The 10 Best Games Like Atomic Heart

Atomic Heart, which has recently come to the fore with the political conflict between Russia and Ukraine rather than its gameplay, has been a game that has been expected since the day it was announced and fueled the excitement in every gameplay video released. The fact that it will come to Game Pass has also attracted the attention of those who are not interested in the game.

Some of the players liked Atomic Heart, some disliked it, and some of them boycotted it because of political issues even though they liked the gameplay. The game, which continues to receive scrutiny among all these conflicts, may seem like the only example of its kind when you look from afar. However, there are a ton of other games in the gaming world that those who are interested in this game should definitely take a look at. Here are the best games like Atomic Heart…

The Best Games Like Atomic Heart

  1. Wolfenstein series
  2. DOOM series
  3. Bioshock series
  4. Ghostwire: Tokyo
  5. Dishonored series
  6. Cyberpunk 2077
  7. Deus Ex series
  8. Deathloop
  9. Observer: System Redux
  10. We Happy Few

Wolfenstein series

The Wolfenstein series will remind you of Atomic Heart in terms of story. But here we find ourselves in a dystopian future of Nazi Germany, not the Soviet Union. With its castles, depressing space and enemy designs, its brutal aspect that does not back down for a moment, and many more, Wolfenstein is a production that Atomic Heart lovers should experience.

You can play the modern games of this series, where weapons are at the forefront rather than special powers, via Game Pass. Although our character is aggressive, it is not repulsive as in Atomic Heart, although we do not have special powers, there are conflict mechanics that are not searched for, and the Wolfenstein series also contains many more pluses.

DOOM series

Of course, it would be wrong to take DOOM, which puts the story aside as soon as the game starts, and compare it with Atomic Heart in terms of its scenario. But we can put these two together in terms of boss battles and fighting mechanics.

If you have played Atomic Heart and the action part has drawn you in, but it has been slow, you can find a much richer, more active and continuous one in DOOM games.

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Bioshock series

We can understand that it was inspired by the Bioshock series, especially the lighthouse in the first game and the entrance scene to Rapture city. The similarities are not limited to this, of course.

Bioshock is a series with a deep story behind it and is one of the best games like Atomic Heart in terms of game mechanics. During the sale period, you can get the triple remastered package of the entire series at an affordable price.

Ghostwire: Tokyo

Despite saving our lives, the KK—not that KK—helps us fight extraterrestrials, which we didn’t get along with at first, who both guide and provide us with superpowers. In this context, we can say that he is quite similar to the Charles of Atomic Heart. In the flow of the story, we can see that the bond between the two is getting stronger.

After Atomic Heart, you can take a look at Ghostwire: Tokyo, which is similar in some aspects but has its own unique gameplay mechanics. Although the variety of enemies and combat mechanics are not that diverse, you can see Atomic Heart as a live experience.

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Dishonored series

In the Dishonored series, as in Atomic Heart, you are the person who involuntarily disrupts the plans and is inevitably responsible for putting things right. Again, in this series, which takes place in a fictional universe, you have too many superpowers(?). By using them you can basically become a master assassin.

The series also has a unique feature. When you kill all the enemies, even some harmless people in the current episode, the story continues, even if you don’t, the story continues. But these actions affect the end of the game.

Except for the last game. You can do whatever you want in that game. When you reach the end of the game, you can make the decision you want. But that’s partly because of the character. Because in the first game you play a royal protector, in the second game you play a dethroned empress (or royal protector again), and in the last game you play a hired killer. Each character has a unique story, different powers and playstyles.

Cyberpunk 2077

Since Cyberpunk 2077 is basically an open-world role-playing game, it has more gameplay content than Atomic Heart. Besides, there are inevitably similarities between the two games. A story in which the developing technology in both games is directed to a bad dystopia welcomes us.

But in Cyberpunk you are more free. For this reason, you can see Cyberpunk 2077 as an experience that you can dive into after Atomic Heart, act according to your own style, and set the limits. Because although everyone starts the game at the same point, they find themselves in very different places towards the middle and end of the game due to the diversity of character development.

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Deus Ex series

Let’s take Mankind Divided as an example for a more modern experience. We can say that the gameplay is closer to Dishonored or Bioshock rather than Atomic Heart. Although not every NPC you see is hostile to you, it gives you that feeling of loneliness in most areas.

Apart from that, as in Atomic Heart, you are the character who is not taken into account but interrupts things. In this case, you are trying to solve the events taking place outside, and you are trying to find answers to the question marks in your own mind. In addition to your weapons, there are also special powers that you get from your technological body parts. It’s also fun to use them.


We are in a constant time loop in Deathloop, and the two games diverge quite a bit from each other in terms of story. But for those who appreciate the special powers of Atomic Heart, Deathloop will undoubtedly be an enjoyable experience.

In the game, as in Dishonored, you have special powers and weapons beside them. You can customize and develop your powers according to your playing style in Deathloop, one of the best games like Atomic Heart. 

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Observer: System Redux

Bringing you together with perhaps the darkest aspect of the dystopian future, Observer pushes you to research and evaluate rather than a game you break up with. Because in this game, you don’t play a character who is not satisfied with anything (seriously anything) like in Atomic Heart and turns things into dust at the first opportunity with the return of his military career.

Instead, you try to solve the events by playing a detective. Throughout the game, different events emerge from the events and the story branches out. It is a production where you will brainstorm while leaving yourself to the current, but will not tire you out with vain efforts in the process. Confidentiality will vary from person to person, of course.

We Happy Few

In We Happy Few, you are in the role of the person who spoils the plans when he should have disappeared. Your role, which you basically started by approving the newspaper headlines, where censorship peaked and history was reflected in favor of the state, becomes even more important with the unraveling of the story. In this process, you both learn who you are and the story of the main game reveals itself.

Your journey, which you start in a world where the idea that ignorance is bliss is dominant and has almost become a motto, branches out as the game progresses. After playing Atomic Heart, it won’t be too foreign in terms of story.

Written by Jordan Bevan


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