Google is reportedly developing AI-powered FAQs for Play Store apps and games

In a recent discovery by TheSpAndroid, it appears that Google is in the process of developing a new AI feature designed to answer frequently asked questions about apps and games available on the Play Store. 

The source stumbled upon this intriguing development after enabling a specific flag, revealing that the AI functionality aims to provide succinct summaries of key aspects of an app/game within the FAQ section. Users can anticipate insights into why an app is popular among its user base, among other details.

Beyond mere popularity, the AI feature seems poised to assist users in uncovering answers to specific questions about an app’s features, as well as highlighting the aspects that users appreciate the most. In alignment with Google’s commitment to transparency, the company explicitly indicates which summaries are generated by AI, ensuring users are informed about the source of information.

Speculation is rife that Google is gearing up to launch this innovative feature in the upcoming weeks, with the flag already available for immediate activation on rooted devices, as reported by TheSpAndroid.

This move is part of Google’s broader strategy to integrate artificial intelligence into its array of products and services. The company has been actively involved in various AI initiatives, with a notable mention being the ongoing Gemini project. Positioned as a response to OpenAI’s groundbreaking chatbot, ChatGPT, Gemini represents Google’s foray into the realm of AI chatbots and sets the stage for further developments in this evolving landscape. As Google continues to harness the power of AI, users can expect enhanced and intelligent interactions with their favorite apps on the Play Store.

Written by Jordan Bevan


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