Meta offers $5000 bonus for influencers and top creators to post on Threads

Meta, formerly known as Facebook, is ramping up efforts to increase engagement on its Threads app by offering financial incentives to high-profile creators. With recent data showing an uptick in Threads usage in the U.S., Meta aims to further boost app engagement by enticing creators from its other platforms to post on Threads.

Social media expert Matt Navarra shared an example indicating that Meta is offering prominent creators up to $5,000 to post on Threads. If a post garners more than 10,000 views within the app, creators could be eligible for a payout.

Paylaşan: @mattnavarra
Threads'de gör

While some Threads users are already generating significant views, the offer is not open to them. Meta’s documentation explains that the Threads bonus program is invite-only, with notifications sent to selected creators through their Professional Dashboard on the Instagram app.

This initiative represents the next phase of Meta’s promotional push for Threads, which has also involved partnerships with celebrities and sports teams to increase interest in the app.

Initially launched earlier this month with selected users, Meta has now increased the payout amounts and the minimum number of views per post required to qualify for the bonus program.

Meta’s goal with this initiative is to fuel Threads’ growth momentum. Recent reports indicate that Threads has gained 20 million users since February, bringing its total monthly active users to 150 million. While this is impressive, it still falls short of the 550 million monthly active users on another social media platform.

Written by Jordan Bevan


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