Google Play Store enhances app discovery with new ‘Interests’ system

The Google Play Store is evolving to make app discovery more personalized and user-centric with the introduction of a new “interests” section. This feature aims to refine the way users find apps and games by tailoring recommendations based on individual preferences.

In a recent discovery by code hunter Assemble Debug, as reported by Android Authority, the latest version 41.7.16-31 of the Play Store app includes a new “interests” section within the general settings tab. This user-friendly feature is designed to help users manage their app and game interests more effectively, with a clear instruction to “Change what you want to see on Play.”

Previously, the Google Play Store sorted recommended apps and games in the “For You” tab based on its own algorithms. The new “interests” section, however, offers users greater control over their app and game preferences. With separate settings for apps and games, users can fine-tune their interests individually, enhancing the relevance of their recommendations. Additionally, if users prefer not to receive personalized recommendations, they can easily turn off these settings.

While the “interests” section is still under development, its exact launch date in the stable version of the Google Play Store remains unknown. There is also curiosity about how this new setting will integrate with the existing “For You” tab and whether it will significantly alter the user experience. The potential for a more customized and engaging user experience makes this an exciting development to anticipate.

Written by Sophie Blake


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