The 12 Best Horror Games

Are you ready to escape from enemies and discover the most secret hiding places with horror games? In this list, you can find the best horror games with scary monsters, deadly enemies, and tense environments.

In the list, you will find both the most anticipated horror games of 2023 and the best horror games that you can currently play.

Layers of Fears

Release Date: Early 2023

Layers of Fears, where you will face the creepy madness that has been going on for generations, is one of the highly anticipated horror games of 2023. You won’t believe the horrors that unfold in the game, which pushes the boundaries of logic and sanity by delving into the depths of the obsession with the works of artists. The estimated

release date of the game, where you will enter an immersive story by spending hours of tension, is planned for the first quarter of 2023. In addition to the previous versions, you will experience a brand new horror experience in the game, which has received many add-ons, and you will feel the fear closely thanks to the 4K resolution.

Metro Exodus

Set in the dystopian universe of 2036, this game is about the struggle to survive in Moscow after a nuclear war. Throughout the game, which takes place in the subway tunnels, the wounds of the business war become terrible by combining supernatural events. In the game where you embark on an incredible adventure by fighting creatures that have become mutants due to poisonous elements, you can spend scary minutes especially due to the day and night cycles, and you can witness the brutality experienced after the apocalypse.

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Resident Evil 7: Biohazard

Resident Evil 7, which is at the top of the best horror games lists, has been popular since its debut in 2017. In this game, which is the 11th game in the series, the personal perspectives make you feel the fear much more realistically and increase the tension. In the game, which takes place in an abandoned old house, as Ethan Winters, you are trying to find your wife Mia and you have to fight with all kinds of creatures. With its sudden sound effects and action-oriented theme, this game will make you jump.


Release Date: 2023

Slitterhead, which is expected to be released in 2023 by Bokeh Game Studio, is a new-generation thriller-horror genre. The game, which was created with the contributions of Silent Hill creator Keiichiro Toyama, is about a series of terrifying experiences and offers a psychologically challenging atmosphere. Slitterhead, a survival horror game, can help you discover new secrets of consciousness by touching on human psychology, especially in difficult and scary moments.

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With its simple but high-quality graphics, Inside, which takes you to a universe similar to the legendary game LIMBO, is one of the best horror games you should definitely check out. Set in a disturbing and dystopian universe, you accompany a lonely boy on a simple but terrifying journey. You will become afraid of the dark in the game which will make you feel alone with its 2.5 dimensions and the feeling of abandonment.

Greyhill Incident

Release Date: 2023

Greyhill Incident is another highly anticipated horror game of 2023, which tells the story of Joe, who settles in a small town while trying to escape from the alien invasion. The game, which provides moments of tension with actions such as finding materials, equipping oneself, and fighting, focuses on teamwork. Or it requires you to run away from terrifying creatures in order to survive. The game, which is expected to be remembered with its stunning visuals and disturbing sound effects, is expected to be released in the spring.

Dying Light

A great alternative for those who like zombie games, Dying Light is a horror and thriller game released in 2015. In the game, which attracts attention with its first-person perspective and dark places, you try to find the source of the virus by reviving the character of Kle Crane.

Stories Untold

Featuring a compilation tape of 4 experimental adventures, Stories Untold will push you to unravel the mysteries of spooky stories. By uncovering the codes of radio broadcasts and experimenting on mysterious artifacts, you will step into a world of science fiction type horror. You will discover new limits of fear and you will be stunned, as everything is connected to each other in the game, which seems to be different in every episode.

Dead by Deadlight

Dead by Deadlight, one of the most played horror games on Steam, is a great production that you can play online and in multiplayer. In the game, in which there are 2 highly competitive groups, one side is the killer, and the other 4 are the players trying to escape from it. In the game, where you will witness moments full of tension and fear, you can improve the abilities of the characters and master hiding. However, this does not mean that the fear will decrease, because your opponent can also become stronger.

Until Dawn

A sequel to the acclaimed Heavy Rain school, Until Dawn is more than ideal for those who enjoy the dark atmosphere and constant movement on their toes. Going down in history as one of the best horror games for PlayStation 4, Until Dawn will plunge you into an unforgettable thriller and let you enter a dark world by choosing your own adventure. In the game, which combines Native American myths with modern horror techniques, you will also find traces of many cult horror films such as Friday the 13th.


A new take on the horror and survival genre, Darkwood is designed for you to navigate through an ever-changing world during the day and witness chilling scenes. You will fight a chilling battle for survival throughout the game, in which you wander through the changing universe during the day and pray by taking shelter in the hut at night. You’ll discover the limits of your skills and accumulate unimaginably terrifying memories in a world where you wander alone without any help.


Phasmophonia, which is in the category of online psychological horror, is one of the games that stand out with its paranormal activity intensity. In this world of tension and horror, you will try to gather as much evidence as you can, and you will have to develop some scary ghost-hunting techniques. This game, where you and your team can monitor location using CCTV cameras or motion sensors, will make you jump.

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