The 22 Best Free Horror Games on Steam

Horror is a very popular genre that has managed to find a loyal audience on all devices, from PC to mobile. Whether you are just starting out in this genre or have been a long-time fan of the genre, there are dozens of games that will make you happy. However, if you want to experience good horror games without spending money, there are also some very successful options for you. 

In this list, we’ve brought together the best free horror games on Steam that will give you the adrenaline-fueled hours you’ve been searching for in many different sub-genres, from cosmic horror to survival horror.

The Best Free Horror Games on Steam

  1. After Hours
  2. At Home Alone Final
  3. Cry of Fear
  4. Dagon: by H.P. Lovecraft
  5. Dark Fracture: Prologue
  6. Deceit
  7. Doki Doki Literature Club!
  8. Ginkgo
  9. He Needs His Medicine
  10. Flesh Water
  11. My Friend is a Raven
  12. No More Room in Hell
  13. Perfect Vermin
  14. Project Kat – Paper Lily Prologue
  15. Samsara Room
  16. The Designer’s Curse
  17. We Went Back
  18. Ultimate Custom Night
  19. Poppy Playtime
  20. Dark Deception
  21. SCP: Secret Laboratory
  22. Alpha Polaris: A Horror Adventure Game

After Hours

After Hours, which gives the story of a classic abandoned hospital very well in its unpolished form, is definitely a production worth playing with the atmosphere it creates and the tension created by the silence that forces you. You will undoubtedly feel the fear to your bones in the game where you try to survive and solve the mysteries with the help of the flashlight in a huge abandoned hospital.

After Hours on Steam

At Home Alone Final

Although its visual style initially evokes sweet feelings, there is much more to At Home Alone Final than meets the eye. As the strange and frightening events that we see through the eyes of a little girl affect the flow of the story, everything gradually becomes more mysterious.

At Home Alone Final on Steam

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Cry of Fear

Cry of Fear, one of the best free horror games on Steam of all time, is somewhat reminiscent of Half-life and Silent Hill. When you add more than one ending scenario and cooperative game experience to an 8-hour story experience, a very successful game emerges. The game, which psychological horror lovers will especially love, gives us the opportunity to step into a frightening adventure in both single player and multiplayer. Our main character, who seeks answers to his questions in the dark, encounters such things that we can guarantee that they will not leave you alone even in your sleep.

Cry of Fear on Steam

Dagon: by H.P. Lovecraft

Dagon is a very successful horror game inspired by Lovecraft, playable with VR, with the atmosphere it creates. Of course, you don’t need a VR set to play, but they have added this support to the game very well to feel the fear to your bones. If you are a fan of Lovecraftian universes and cosmic horror genre, you should definitely give this game a chance.

Dagon: by H.P. Lovecraft on Steam

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Dark Fracture: Prologue

There is no information on when the full version will be released, but this prologue, which introduces the main character Edward and the story, is promising with both the puzzles that make you use your intelligence and the disturbing images and sounds that explain the dark mind of our main character.

Fark Fracture: Prologue on Steam


You may have already heard of Deceit, the second of which will be released soon. Deceit is a classic, with a very good horror theme as a multiplayer shooter. Try to get rid of the scary maps you are in with your group of friends, but remember, there are traitors among you.

Deceit on Steam

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Doki Doki Literature Club!

Another game that misleads people in terms of its visual style is Doki Doki Literature Club. Things are not as pleasant as they seem at the literature club, which we got into with a group of sweet schoolgirls. The plus version, which has been released on multiple platforms, proves the fan and success it has created.

Doki Doki Literature Club! on Steam


While Ginkgo, which came out with great expectations and unique puzzles, could be a very good game with its sound design and East Asian effect, some things went wrong. However, since it is free, you can give it a try and understand why people are excited about the game. This game, inspired by the horror elements of the Far East cultures, is one of the productions that leaves a different taste on the palate, unlike what we are used to. 

