Google Play Store now allows simultaneous app downloads

Google has rolled out a new feature on the Play Store that allows users to download two apps simultaneously, marking a significant improvement in user experience. This long-awaited feature, first spotted by 9to5Google, comes after years of testing and development, bringing a much-needed quality-of-life enhancement to Android users worldwide.

Previously, users were limited to downloading one app at a time from the Play Store. Now, with the ability to download two apps simultaneously, the process of installing multiple apps becomes more efficient and streamlined. However, the current limit of two simultaneous downloads may seem restrictive to some users, especially considering that earlier leaks suggested the possibility of downloading up to five apps simultaneously. It is hoped that Google will expand this limit in the future, allowing users to customize the number of apps they can download simultaneously according to their preferences.

As of now, this new multi-download functionality only applies to fresh app installations and not to app updates. While the ability to download multiple apps simultaneously is undoubtedly a step in the right direction, many users would find it even more useful if it extended to app updates, which are often more common than fresh installs. It is expected that Google may consider expanding this feature to include updates in future updates, as part of its ongoing efforts to improve the Play Store experience.

One area where this new feature proves particularly useful is during the setup of a new Android device. With the ability to download two apps simultaneously, users can quickly install their favorite apps and get their device up and running in no time. This functionality streamlines the setup process, saving users valuable time and effort.

Google has been working on implementing simultaneous app downloads since at least 2019, but the feature had yet to see widespread availability until now. To check if your device has access to this feature, simply attempt to download two or more large-sized apps or games simultaneously from the Play Store. It’s worth noting that users may need to ensure that newly downloaded apps appear on the home screen, which can be toggled on Pixel phones via Home settings > Add app icons to home screen.

The Google Play Store has undergone numerous transformations in recent years, with one of the latest updates being the introduction of AI-generated FAQs for app listings. Additionally, there are plans to utilize AI to provide users with a quick summary of the features of each app or game.

Written by Maya Robertson


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