The 22 Best Multiplayer Games on Game Pass

Xbox Game Pass offers its subscribers fun games with its ever-expanding library. Some games are released directly on Xbox Game Pass, while others are added later to satisfy subscribers. We have compiled the most enjoyable productions for you to play with your friends.

Here are the best Game Pass games to play with friends.

The Best Multiplayer Games on Game Pass

Fallout 76

Fallout 76, which has been a completely different game since its release, invites you to a long adventure in the post-nuclear West Virginia hometown. The most controversial game of the series has managed to be a game full of new content packs and quest chains. You can embark on this radioactive adventure that lasts for tens of hours with your friends and have a pleasant time.

Unravel Two

Unravel Two, one of the best Game Pass games to play with friends, invites you to an adventure knitted in a very pleasant way. The game, where teamwork and cooperation is at the highest level, gets a passing grade from us with its successful visual quality and entertaining gameplay.

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Back 4 Blood

Back 4 Blood, the new zombie game developed by the makers of the Left 4 Dead series, invites players to shoot zombies as a team again. The game, which is as chaotic as Left 4 Dead games, combines modern FPS components with the zombie formula we are used to.

Conan Exiles

Conan Exiles, which added mounts with its new expansion pack and received a Mostly Positive rating with more than 50,000 reviews, was developed by Funcom. The game, which players who have an Xbox Game Pass subscription can play with pleasure, becomes much more fun when you experience it with your friends.

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For Honor

Ubisoft’s melee and action game For Honor brings the fierce clashes of Samurai, Viking and Knight clans to the screens with delightful animations. You can play For Honor, which takes the dimension of the war to a whole new level with new characters, with your friends and experience the atmosphere of medieval warfare to the fullest.


Grounded, where players escape from thousands of insects and dangers by giving life to children in miniature sizes, is among the best multiplayer games on Game Pass. However, it is useful to warn players who have arachnophobia or fear of insects before playing Grounded.

No Man’s Sky

No Man’s Sky, which has gained a great version with the updates it has received over the years and its ongoing support, will take you away from real life for a long time. You can embark on a long adventure where exploration, production and survival concepts are mixed together with your friends, and you can get No Man’s Sky on Xbox Game Pass.

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A Way Out

A Way Out, one of Josef Fares’ most successful works in the game world, also finds a place for itself in the Xbox Game Pass library. The successful production promises an emotional and action-packed experience thanks to its strong story.

Rainbow Six: Extraction

Extraction, the new member of the Rainbow Six series, brings the characters of the previous game to science fiction scenarios. Although the production, where the players carry out tactical operations on creatures, is criticized for its similarity to the previous game, it offers an enjoyable multiplayer experience.

World War Z

World War Z, which realizes the ‘zombie swarm’ concept in the most technical way, offers post-apocalyptic scenarios all over the world. The game, where you play by choosing one of many characters in different cities, is among the most successful examples of the zombie FPS genre.

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Tetris Effect

Offering a very enjoyable tetris experience with its music and effects, Tetris Effect also has a multiplayer mode. This game, which includes more than 30 stages and you can experience with your friend, is ideal for those who are looking for a calmer production instead of exciting genres such as FPS, RPG, or horror.

The Ascent

In The Ascent, an action-shooter RPG set in the cyberpunk world of Veles, you are a worker with The Ascent Group, which enslaves everyone, including you, in a metropolis populated by creatures from all over the galaxy. One day Ascent Group shuts down and no one knows why. In the game, which you can also play with your friends, your task is to take up a new mission and reveal the reason for all these events.

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Gears Of War: Ultimate Edition

The story of Gears Of War: Ultimate Edition, the remastered edition of the popular 2006 game Gears of War, is also based on the original game. You can experience the successful third-person shooter atmosphere with your friends in the Ultimate Edition, whose graphics have been greatly improved compared to the original game.

Research and Destroy

RESEARCH and DESTROY, a turn-based action game, is a production where you will use both research and destroy tactics as the name suggests. In the game, you will take control of three brilliant scientists and craft new strange weapons and gadgets to destroy the supernatural armies that have nearly crushed humanity.

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Mortal Kombat 11

I think there is no one who does not know the Mortal Kombat series. Mortal Kombat 11, the eleventh installment in the popular fighting game franchise, is absolutely one of the best multiplayer games on Game Pass, especially for the ones who love the genre.

Halo Infinite

Halo Infinite, one of the most popular first-person shooters of recent times, is the sixth game in the Halo series. Making its biggest multiplayer update with Season 3: Echoes Within, the game brings players a new 100-tier Battle Pass, new maps, a new mode, and for the first time, a new weapon and equipment item.

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It Takes Two

In It Takes Two, where you take the place of Cody and May, two people turned into dolls by magic, and experience their bickering relationship, you are stuck in a fantasy world where unknowns are hidden around every corner, and you must inevitably save their shattered relationship.

Sea of Thieves

There is every detail of piracy in Sea of Thieves. In addition, the fine details add such air to the game that despite the preferred visual style, the pirate mood can be quickly entered. Yes, the game does not have a “realistic” visual style, but Fortnite also received the same criticism, and today it is at its peak. On the other hand, the current visuals bring a fun look to the pirate theme and this is one of the important items that make the game attractive.

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Back 4 Blood

Back 4 Blood features a classic zombie outbreak story. In the production that supports this story between cutscenes and episodes, our main goal is to fight against zombies as always. What makes the game most enjoyable is that you can do it with three of your friends. For this reason, I can say that the fun of the game, which offers a four-player co-op opportunity, is quadrupled. Because at every moment of the game, there is a high level of conflict, cooperation, and watching each other. If there is someone in the team that you are not cooperating with, your progress in the game is interrupted as much.

Human: Fall Flat

Human Fall Flat is one of the best multiplayer games on Game Pass, where we try to escape from the puzzle-filled rooms that our character will fall into by using our hands and arms and sticking to the laws of physics.

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Unravel Two

The most important development of Unravel Two compared to the first game is undoubted that it is built on co-op gameplay dynamics. Continuing on his way by collecting balls in the first game, Yarny starts the sequel freely. In the first cinematic of the game, we see Yarny, who has lost his bond, while being dragged to a beach. Here, however, he meets a new character of the game and in a way surrenders his freedom to him. The thread that he was constantly connected to in the first game, this time integrates with the new character he encounters. In other words, although we are a little free compared to the first game, we have to deliver the end of the rope to the other character.

Deep Rock Galactic

Deep Rock Galactic is a co-op sci-fi FPS with hardcore space Gnomes, 100% destructible environments, procedurally-generated caves, and endless hordes of alien monsters. Another thing that makes the game great is that you can experience this successful first-person shooter with your friend.

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