The 20 Best Games Like Roblox 

ROBLOX empowers users to craft their own game worlds and levels effortlessly using a user-friendly drag-and-drop editor. These creations can be shared within the community, allowing players to engage with games fashioned by fellow users. While ROBLOX remains a commendable game, there is now a wealth of alternatives that provide a comparable experience. Here, we present some of the best games like ROBLOX that merit exploration in 2023.

The Best Games That Are Similar to Roblox


In the expansive realm of world-building sandbox games, Minecraft stands out as one of the most renowned and widely played titles. Within its procedurally generated world, players have the creative freedom to construct buildings, utilizing unlimited resources to craft stunning bases. Beyond the construction aspect, the game offers elements of exploration, crafting, and combat, adding a layer of complexity by requiring players to manage their health and survive various challenges. Minecraft further enhances the gaming experience by incorporating a multiplayer dimension, allowing players to create and share diverse maps for collaborative play.

Garry’s Mod

Indulge in the joy of a well-crafted physics-based sandbox game – and Garry’s Mod emerges as a prime choice, securing its popularity on Steam for compelling reasons.

Garry’s Mod invites players to unleash their creativity by crafting custom game modes and seamlessly sharing them with the vibrant gaming community. The game provides a diverse array of models in different shapes and sizes, fostering a dynamic environment for imaginative pursuits. With a continuous stream of new additions, Garry’s Mod ensures a consistently engaging experience, eliminating the risk of boredom.

For those seeking the best games like Roblox, Garry’s Mod is undoubtedly worth exploring. Dive into its world and discover the limitless possibilities it offers.

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Lego Worlds

For avid Lego enthusiasts yearning for an expansive canvas to bring their creative visions to life, Lego Worlds is a captivating Lego-themed sandbox game tailored just for you. This virtual Lego wonderland offers an unlimited array of blocks, empowering you to craft and shape your imaginative universe.

Lego Worlds, one of the games that are similar to Roblox, excels in delivering one of the finest sandbox experiences, providing a canvas where your creativity knows no bounds. In the sandbox mode, you wield the power to fashion anything your heart desires, utilizing the diverse range of materials and character design options at your disposal. Dive into the virtual Lego realm and let your creative spirit flourish in Lego Worlds.


Terasology emerges as an open-source gaming gem, drawing inspiration from Minecraft while injecting elements of Zelda-style action into its gameplay. This 3D title immerses players in a world of combat, survival, and various adventures, all in the pursuit of leveling up your character.

One notable feature is the ability to craft your own customized worlds, adding an appealing touch to the gaming experience. With its promising elements, Terasology stands out as a compelling option for those seeking a fresh gaming alternative to Roblox. Dive into this unique realm and explore the engaging possibilities it has to offer.

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World to Build

World To Build presents itself as an immersive voxel-based sandbox game designed for collaborative play, building, and scripting with friends. This dynamic platform offers the opportunity to meet new people, engage in collaborative game development, and enjoy the gaming experience—all for free. 

Whether you’re keen on constructing intricate structures, scripting unique game elements, or simply exploring the vast possibilities within the voxel-based environment, World To Build provides a multifaceted gaming space where creativity knows no bounds. Join the community, unleash your imagination, and dive into the diverse realms of play, building, and scripting that World To Build has to offer.


If you have a penchant for action-adventure sandbox games, Terraria stands out as an excellent choice. Regarded as one of the best games like Roblox, this game offers an expansive world that promises months of exploration and enjoyment. 

Terraria seamlessly merges the thrill of action games with the creative freedom of sandbox mechanics, providing a dynamic gaming experience. Notably, the game receives regular expansion packs, ensuring a continuous influx of new content and preventing any monotony. 

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Embark on a grand adventure with Trove, a gaming haven for those seeking expansive universes. Traverse diverse worlds accessible through the HUB area, including a sandbox and an MMO arena for added excitement. Trove sets itself apart with a unique class system, providing a refreshing experience for players seeking novelty. The innovative ‘cornerstone’ feature empowers you to erect colossal structures at your chosen locations. 

Adding to the allure, Trove boasts an extensive array of customizable items, allowing you to craft a distinctive look for your in-game character. Beyond creative building opportunities, the game offers multiplayer gameplay and a rich tapestry of in-game adventures, enabling players to continually shape the appearance of their avatars as they please.


One of the games that are similar to Roblox, Kogama stands out as a browser-based, free-to-play game that empowers gamers to unleash their creativity by designing diverse games and levels. The platform encourages users to collaborate, share, and engage in gameplay with their online friends. Leveraging terrain and logic, players have the freedom to craft unique gaming experiences tailored to their preferences. Kogama’s versatility shines through its capability to facilitate the creation of games across various genres, making it an essential choice for enthusiasts of 3D multiplayer sandbox construction games.

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CastleMiner Z

Engage your creative side and challenge your mind with CastleMiner Z, a game that embraces old-school creative building in a procedurally generated world. Unleash your imagination in the creative mode, where you have the freedom to shape your surroundings. Originally launched on Xbox 360 and PC, CastleMiner Z is currently exclusively available for PC.

Featuring four exciting modes – Endurance, Survival, Dragon Survival, and Creative – this game offers a diverse gaming experience. If you’re seeking an alternative to Roblox playable on your computer, CastleMiner Z presents itself as a fantastic choice.


