Google introduces “The Play Report” to let users discover apps and games on Google Play

With millions of apps and games, the Play Store offers plenty of editorial content such as Monthly Picks, What’s New in Play, and the Teacher-approved program to help users discover and download them. The company announced on Wednesday that it is expanding that content to video with a brand-new original series called The Play Report.

The Play Report gives users the “download on what to download” by highlighting the newest and best Google Play apps and games. Expert voices from creators and Google employees will be included in each episode as they discuss hot topics and undiscovered gems.

For a limited number of users in the US, Play Report videos will be prominently featured at the top of the Play Store homepage. Only introduction videos are now accessible, but Google promises that new episodes will be released over the next weeks. The regular promotional cards will still be displayed at the top of the Play Store for those who aren’t already enrolled in the pilot, but users may access the videos on the platform’s YouTube, Facebook, and Instagram profiles instead.

The videos will have a download button for the promoted app at the bottom of the screen. 

Last week, Google announced a partnership with 10 mobile game development teams in response to the hype created by its second annual Play Live event. Through this agreement, players will have access to exclusive in-game items that can all be purchased using Play Points. 

Written by Maya Robertson


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