Upcoming Game Pass Games (2022)

We have compiled the upcoming Xbox Game Pass games announced at the Xbox Bethesda event held in the past days in this list. Xbox will add many more productions before the end of this year but let’s take a look at which games Game Pass subscribers can expect in 2022. 

Xbox and Riot also announced that Riot’s biggest titles including League of Legends are coming to Game Pass this winter. Here are all the Riot games coming to Game Pass this winter.

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Upcoming Game Pass Games (2022)

A Plague Tale: Requiem

A Plague Tale, which tells the Black Death period with fantastic elements, is getting ready to appear with the eagerly awaited sequel. With the second game called Requiem, the adventures of the Rune brothers will continue from where they left off.

Atomic Heart

Atomic Heart, which we have been eagerly awaiting for years, will take us to the Soviet Union era. We look forward to strolling through the Soviet laboratories, where rogue artificial intelligence, insane robots, and intriguing biological mysteries await us. Atomic Heart will debut this year and will be available on Xbox Game Pass on the day of its release.


Developed by Obsidian Entertainment, the master of RPG games, Pentiment stands out as an adventure game that embodies the greatest sins of humanity.

Warhammer 40K: Darktide

Darktide, an FPS action game that enchants Warhammer 40K lovers with its gameplay videos, was designed by the team that developed the Warhammer Vermintide series. The developer team invites an even more bloody adventure in the 40th millennium after blooding the weapons in the fantastic Warhammer universe.


Grounded, where the players push the limits of their entombes by directing miniature children, is coming to make Xbox Game Pass subscribers happy with its new packages.

Hello Neighbor 2

The new ring of Hello Neighbor, the interesting game that made a lot of noise with its first game, will take its place in the popular subscription service this year. The game where we try to find out what your neighbor is up to will return with its exciting moments.


Valheim, the survival game that hit Steam last year and hooked players, is coming to dominate Xbox Game Pass this time. The Viking-themed action-survival production will take its place in the Game Pass library before the end of the year.


Taking players into a world out of H.R Giger’s paintings, Scorn invites a sickening adventure filled with gloom and biological ruins.

The production, which managed to get us thanks to its suffocating and sorrowful art design, will debut this year and take its place in the Xbox Game Pass library.

High on Life

Developed by Justin Roiland, the name behind Rick and Morty, High on Life combines an adventure that we would expect to see in Rick and Morty with a game formula. Players will fight against an alien cartel that wants to use humanity as a drug substance.

Slime Rancher 2

Players who spend hundreds of hours collecting and feeding slime will be much more essential in the second game. Slime Rancher’s new game is coming to the Xbox Game Pass library.


Naraka: Bladepoint will bring the brutal arenas of martial arts testing to Xbox Game Pass. The production, which achieved a Mostly Positive rating with more than 90,000 reviews on Steam, will be added to the subscription service before the end of this year.

Written by Jordan Bevan


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