10 Fun Video Games to Play with Your Girlfriend

If you own a game console or computer, we have a list of games that you can play online from different devices, including the option to play side-by-side on a single screen.

In addition, even if your girlfriend has never played a game before, you can take a new step into the game world thanks to the simple controlled games on the list. So, without further ado, let’s get to our list of fun video games to play with your girlfriend. 

Fun Video Games to Play with Your Girlfriend

Stardew Valley

Gameplay type: Online co-op, local co-op, co-op/split screen co-op

Stardew Valley, which you can access from mobile devices as well as computers and consoles, is a production where you can literally spend hundreds of hours. Stardew Valley, which is not just a farm simulator, offers a real life behind pixel-by-pixel graphics, is a game where you can spend meaningful hours together and even get married and have children.

It Takes Two

Gameplay type: Co-op/split screen co-op, online co-op (split screen)

It Takes Two, which won the “Game of the Year” award of 2021 and won the appreciation of many players, is one of the most enjoyable two-player games you can play. The production, which is about the story of a married couple who constantly bicker with each other, stands out with its numerous gameplay mechanics as well as its entertaining dialogues.

A Way Out

Gameplay type: Co-op/split screen co-op, online co-op (split screen)

Another successful game of the developer team of It Takes Two, A Way Out continues to be one of the first names that come to mind when it comes to multiplayer games. The game, which will make you experience those exciting prison escape scenes we always watch in movies, may be indispensable for lovers who embrace an action-packed experience.


Gameplay type: Local co-op

We can say that Cuphead, a game that stands out with its impressive cartoon-like visuals, fun platform mechanics and beautiful music, offers a very challenging experience. If you like hard games or have a relationship where you say “Together we’ll get through this challenge!”, give Cuphead a chance.

Overcooked! 2

Gameplay type: Co-op/split screen co-op, online co-op

Overcooked! 2, a cooking game in which you race against time, manages to connect the players with its excitement and fun-filled gameplay. The game, where you can spend pleasant hours with your lover, also has section designs that will challenge you. A production where speed and ingenuity speak, Overcooked! 2 is one of the most enthusiastic games you can choose.

Unravel 2

Gameplay type: Local co-op

Unravel 2, where you will go on a unique adventure with your lover, shows you very well what you can do with a yarn. The game, which comes across as a production that knows how to process sweet puzzles, beautiful landscapes and action when necessary, always deserves a chance.

Human Fall Flat

Gameplay type: Co-op/split-screen co-op, up to eight players online

We can say that Human Fall Flat, which has succeeded in serving the physics-based gameplay it wants to offer, is a game full of humor in every second. This game, where you can constantly laugh and set sail on a sweet adventure accompanied by tiny puzzles, is a very good option for couples who want to have a calm and cheerful experience.

Moving Out

Gameplay type: Local co-op

We can say that Moving Out, where you will step into a brilliant career in the furniture industry, is of particular interest to couples who are considering going out to their own homes. With its absurd physics base, bustle-filled structure and fast-paced gameplay, you will find yourself constantly carrying a piece of furniture.

We Were Here Forever

Gameplay type: Online co-op

When it comes to multiplayer puzzle games, we can say that one of the series that does this best is undoubtedly the We Were Here series. We Were Here Forever, the game released in the past months in the series consisting of four games in total, is perfect for couples looking for a challenging puzzle-filled adventure. This game, in which the communication you will establish with each other is of vital importance and even the smallest information is gold in order to get rid of the castle you have been captured, will strain your brain a lot.

As Dusk Falls

Gameplay type: Online co-op, local co-op

As Dusk Falls, a kind of game that we call interactive story, where storytelling is at the forefront, was released in the past weeks with its own unique art design and gripping story. In addition to its interesting characters and successful story, the game also offers the option to play together, allowing you to make decisions together equally.

As of now, we have come to the end of our list of fun video games to play with your girlfriend where you can spend full hours with your lover. Although we focus on the cooperative gameplay of each of the games on the list, it is worth noting that you can play most of them alone.

Written by Jordan Bevan


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