The 10 Best Military Simulation Games


Milsims, that is, military simulation games, is a genre that has its own place in the game world and that not everyone dares to play. We’re talking about games where your every move, even your closeness to your teammates, has many consequences. For fans of the genre, milsims gives a pleasure that cannot be compared to FPS. In this article, we have brought together the 10 best military simulation games.

The Best Milsims 

Delve into the world of the best military simulation games, where strategy, tactics, and authenticity converge to create an unparalleled gaming experience.

Rising Storm 2: Vietnam

If you are a newcomer to milsims, Rising Storm 2: Vietnam, which takes you to the lush green forests of Vietnam and fields burned with napalm bombs, can be a preparation game for you. The game, which is closer to the classic fps games, offers you plenty of action.

Rising Storm 2: Vietnam, developed by Tripwire Interactive and Antimatter Games, focuses on the Vietnam War, offering players a visceral and authentic experience of jungle warfare. Known for its realistic gunplay, asymmetrical gameplay, and attention to historical accuracy, Rising Storm 2 immerses players in the intensity of guerrilla warfare, providing a unique and engaging military simulation experience.

Insurgency: Sandstorm

Aside from surpassing the first game in the series, it’s a game that doubles and triples. Customizable weapons, realistic sound and visuals… The gameplay that supports it and the action that realism can’t undermine. This is all what Insurgency: Sandstorm has to offer. Insurgency: Sandstorm, which also offers mod support, is at the top of our list of the best milsims. 

It combines tactical gameplay, authentic weaponry, and meticulously designed maps to create an atmosphere that mirrors real-world insurgency conflicts. The game’s emphasis on team-based strategy, realistic ballistics, and immersive sound design sets it apart, providing players with a visceral and challenging military simulation. With a commitment to authenticity and a robust multiplayer experience, Insurgency: Sandstorm successfully captures the essence of modern combat, earning its place among the best military simulation games.


Interest in the First World War has increased in recent years with Battlefield. If you are looking for a game that takes place in these times and does not compromise on realism, you should definitely check out Verdun. With weapons, maps and even dialogues, you feel the Europe of the First World War through your veins.

erdun places players on the Western Front, offering a meticulously reconstructed trench warfare setting. The game’s attention to historical detail, from authentic weaponry to accurately portrayed battlefields, ensures an immersive and challenging gameplay experience. With a focus on squad-based tactics, realistic ballistics, and a seamless blend of trench warfare elements, Verdun stands out as a true military simulation gem, providing players with a poignant glimpse into the harsh realities of World War I.

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War Of Rights

War of Rights earns its reputation as one of the best military simulation games by plunging players into the heart of the American Civil War with unparalleled authenticity. Developed by Campfire Games, this title meticulously recreates historical battles, presenting players with an immersive and accurate portrayal of 19th-century warfare. The game’s commitment to historical accuracy, from period-accurate uniforms to realistic weaponry, provides an unparalleled level of realism. T

he emphasis on large-scale battles, strategic teamwork, and historically faithful landscapes creates an atmosphere that transports players back in time. War of Rights stands as a testament to its developers’ dedication to delivering an authentic Civil War experience, making it a standout choice for enthusiasts seeking a meticulously crafted military simulation.

Hell Let Loose

Hell Let Loose is a realistic and action-packed game that puts you and your friend in the middle of WWII. If you want to fight for victory as the artillery surrounds you in the bloodiest war in history, definitely try this game, one of the best military simulation games.

The game’s emphasis on teamwork, dynamic frontline shifts, and meticulously crafted maps contribute to its reputation as a top-tier military simulation. With a commitment to historical accuracy and a strong sense of immersion, Hell Let Loose offers players an intense and challenging journey through the chaos of World War II, solidifying its status as one of the best in the genre.

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Escape From Tarkov

It is debatable how accurate it is to call Escape From Tarkov a military simulation. It is a simulation game based on survival and collecting items, base development, and economy. High-level realistic gameplay systems, weapons that you can develop in thousands of different ways, even disassembling the barrel and making it completely different, a great risk, and a great reward system make it one of the best milsims. 

Escape from Tarkov places a strong emphasis on survival, tactical decision-making, and a punishingly realistic inventory system. The game’s blend of role-playing elements, high-stakes firefights, and a player-driven narrative contributes to its reputation as a top-tier military simulation, providing a level of intensity and immersion rarely matched in the gaming world.

Arma 3

Every person who loves military simulation games has definitely played any game of the Arma series. Although it is an old game now, it can still be a classic choice with mods and servers set up by players until the new one comes. The level of realism competes with newly released games, but the graphics are outdated as you’d expect.

Arma 3 places players in a dynamic and immersive military environment, offering a vast array of vehicles, weaponry, and scenarios that mirror real-world combat situations. Its unparalleled modding community further extends the game’s longevity and customization possibilities. With a focus on teamwork, authentic ballistics, and a comprehensive command structure, Arma 3 delivers an authentic military simulation experience that remains unparalleled in its depth and complexity.

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One of the heavyweights of military simulation games, Squad is a successor to the Arma series with a newer gameplay and better graphics. It is a game where the sounds of conflict do not subside with many different armies and on large maps, but when you die, you either wait for half an hour to be removed or you rise from the bases and travel with long conversations. Yes, seeing the enemy is difficult at first, but your eyes get used to it.

Ground Branch

The most popular military simulation game of recent times, Ground Branch, is a modern simulation that likes a more tactical approach, where enemies are waiting for you in tight spaces and corners. If you want to go step by step and deal with stress and organize an operation, definitely give Ground Branch a chance.


Enlisted emerges as one of the best military simulation games by successfully combining historical authenticity with accessible and engaging gameplay. Developed by Darkflow Software, this World War II-themed game offers players the opportunity to lead squads of soldiers into realistic and intense battles across iconic historical campaigns. Enlisted stands out for its squad-based mechanics, allowing players to experience the chaos of war alongside AI-controlled teammates.

The game’s commitment to historical accuracy, diverse weaponry, and detailed battlefields contributes to its immersive atmosphere. With a focus on large-scale battles and strategic cooperation, Enlisted provides an accessible yet authentic military simulation experience, earning its place among the top titles in the genre.

The realm of military simulation games continues to evolve, offering players increasingly realistic and immersive experiences. Each title on this list represents a different facet of military realism. Whether you’re an infantryman storming the frontlines or a pilot soaring through the skies, the best military simulation games provide an authentic and challenging experience that satisfies the hunger for strategic depth and realism in the gaming community. Dive into these titles, command your forces, and experience the thrill of military simulation at its finest.

Written by Jordan Bevan


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