Ginkgo on Steam

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He Needs His Medicine

The game, which has managed to attract attention from the first moment with its unique visual style, will sharply break your connection with reality. In the game where you will get lost in the atmosphere, you must hit the last dose of the patient who calls 911 for his medicine.

He Needs His Medicine on Steam

Flesh Water

In this production, which is evident from the hands of the same developer as He Needs His Medicine, although we give life to a staff who feeds pets, things do not go quite as we do in our routine and horror begins to lurk around.

Flesh Water on Steam

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My Friend is a Raven

What would you do if you came back to your old apartment and encountered a raven? Our character in My Friend is a Raven, one of the best free horror games on Steam, chooses to talk to him and thus begins the great chain of events. An uncanny adventure awaits us in every way.

My Friend is a Raven on Steam

No More Room in Hell

Although it started as a Half-Life 2 mode, No More Room in Hell, which has become a completely different game, opens the doors of a multiplayer adventure. The second game of the series where we try to survive in the middle of the zombie apocalypse is on the way.

No More Room in Hell on Steam

Perfect Vermin

Our goal in this game with the graphics of the PS1 era is to clear all the pests. As this seemingly easy task becomes more and more awkward, you will find yourself faced with unpredictable consequences.

Perfect Vermin on Steam

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Project Kat – Paper Lily Prologue

In this completely free RPG horror game, you can also progress through the story while mingling with people and playing mini-games. Our main goal is to solve the secret behind the mysterious golden letter.

Project Kat – Paper Lily Prologue on Steam 

Samsara Room

What would you do if you woke up in a room you’ve never seen before? To escape from this mysterious room, you need to analyze your environment well. The remake of the acclaimed predecessor of the Rusty Lake & Cube Escape series, Samsara Room is among the best free horror games on Steam.

Samsara Room on Steam

The Designer’s Curse

If your heart can’t handle it, don’t get involved because the things you will come across in this game will not be erased from your memory so easily. While solving the puzzles, you will want everything to be finished as soon as possible.

The Designer’s Curse on Steam

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We Went Back

Our adventure, which we started in an abandoned space station, takes us on a path where we search for clues. In this journey we embarked on to understand what is going on, something is always there that does not leave us alone on the ship.

We Went Back on Steam

Ultimate Custom Night

If you like Five Nights at Freddy’s, you should definitely try this game because the production keeps the dose of fear high while imprisoning us in the unique and strange atmosphere of the FNAF world once again.

Ultimate Custom Night on Steam

Poppy Playtime

Poppy Playtime, which has become the new craze of the internet world in a very short time, conveys a strange blue toy to the players and the events that develop within this framework with all its horror. If you haven’t tried the game where Chapter 2 was released last year, now is the time.

Poppy Playtime on Steam

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Dark Deception

Horror games usually have a certain plot. The chase – the stillness – the chase. The players take a breath to say ‘The action is over, let me relax a bit’ and then the action starts again. What distinguishes Dark Deception from other horror games is that it does not contain this fiction. A labyrinth where you have to be constantly careful and escape. Horrible monkeys lurking in the corner, waiting to chase you, or running away from one and blocking you while the other is in front of you, don’t give you a chance to breathe.

Dark Deception on Steam

SCP: Secret Laboratory

After what happened in a secret facility, the monsters escaped from their prisons. There are all kinds of monsters and, accordingly, all kinds of abilities. SCP: Secret Laboratory, which is pretty successful for an online PvP horror game. The horror experience may vary depending on the behavior of other players who come to your game.

SCP: Secret Laboratory on Steam

Alpha Polaris: A Horror Adventure Game

Last on our list of the best free horror games on Steam is Alpha Polaris: A Horror Adventure Game. This slower-paced clicker horror adventure has a distinctive take. The Finnish studio, which produced this game with limited resources, did a good job in terms of art design. While it’s not a horror game that everyone will like, it’s free, so what can you lose?

Alpha Polaris: A Horror Adventure Game on Steam

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