11 Games for Long Distance Couples

Relationships are fragile structures built on delicate balances even when they are in the same city. And when distance comes into play, it becomes very difficult to spend time together. For this reason, the games where they can have fun and spend time can seem like a lifeline for a long-distance relationship. We did our part and compiled the best games for long distance couples. 

The Best Long Distance Relationship Games

  1. Bread & Fred
  2. Unravel Two
  3. It Takes Two
  4. The Past Within
  5. Biped
  6. Never Alone (Kisima Ingitchuna)
  7. PHOGS!
  8. Garden Paws
  9. Portal 2
  10. Online Scrabble
  11. KeyWe

Bread & Fred

Bread & Fred is a two-player co-op platform game. You can embark on the adventures of two interconnected penguins with your partner. This sweet game, which is planned to be released this year, seems like a production worth waiting for.

Unravel Two

You are now connected with Unravel Two. After becoming one of the Red and Blue players connected in the game, plunge into the dark world together. It’s easy to have a good time in the game where you swim in the Scandinavian elements.

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It Takes Two

It Takes Two is a co-op action adventure game where a couple on the brink of divorce suddenly transform into stuffed babies and add new excitement to their relationship. You both have responsibilities to fulfill in the game where you continue with a different theme, perspective or weapon in each part. Sure, if it means anything to you.

The Past Within

Now we are here with an interesting game. The Past Within appears again as co-op. In the game where one of you rules the past and the other the future, your goal is to solve various mysteries.


Wanna be two goofy robots? I think you would. Biped transforms you into two-legged robots that can only control one at a time and solve puzzles. Besides, it entertains you.

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Never Alone (Kisima Ingitchuna)

We are here with an Eskimo story. A story of the Inyupik people of northern Alaska. A white fox and Nuna are playable characters in the game, which is about the return of the boy, who is left alone with hunger in the middle of the storm, to his village.


PHOGS! is a jigsaw puzzle that tests your communication skills. In the game where you play as a two-headed sausage dog, you choose your side as Red and Blue and progress by solving puzzles. You can have a pleasant time thanks to the game available on PC, Xbox, Nintendo and PlayStation platforms.

Garden Paws

Farming together or building a house in the village is everyone’s retirement dream. Garden Paws, one of the best games for long distance couples, offers this to you without working for years. Trying to restore the farm inherited from your grandfathers with your lover also offers the real fun of the game.

Portal 2

Of course, it wouldn’t have happened without mentioning Portal 2. It is the co-op sequel to the legendary puzzle game Portal, which we all know and have touched at least once. Everything you do in the first game, do two people with better graphics.

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Online Scrabble

Let’s push our vocabulary a little bit. Online Scrabble… So we know Scrabble but its online version. It can be called a word finding game where you place the letters and take advantage of the bonuses on the board. It is enough to have a phone in your hand to reach the game.


We all love birds. Then we also like to be birds. KeyWe is a mess where you play two kiwi birds hired at the mail center. Once you’ve transformed into your bird, start mailing.

Written by Maya Robertson


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