The best relaxing PC games you can play to chill yourself

Although playing games is generally a stress-relieving activity, it can sometimes have the opposite effect. Some games do not make us relax, they cause us to become stressed and tense. On the other hand, there are many games on PC that will relax you and reduce your stress. In this list, we have brought together the best relaxing PC games for those who want to set aside tension and stress.

While some of the games on the list stand out with their calm flow and soothing music, some of them allow you to focus and distract from your current problems. Of course, in order to play some of these games, your computer must be at an intermediate level. Otherwise, when you want to play games on a low-end computer, you are likely to increase your current stress level 10 times. If you are ready, let’s start!

The Best Relaxing PC Games

  1. ABZÛ
  2. Everybody’s Gone to the Rapture
  3. Fez
  4. Stardew Valley
  5. Proteus
  6. GRIS
  7. A Short Hike
  8. Journey
  9. Among Trees
  10. flOw
  11. The Gardens Between
  12. Eastshade
  13. Call of the Sea
  14. Firewatch
  15. Dinkum
  16. Unravel


People who are not unfamiliar with the game world usually have negative feelings when it comes to underwater. Because in most of the games we play, we have a tense struggle against time in the underwater sections. Abzû is a game that will completely destroy this perception. Explaining what they want to tell you with sounds and cutscenes, Abzû is definitely one of the best relaxing PC games in recent years. In the game, which has a perfect underwater atmosphere, you explore the ocean, free from all your worries.

We can say that this game, which allows you to find some clues by diving into the depths of the ocean, is one of the games that plays a big role in your calming down with both the calming view of the ocean and the accompanying music. The best part of the game is that it is extremely easy to play. There are no details that will make you nervous, no hard graphics. Everything is very fluid and easy.

Everybody’s Gone to the Rapture

In the post-apocalyptic scenarios, the countryside was not given much place in the game world. Everybody’s Gone to the Rapture breaks the rules in this field with its design, editing, and gameplay. The game takes place in a quiet rural town. We are trying to discover what caused people to disappear by wandering around this town where everyone is lost for some reason. Every element in the game, especially the environment, landscape, and sunlight, offers a relaxing and heartwarming atmosphere.

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If you are a little good with platform games and you have not witnessed the extraordinary world of Fez until now, now is the time. Birds chirping, vines waiting to be climbed, little puzzles to be solved with a little thought, may be a few things that best describe Fez. If you can’t find a way to climb, resize the uniquely designed sections of Fez.

Stardew Valley

Stardew Valley, one of the last links of the farming games frenzy that started with Facebook, is a great experience to escape from the routine of daily life. The game, which has conquered the hearts of those who continue their oppressive and monotonous life in the city with its story, has also been at the top of Steam’s most popular games list since the day it was released. The game is about your character, who is overwhelmed by the chaos of life in the city, returning to the farm they inherited and starting a new life. 

Although it may seem like an ordinary, simple 2D game, there are countless things to do when you dive into it. Offering a very calm atmosphere, the game is all about fishing, mining, friendship and farming. Moreover, all this gives you a lot of distraction and immerses yourself in village life, which makes it one of the best relaxing PC games.

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Proteus is one of the best relaxing PC games for you if you are not a gamer who is very obsessed with graphics quality and if you want the game you are playing to relax you. Despite its short duration, the game, which will include you in its own world with both the freedom it offers and its music, will relax you as much as possible. Remember, it’s very likely that you won’t see what you’ll see while playing the game in the next game level.

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In just four hours, any frame from Gris can turn your home into an art gallery. This game, made by Nomada Studios with a great design, is one of the best independent games of the last period. The visuals, color combinations and background music used in the game make the players feel deep emotions. Gris deserves to be on our list of the most relaxing PC games in every way.

A Short Hike

A short Hike, where we take a walk on the island where we came on vacation with our main bird character named Claire, is a production that calms you with its atmosphere and music. While exploring around with Claire, you will forget your troubles and problems and find yourself in a relaxed state.


Journey is a game designed with a focus on relaxation for the players. Its success in this field cannot be compared with any other game of its own genre. In-game sounds, atmosphere, scenery, wind and sun, in short, everything allows the player to experience a sweet dream.

As soon as you start the game, you will find yourself in the middle of a vast desert. A hero with a red cape welcomes you in this desert and you guide this hero throughout the game. This highly rewarding adventure allows you to progress by achieving goals.

Among Trees

Among Trees is a survival-oriented exploration game. We get lost in nature and try to hold on to life in this production, which won the appreciation of the players with the visuality and atmosphere it provides. With the different color palettes used in different parts of the game, the music that changes based on your entrance to different places, and the atmosphere that always makes you feel, Among Trees is a production that should be experienced by those who want to get lost in nature calmly.


flOw, where we direct a tiny plankton-style organism, has a very simple gameplay. Our goal in the game, which takes place in a mysterious environment, is to find something to eat. Consuming other living organisms causes our character to evolve and enables us to stand up to greater threats. However, this struggle for survival can be removed at the request of the player. If desired, the game can also be played by swimming peacefully in an atmospheric environment.

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The Gardens Between

Next in our list of the best relaxing PC games is The Gardens Between, which follows two best friends Arina and Frendt as they travel to a dream island surrounded by childhood memories. In the game, we are able to intervene in the world around them, not the characters. A very impressive ambient sound accompanies us in the game, which we direct by rewinding time as if playing a movie. Let’s also point out that the game, which we were not aware of until the end of the game, ended in a way that strengthens your childhood memories and warms the hearts.


In this adventure exploration game where we are a traveling painter, we paint the island called Eastshade, where we came to by accident. In our adventure that started after our ship hit this island as a result of an accident, we begin to explore Eastshade and immortalize this island full of beautiful landscapes with the drawings we made. Eastshade is one of the best relaxing PC games with its atmosphere and visuality.

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Call of the Sea

In this production, which takes place in the South Pacific of 1934, we are the character named Norah and we go after our missing husband. Call of the Sea is a great BAFTA-nominated puzzle and exploration game that has won gamers acclaim for its many things. In this game, which impresses with its visuals and landscapes, you lose yourself in the atmosphere and immerse yourself in the adventure with Norah.


Firewatch is an exploration game that can relax you with its calmness and make your heart race with fear. Firewatch, which deals with the experiences of our main character named Henry, who escaped from the problems he was struggling with in the city and came to the forest and wanted to rest his mind here for a while, has an atmosphere that sets the player apart. It is useful to take a look at this game, which attracts attention with its simple but interesting scenario and the mysteries it creates.

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Next on our list is Dinkum, a production that those who love farm building and operating and growing games will love. We are trying to establish our own farm on an island of considerable size, as well as supporting our neighbors living on the island, giving them materials and helping them. This production, which contains different rewards and activities that can be discovered, will be very good for you after a tired day at work.


And last in the list of the best relaxing PC games is Unravel, where we control a doll made of wool yarn. It is one of the best platform games ever. The game, which starts in a very emotional atmosphere, offers an indescribable experience with its graphics, sounds and in-game mechanics. Unravel offers a very relaxing atmosphere for those who want to relax and relieve the tiredness of the day.

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