The 25 Best Roblox Horror Games

Roblox is one of the most popular games of recent times. It was among the top downloaded games in 2022 with 208 million new downloads across the App Store and Google Play. The fact that it’s free and players create their own games within the game are some of the main reasons for Roblox’s success. Roblox, which has many game mods, also has mods that can rival horror games. We have listed the best Roblox horror games you can play today. 

The Best Roblox Horror Games

  1. Breaking Point
  2. Apeirophobia
  3. DOORS
  4. Piggy
  5. 3008
  6. Rainbow Friends
  7. Kampong
  8. Dead Silence
  9. Elmira
  10. The Asylum
  11. Evade
  12. Geisha
  13. Scary Elevator!
  1. The Mimic
  2. School History
  3. Break In
  4. The Apartment
  5. The True Backrooms
  6. Finders Keepers
  7. It Lurks
  8. Infectious Smile
  9. Horror Elevator
  10. The Haunted Imperial Hotel
  11. The Mirror
  12. Nightmare Mines

Breaking Point

The players in Breaking Point are all attempting to free one another. The winner is whoever is left on the table at the end. It is one of the scary Roblox games to play with friends or complete strangers.

Check out the game here


With its atmospheric horror elements, Apeirophobia does a great job of gradually building up the tension, thanks to the absence of any danger in certain areas.

Check out the game here

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Doors, which offers pretty good graphics, gameplay, and sound design, does a great job at building tension. One of the scariest horror games we’ve played in a while.

Check out the game here


Being in the dynamics of Among Us, Piggy prioritizes communication with other players. You have limited time to escape with your friends or alone from Piggy, who is always on the hunt and always after you.

Check out the game here

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Although the 3008, which we played on a large store map, did not seem so scary at first, it offers a different horror experience to the players.

Check out the game here

Rainbow Friends

Shortly after starting, players will be hunted by a series of terrifying and deadly monsters. Players must do their best to avoid their enemies while still collecting all the blocks.

Check out the game here


Kampong offers a basic horror game experience where you solve mysteries by searching for clues while dodging creatures with a flashlight.

Check out the game here

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Dead Silence

Played from a first-person perspective, Dead Silence, one of the best Roblox horror games, has a pretty cinematic feel, as it makes great use of lighting and misdirection.

Check out the game here


In Elmira, a two-part story-based Roblox horror game inspired by other popular horror stories and games already released, you fall asleep on the bus on a school trip and when you wake up, you’re the only one left.

Check out the game here

The Asylum

Creepy from the start, The Asylum is split into two parts and uses many tried and tested mechanics that are synonymous with horror games.

Check out the game here

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In Evade, one of the scary Roblox games, you’ll have to escape a host of terrifying characters, from a spooky SpongeBob to a terrifying Slenderman.

Check out the game here


Set in a beautiful but disturbing Japanese home, in Geisha, you will explore surroundings as you try to avoid a terrifying presence that haunts the house.

Check out the game here

Scary Elevator!

After spawning in a lobby, players are directed to an elevator that will randomly take them to one of the dozens of floors in the game, each of which comes with a unique aesthetic and threat.

Check out the game here

The Mimic

In The Mimic, you’ll work in a small group to complete a variety of levels, and since the outdoors is dark and ominous, you’ll need to watch out for one another.

Check out the game here

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School History

Based on exploring an old abandoned school that is nothing but a dim candle, School History, one of the best Roblox horror games, focuses on the players’ fear of the dark.

Check out the game here

Break In

In the beginning of the horror game Break In, you are in the back of a moving truck heading to a new house. Depending on who you decide to be, you’ll join a group of others who have chosen to play as either children or adults, and the game’s complexity will adjust accordingly.

Check out the game here

The Apartment

The Apartment, where you try to go to room 705, presents a different scary detail to the players on each floor, starting from the ground floor.

Check out the game here

The True Backrooms

With a simple horror style, The True Backrooms is a game where you aim to escape from the building and come out alive.

Check out the game here

Finders Keepers

In Finders Keepers, where a supernatural investigator is stranded in a house that is home to an evil entity, players must discover several discs to escape, as well as try to figure out what happened to the inhabitants of this house.

Check out the game here

It Lurks

It Lurks features a series of nightmares that players must escape to survive and win the game. The game starts out pretty normal, but things quickly go downhill when the player wakes up and realizes that his family is nowhere to be found.

Check out the game here

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Infectious Smile

It’s up to you to be on the side you want in Infectious Smile, a zombie-themed horror game with smilers and people trying to avoid these smiling faces.

Check out the game here

Horror Elevator

In Horror Elevator, one of the most creative horror games on Roblox, players ride an elevator and encounter new challenges and monsters on each floor.

Check out the game here

The Haunted Imperial Hotel

The Haunted Imperial Hotel, which has an exciting structure, is one of the best Roblox horror games you can play with your friends.

Check out the game here

The Mirror

A single-player horror game, The Mirror offers an unforgettable experience filled with creepy sounds and grotesque images, where you solve an obstacle course simply by looking at your own reflections and finding clues in the mirror.

Check out the game here

Nightmare Mines

Nightmare Mines, where you play against zombies, is old but still offers players a fun and scary experience.

Check out the game here

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