Roblox will launch in-game ads next year

Roblox announced during this year’s Roblox Developers Conference that 3D in-game ads will be available on Roblox next year.

“Knowing advertising will naturally exist in the metaverse just as it does in other parts of people’s lives, we plan to launch Immersive Ads next year. This is an innovative 3D advertising experience that will be clearly labeled as such and will be native to the platform,” the company said

“Brands and developers alike will be able to build never-before-seen ad experiences on Roblox, including portals that can seamlessly transport users back and forth between experiences. This will create new opportunities for developers to generate revenue and enable brands to reach their communities more effectively.”

Roblox will be testing ads with developers and a handful of advertisers by the end of this year. The company said the 3D ad experience will only reach audiences 13 and older.

With this move, the company seems to be trying to diversify its revenue stream beyond in-game purchases. It currently generates most of its income from the virtual currency “Robux”, which children use to upgrade players’ avatars by purchasing in-game items such as accessories or pets.

Written by Sophie Blake


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