The 15 Best Short Games on Game Pass

As much as we love games, it is a fact that there are people who find it difficult to sit in front of productions that take hours to complete. This is the reason why we have snacks or short games for those with tight schedules. That’s why we’ve gathered and compiled games that those who don’t have time can finish in one fell swoop. Here are the best short games on Game Pass.

The Best Short Games on Game Pass

  1. What Remains of Edith Finch
  2. Titanfall 2
  3. LIMBO
  4. Inside
  5. Somerville
  6. Bacon Pines
  7. Metal: Hellsinger
  8. Turnip Boy Commits Tax Evasion
  9. Undertale
  10. Ori and the Blind Forest
  11. A Memoire Blue
  12. Immortality
  13. Unpacking
  14. Sea of Solitude
  15. Oxenfree

What Remains of Edith Finch

In What Remains of Edith Finch, where you will witness strange stories about a family in Washington state, you will explore the huge Finch house as Edith, searching for stories as you explore that family history and try to understand why you are the last survivor of the family.

Titanfall 2

Although 2016 seems close to us, it has been almost 7 years since Titanfall 2 was released. Although the online mode is more in mind, you can also have a fun and short experience in the single-player mode.

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Limbo, a puzzle platform game,  is definitely among the best short games on Game Pass with its story and visual quality. We enter Limbo in search of the sister of the character we are directing and we start to move forward in this interesting world. The world of Limbo generally has a film noir feel. We find ourselves walking through a dark, misty forest. However, in the next chapters, we encounter industrial structures and machines in the style of 1930s Germany.


Our main character in the game is a boy. An abandoned and lonely child… Playing this child, we overcome different difficulties in the strange world we were thrown into and try to save the child from a dark project. It will be a nice experience if you have little time to spare.

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Somerville is an adventure game where we try to find our family. In this short experience, you can explore the world dominated by science fiction and adventure elements after a disaster and have a pleasant time.

Bacon Pines

Bacon Pines is a production that stands out more for its storytelling. If the main character is… It’s a bit complicated because we play both the storyteller and the main character of the book, Luka. Although the production stands out with its sweet visuals, it also surprises us with the fact that it is a horror game.

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Metal: Hellsinger

In fact, when we look at the production a little bit, we can compare it to DOOM. The production, which combines demonic creatures and depictions of hell with harsh music, gives you a short and fun experience. For those looking for a DOOM-like short story, Metal: Hellsinger is one of the best short games on Game Pass.

Turnip Boy Commits Tax Evasion

Yes, what you understand from the title is correct. Turnip boy commits tax evasion! We play as a turnip in the production of Turnip Boy Commits Tax Evasion. Our main goal is to overthrow the state dominated by vegetables. We embark on adventures, fight monsters and solve puzzles with the turnip we play. 

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Undertale, which is among the games that break the fourth wall, is a production that RPG fans will enjoy. In the popular game, you control a human who has fallen into the world of monsters underground and you try to find the way out.

Ori and the Blind Forest

A graphically striking action-platformer, Ori and the Blind Forest portrays the story of a young orphan destined for heroism. It is one of the best short games on Game Pass, with hand-painted graphics, finely drawn characters, and a fully composed soundtrack.

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A Memoire Blue

It is a memoir, as its name tells us. Playing a famous swimmer, A Memoire Blue offers a game experience filled with the character’s memories. The game manages to fit this into a small amount of time like a pill.


Immortality is an interactive game. In the game, we find ourselves in a mystery and we are trying to solve it. You can spend hours of fun as you unravel the story behind the mysterious disappearance of a player named Marissa Marcel. Of course, the duration of the game depends on how you play.

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We are here with another puzzle game on our list. Unpacking is a puzzle game where we line up the rooms by moving the boxes. With its heart-warming visuals, it manages to lock its player in front of the screen.

Sea of Solitude

Sea of Solitude takes you on an emotional journey. The fantastic monsters you can encounter in the game where you are looking for the meaning of being human offer you a different experience. The game, which debuted in 2019, seems to have proven to be unique.

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Oxenfree, a horror/mystery genre game recently acquired by Netflix for mobile platforms, took its place on Xbox in 2016.  As Alex, you play a group of pals who unintentionally cause a ghostly gap to open.

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