The 18 Best Free Multiplayer PC Games

It can be very difficult to choose the best PC game to have a pleasant time. Especially when you add a very specific filter, such as free multiplayer PC games to play with friends, the situation becomes inextricable. At this point, we have prepared a collage-like list for you among countless options to make your job easier.

In order to include all kinds of games in our list, we also focused on games other than the popular FPS or RPG genre, which are a bit on the corner compared to well-known productions. There were games that we couldn’t name, although they deserved it. We apologize to all of them here, and without further ado, we move on to the games. 

Here are the best free multiplayer PC games to play with friends.

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Overwatch 2

Blizzard’s first Overwatch was a huge success, becoming one of the most popular names in the gaming world. Released in 2022, Overwatch 2 picks up where the first game left off. Overwatch 2, which has reworked graphics and the mechanics of the first game, also continues to be developed and improved by Blizzard.


Paladins can be seen as a free alternative to the paid multiplayer PC game Overwatch. It is already often called “Overwatch killer” by players. Although it is not right to expect the same quality, it is a preferable option because it is a free alternative. If you want to fight 5 vs 5 battles with MOBA-like characters, all with different abilities, we recommend you to try it.

No More Room in Hell

Next in our list of the best free multiplayer PC games is No More Room in Hell, a realistic take on the story of a group of friends who survived the zombie invasion. There are no traces of convenience elements such as sights in the game. In fact, when you’re bitten by a zombie, it’s up to you whether to tell your friends or not. Moreover, in order to stay in touch with your friends, you need to keep the distance between you short.


Dauntless is a free alternative to Monster Hunter: World, which is shown as one of the best multiplayer PC games to be played with friends. Dauntless, which has a shorter learning phase than Monster Hunter: World, is one of the best options you can choose to gather as a team and go on a creature hunt, although it is free.

We Were Here

If you’re looking for a game that focuses on solving puzzles with your friend, We Were Here is for you. In the game, two friends who are separated from each other in the same castle are trying to find each other. In the meantime, the only thing you can use to communicate is the radios in your hands. Both players struggle in a large castle to find each other by solving the puzzles that appear before them.

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War Thunder

If fighting with your friends using WWII vehicles is suitable for you, we are happy to say that you have found the best free multiplayer PC game you are looking for. War Thunder is a vehicle war simulation game that has been loved for years. With more than 1,500 vehicles in the game, you witness the battles in countless places, and you are directly involved in the war. Also, let’s not forget that the game promises very good graphics quality compared to a free option.

Dead Maze

Dead Maze is a two-dimensional, isometric production. Set in a post-zombie world, the game brings its own interpretation to the features that we often encounter in survival games such as collecting resources, managing, building and developing houses. While you fight with your friends against relentless zombie hordes, you can also add other people to your fight.

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Fistful of Frags

Next in our list of the best free multiplayer PC games is a game with a wild west concept. Fistful of Frags throws your group of friends into the brutal arms of the wild west, with many different modes including Battle Royale and classic team deathmatch. The best part is to fight fast-paced battles against your enemies as part of this brutality.

Conqueror’s Blade

Conqueror’s Blade combines real-time and turn-based strategy games in the best possible way and offers highly dynamic gameplay. In the game, which is obviously inspired by the medieval theme, you play a commander trying to eliminate the enemy army. It is also possible to play the game alone if you want, but of course, it is much more fun to get the friends involved. 

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Call of Duty: Warzone

Last in our list of the best free multiplayer PC games is Call of Duty: Warzone. Years of Call of Duty quality met with Battle Royale, one of today’s most popular game genres, for completely free. Based on the Modern Warfare game released in 2019, Warzone combines good graphics, a huge war, tough competition and most importantly, the feeling of solidarity among friends in the same pot.


There is no need to explain Fortnite, one of the most popular free-to-play battle royale games in the world. The multiplayer mode of the game, where you can feel the battle royale dynamics to your bones, is also available to experience this excitement with your friends.

Rocket League

Rocket League, which has recently come to mobile devices, is arcade-style soccer and vehicular mayhem. The game features up to eight players assigned to each of the two teams to use rocket-powered vehicles to hit a ball into the opponent’s goal and score points throughout a match.

Team Fortress 2

As one of the best free co-op games on Steam, Team Fortress 2 is a first-person shooter developed by Valve. In the game, players join one of two teams and choose one of nine character classes to play as in different game modes like capture the flag and king of the hill.

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Path of Exile

As one of the best free games, Path of Exile provides gameplay for players to direct the character from a bird’s eye view. You can also experience the game with your friends as you go back and forth between caves, dungeons, and open spaces in a huge world.

Dota 2

Dota 2, one of the best free multiplayer PC games that you can choose to have a good time with your friends, is an online battle arena game. In the game played in the matches between two teams of five players, each team occupies and defends its own separate base on the map.


Valorant is the number one choice of FPS fans with its constantly updated and improved gameplay, variety and eye-catching visuals. You can experience Valorant, which is constantly developed by Riot Games, with your friends, and you can bring out the fighting spirit in you.

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive

Despite being one of the oldest titles on the list, Counter-Strike: Global Offensive is still one of the best free multiplayer PC games to play. CS: GO, which has heavily dominated the FPS genre for the last 10 years, is one of the titles where you can spend your time in the most fun way this year with its fun and tactical gameplay, well-designed maps, and matches with high excitement.

Destiny 2

Although seeing looter-shooter productions makes players feel tired now, Destiny 2 is one of the best titles you can play in this category. In Destiny 2, which is as popular and acclaimed as the first game, we compete with our opponents by entering the matches and winning prizes in return. Destiny 2 is one of the productions that you can play comfortably with your friends in 2023, with its gameplay as well as its eye-catching visuals and design.

Written by Sophie Blake


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