the players feel themselves in the real world and create various fictions in this direction, can be played as single-player or multiplayer.

The main purpose of simulation games is to make the player feel like they are in the real world. The more successfully this goal is achieved, the more players the simulation game will reach.

In addition, the games in the simulation category include prediction, analysis, strategy, and reality. With real and lifelike activities, players can easily spend time in the game. In this list, we have brought together the best simulation games for Android that you can play in different subgenres, from life sims to city-builder sims. Have fun!

The Best Simulation Games for Android

Stardew Valley

Price: $4.99

One of the challenges of simulation games is that they are mostly paid. Stardew Valley is also one of the paid ones. The very popular game is an open-ended farming RPG. The game, which has more than 50 hours of gameplay content, is one of the best simulation games for Android with its controls and simulator for all the things you will need for a real farming experience.

Stardew Valley on Google Play

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The Sims Mobile

Price: Free

In the game where you will create your Sims and customize their world by giving them unique personalities, you will plan everything from the appearance of your Sims to their careers, homes, actions they will attend, friend parties and romantic relationships.

The Sims Mobile on Google Play

Game Dev Tycoon

Price: $4.99

As a business simulation game where you start your own game development company in the 80s, Game Dev Tycoon is one of the best simulation games for Android. In the game, you will create best selling games, research new technologies to boost your business and invent new game types in order to become the leader of the market and gain worldwide fans.

Game Dev Tycoon on Google Play

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Pocket City

Price: $2.99

As a mayor, you will build your own city in Pocket City, which is a city-building simulation game as the name suggests. It is your duty to ensure the safety of the city where you will build everything that should be in a city, from residential, commercial, and industrial areas to parks and recreation areas. You can play the popular game offline if you wish.

Pocket City on Google Play

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Price: $0.99

In RFS, a highly successful flight simulator, you can experience a unique flight experience by flying anywhere in the world and exploring landscapes and airports in high resolution with Satellite maps, runways, procedures and air traffic. In RFP, which also has a multiplayer mode, you will perform many operations such as managing flight plans and interacting with ATC controllers.

RFS on Google Play

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Price: Free

In order to be a model citizen in BitLife, a life sims, you will have to make the right decisions at every stage. You will also have to face the consequences of the decisions you make in the game, where you will face all the decision points in real life, from education, marriage, childcare to career.

BitLife on Google Play

Plague Inc.

Price: Free

In Plague Inc., which has been very popular since its release, you will develop a deadly and global plague to spread it all over the world and bring about the end of human history. It is one of the best simulation games for Android with its realistic strategy, gameplay, and touch controls. 

Plague Inc on Google Play

Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp

Price: Free

In this game, which is a life simulation, you can open a trendy open-air cafe or create an outdoor music festival with materials such as tents and fireplaces. You will have a very pleasant time in the game where you will have many tasks from fishing to feeding your animal.

Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp on Google Play

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Gold & Goblins: Idle Merger

Price: Free

Gold & Goblins is a very fun and successful mining simulation game. In the game, you can participate in weekly events, build goblin cannons, mine rocks to find treasure, and explore new mines.

Gold & Goblins on Google Play

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Dragon City Mobile

Price: Free

The last in our list of the best simulation games for Android is Dragon City Mobile, which is hugely popular with over 100 million downloads. In the game where you will collect, raise and train cute dragons, you will build a Dragon City on the Floating Islands and fill the city you built with dragons, farms, habitats and more.

Dragon City Mobile on Google Play


Price: Free

You manage a planet you created yourself in Godus, which has a very successful gameplay system. It is possible to shape the lands and geographical regions on the planet as you wish. In the game, you can cause fires, send meteors to Earth, and more.

Godus on Google Play

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SimCity BuildIt

Price: Free

In SimCity BuildIt by Electronic Arts, you control a Mayor and rule the city, just like in Pocket City. You can build skyscrapers, parks, bridges, and more in the city. In addition to the construction, you need to ensure that the citizens living in the city are happy.

You can trade and chat with other players in the game, which allows you to build the city of your dreams. If you want to try the game, you can download it to your device for free and start playing right away.

SimCity BuildIt on Google Play

Goat Simulator

Price: Free

You control a goat in the production called Goat Simulator, which has huge popularity all over the world. You can have fun for a long time in the game developed and published by Coffee Stain Studios. The production in question has more than 10 million downloads on the Google Play Store.

Goat Simulator on Google Play

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Farming Simulator 20

Price: $6.99

You are farming in Farming Simulator 20 by GIANTS Software. You can harvest many crops in the production where you can have a pleasant time for a long time. Besides the harvest, you can take care of animals such as sheep, pigs, and cows.

You can use machines offered by famous agricultural brands such as John Deere, New Holland, Fendt, Valtra, Deutz-Fahr, and many more. The game, which includes more than 100 realistic vehicles and tools, has very high-quality graphics.

Farming Simulator 20 on Google Play

Infinite Flight Simulator

Price: Free

Infinite Flight Simulator, which has very successful gameplay, is a very popular flight simulation. You can use many planes in the production, which draws attention with its quality graphics. In this way, you can get an exciting experience. If you are interested in airplanes, it is possible to have a pleasant time in the game in question for a long time.

Infinite Flight Simulator on Google Play

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RollerCoaster Tycoon® Classic

Price: $5.99

RollerCoaster Tycoon Classic, one of the best simulation games for Android, is a very popular game where you can build your own amusement park. The production, which can be liked by players who love amusement parks and the simulation genre, is very popular around the world.

RollerCoaster Tycoon Classic on Google Play

Papers, Please

Price: $4.99

Papers Please take place in late 1992 in a communist country called Arstotzka. In this game, players play the visa officer in a communist country. In Papers Please, also called a puzzle simulation, players have to keep up with the rules that change every day and approve or reject visa applicants.

Papers, Please on Google Play

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