Explore a fresh gaming experience with Boundless, an outstanding choice for players in search of something novel. In this game, collaboration with friends allows you to build a thriving empire. Venture into diverse realms teeming with aliens, obtaining unique insights and gifts from these extraterrestrial beings. The captivating graphics and vibrant colors in Boundless add to its allure, making it a game that is undeniably worth exploring. It is absolutely one of the best games like Roblox you should give a try.

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Cubic Castles

Embark on a charming adventure to the “Cubic Castles” with the game aptly named Cubic Castles. In this world, players contribute to its construction, one cube at a time. The gameplay centers around a player’s journey, involving the creation of realms, the gathering of resources for crafting blocks and premium materials, and the construction of various structures.

In the pursuit of recognition and appreciation for their creative endeavors, players in Cubic Castles have the opportunity to visit each other’s realms. This allows them to draw inspiration from fellow creators, fostering an environment where even more impressive castles can be built.


Creativerse presents an excellent free-to-play alternative for gamers seeking expansive environments and rich flora and fauna experiences. Whether playing alongside friends or on public servers, this game surpasses Roblox in visual quality on both Windows and macOS platforms.

With a diverse range of in-game adventures, Creativerse ensures there’s something captivating for every player. The “Instances” feature allows users to reshape their surroundings seamlessly, offering the flexibility to explore different biomes or experiment with new constructions without abandoning their current progress.

Constant updates introduce fresh content, ensuring players are continually engaged. Available on Windows and macOS computers and desktops, Creativerse promises an immersive and ever-evolving gaming experience. It is one of the best games that are similar to Roblox.

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The Blockheads

Enter the world of The Blockheads, a captivating free sandbox game set in a 2D block-based environment that unfolds within a dynamically generated world. Players command unique characters called ‘Blockheads,’ endowed with the power to construct, demolish blocks, and forge materials for crafting visually striking structures. Beyond crafting, the game offers exploration opportunities across mountains, deserts, oceans, and subterranean caves, each dynamically influenced by varying weather conditions and seasonal changes.


For those seeking the best games like Roblox with a focus on building and crafting, Growtopia is a compelling choice. Its procedurally generated game world ensures each player experiences a unique instance. In Growtopia, you have the ability to cultivate crops, engage in item trading with fellow players, and partake in multiplayer battles. 

The game also incorporates meaningful interactions with non-player characters (NPCs), offering opportunities for rewarding outcomes. In essence, Growtopia stands out as an excellent option for those desiring an experience akin to Roblox.


Mythruna seamlessly combines world-building with intricate crafting mechanics and introduces a touch of role-playing elements to enhance the overall gaming experience. In Mythruna, players have the creative freedom to construct captivating voxel-based worlds, offering a delightful sandbox role-playing adventure.

Although the game has been in development for an extended period, it remains accessible and enjoyable. While future updates may be uncertain, Mythruna is certainly a title worth exploring for those seeking a game reminiscent of ROBLOX with added RPG elements.

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Survivalcraft, one of the games that are similar to Roblox, also closely mirrors Minecraft in its gameplay, immersing players in a solitary adventure on an island. The primary objective of the game is to thoroughly explore the island, engage in resource mining, and strive for survival.

The inclusion of various animals adds an extra layer of intrigue to the gaming experience. All in all, Survivalcraft stands out as an excellent choice for those in search of a survival-oriented game that seamlessly combines exploration and mining elements.


Minetest stands out as an exceptional open-source voxel game engine, providing players the flexibility to engage in existing games, modify them according to personal preferences, or even embark on creating a wholly unique game to be enjoyed collaboratively with other players online. The game boasts vast maps spanning 62,000×62,000 blocks, offering players the freedom to dig down up to 31,000 blocks or construct upwards to the same height, allowing for the creation of personalized maps.

Furthermore, players can enhance the visual aesthetics of their maps with impressive texture packs for a customized look and feel. Additionally, Minetest offers captivating automatic map generators, capable of crafting new maps based on predefined parameters.


Set in an expansive open world, the game presents challenges where players must engage in combat, navigate survival, and undertake various adventures to advance their character.

Introducing a unique bleed-out feature, characters face the prospect of bleeding out and respawning in different maps. The missions within Unturned prove notably demanding, requiring players to amass weapons and strategize effectively for survival. If you’re in search of a game that truly puts your survival skills to the test, Unturned stands out as a compelling choice.

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Rising World

For those seeking a voxel-based open-world sandbox experience that transcends the simplicity of a block-based environment and boasts enhanced graphics, Rising World is a compelling option. Despite being in early access, the game provides players with the same level of freedom as ROBLOX within a procedurally generated world that captivates with its visual appeal.

In Rising World, one of the best games like Roblox, players enjoy the ability to extensively modify the environment using a vast selection of over 200 building materials, more than 200 furniture and fixtures, and a diverse array of over 200 items. Furthermore, the developers consistently introduce fresh content through regular updates, demonstrating a commitment to ongoing improvement and enrichment of the gaming experience.


Habbo, a longstanding massively multiplayer online game established in 2000, offers a diverse and engaging virtual world. Within Habbo’s realm, players can venture through nine distinct environments alongside friends, shaping their avatars, designing rooms, tending to pets, participating in mini-games, and embarking on quests.

Despite its slightly dated graphics, Habbo remains an exciting and enjoyable gaming experience. Joining the ranks of the 273 million players worldwide, you have the opportunity to craft your unique Habbo avatar and personalize its appearance to your liking.

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