The 15 Best FPS Games on Roblox

Roblox continues to evolve as a gaming platform, with its community producing increasingly sophisticated and impressive games. Among the thriving genres on Roblox, FPS games have garnered significant attention, with enthusiasts asserting that the top Roblox FPS titles can compete with major gaming franchises. In this article, we have brought together the best FPS games on Roblox that you should try to feel the shooter experience in your bones.

The Best FPS Games on Roblox

  1. Energy Assault
  2. Counter Blox: Remastered
  3. Polybattle
  4. Phantom Forces
  5. Blackhawk Rescue Mission 5
  6. Arsenal
  7. Hood Modded
  8. BIG! Paintball
  9. Call of Roblox
  10. Apocalypse Rising 2
  11. Frontlines
  12. Rolling Thunder
  13. Aimblox
  14. Bad Business
  15. Island Royale

Energy Assault

Energy Assault is a robust rendition of Call of Duty skillfully crafted within the Roblox universe. It presents a dynamic first-person shooter experience set in a futuristic CoD-inspired environment. While drawing inspiration from Activision’s iconic series, Energy Assault manages to captivate players with its own unique twists, making it one of the best FPS Roblox games. Gamers have lauded the faithful recreation of popular Call of Duty maps, including the well-executed rendition of Carentan.

What sets Energy Assault apart is its reputation as one of the most visually stunning shooters on the Roblox platform, evident from the moment you dive into the gameplay. The game offers extended hours of enjoyment, thanks to its comprehensive rank system. Players accrue points through kills and victorious matches, allowing them to ascend the ranks and establish themselves as formidable sharpshooters on the server. The competitive aspect of Energy Assault is a major draw, rivaling the appeal of the original Call of Duty.

Engagement in this Roblox FPS remains high, as players earn points for their achievements, subsequently utilizing them to acquire cosmetic enhancements, weapon skins, and various other items, ensuring a rewarding and immersive gaming experience.

Play Energy Assault on Roblox

Counter Blox: Remastered

Counter-Blox stands as a faithful emulation of CS: GO, a prominent installment in the Counter-Strike series. The game mirrors the format of its inspiration, pitting ten players against each other in teams of five for intense 5 vs 5 matches set in distinctive environments. The primary objective involves one team planting a bomb, while the opposing team endeavors to defuse it, all the while engaging in combat to eliminate each other.

Every element, from the intricacies of gun mechanics to the intricately designed maps and textures, draws direct influence from CS: GO. The distinctive feature in this Roblox shooting game is the characteristic blocky physique of the players, providing a unique visual twist to the familiar gameplay dynamics.

Play Counter Blox on Roblox

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Polybattle stands out as the Roblox FPS game that most closely resembles Battlefield, adopting a shooter format with a distinct low-poly aesthetic. In this game, participants engage in team-based warfare on a grand scale. Drawing inspiration from Battlefield’s renowned Conquest game mode, Polybattle involves securing victory by controlling multiple capture points strategically positioned throughout the expansive battlefield.

Offering a diverse array of weaponry and classes, players navigate through 12 distinct maps, each representing varied environments such as arid deserts, snowy tundras, and more. The game’s immersive experience extends to the inclusion of a wide range of vehicles, including tanks, helicopters, military boats, and armored trucks. Polybattle, with its emphasis on large-scale warfare, demands strategic thinking and patience, making it one of the best FPS Roblox games. Prospective players should take note of these distinctive features when selecting a game to play.

Play Polybattle on Roblox

Phantom Forces

Phantom Forces is absolutely one of the best FPS games on Roblox, maintaining its relevance and continuous development since its launch in 2015. The developers consistently provide support and manage to captivate players with each subsequent update. A standout feature of Phantom Forces lies in its remarkable and realistic physics, encompassing not only character movement but also the trajectory of bullets. This unique characteristic sets it apart, offering an unparalleled level of realism among Roblox shooters.

Furthermore, the game boasts an impressive array of modes, ranging from classic Deathmatch to engaging options like Capture the Flag, Capture Control Points, and King of the Hill. The versatility in gameplay modes contributes to the game’s widespread appeal.

The creators express their commitment to expanding the game’s capabilities in the future, showcasing Phantom Forces as a testament to the vast potential inherent in the Roblox sandbox. The game’s success underscores the platform’s capacity to facilitate the creation of diverse and immersive experiences.

Play Phantom Forces on Roblox

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Blackhawk Rescue Mission 5

Building on our array of wars, battle royales, and diverse PvP titles, we present a distinctive addition to our list—a hostage rescue game. In this unique gameplay experience, your objective is to save civilians from terrorists attempting to seize control of a city. Unlike games that center around combat, this particular title shifts the focus to prioritizing the lives of strangers. While solo play is an option in Blackhawk Rescue Mission, we recommend bringing along a couple of friends to navigate its challenging mechanics.

Play Blackhawk Rescue Mission 5 on Roblox


A highly acclaimed Roblox FPS game, Arsenal, developed by the ROLVe Community, stands out as one of the most widely enjoyed games on the platform. Offering an extensive array of guns, maps, and entertaining skins, Arsenal is an arcade-style FPS shooter reminiscent of Gun Game in Call of Duty. 

The objective is for players to reach 32 kills, progressing to a new gun with each kill or assist. The arsenal includes ARs, shotguns, snipers, pistols, and more, culminating in the final challenge with a Golden Gun and a Golden Knife. The player who secures a kill with the Golden Knife emerges as the victor, concluding the game.

Play Arsenal on Roblox

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Hood Modded

In the realm of Roblox shooting games, many provide casual entertainment but lack compelling reasons for extended engagement. However, Hood Modded stands out in this regard. As a team-based game, it requires players to assemble a crew and ascend the ranks within the server. Beyond the typical shooting dynamics, the game introduces elements of looting and weapon collection, enhancing the overall gaming experience. Hood Modded is definitely one of the best FPS games on Roblox.

Play Hood Modded on Roblox

BIG! Paintball

Throughout Roblox’s existence, numerous popular shooters have graced its platform, but since 2019, BIG! Paintball has consistently claimed a top spot. Its enduring popularity, marked by over 4 million players adding it to their Favorites, attests to its exceptional quality. BIG captivates players with a diverse arsenal, engaging gameplay, and a plethora of maps.

Drawing inspiration from Call of Duty, the gameplay incorporates a kill streak mechanic, allowing players to unleash havoc on opponents after achieving multiple kills. The game continually evolves, introducing numerous Paintballs and expanding its scope with each update. Each weapon boasts unique characteristics, encouraging players to experiment and discover their preferred playstyle.

With up to 18 participants in each game session, local shootouts are intensified, adding an extra layer of excitement. Paintball has garnered a substantial fan base, earning well-deserved recognition and acclaim from players.

Play BIG! Paintball on Roblox

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Call of Roblox

Immerse yourself in a unique rendition of the Call of Duty franchise as this game plunges you into a simulated World War 3 scenario. Assuming the role of a US soldier, your mission is to thwart enemy forces attempting to conquer the world. Navigating through a landscape of ruined buildings, military bases, and billowing smoke, akin to the COD franchise, spotting adversaries proves to be a challenging task. Do you possess the skills to save the world? There’s only one way to discover.

Play Call of Roblox on Roblox

Apocalypse Rising 2

Confronting swarms of perilous monsters is daunting on its own, but what if you had to contend with human adversaries simultaneously? This is the premise of Apocalypse Rising 2, where you must navigate a world featuring 70 distinct weapons and an array of vehicles to ensure the survival of your five-member group. Meanwhile, the remainder of the server poses threats, encompassing monster bosses, hostile players, and perilous events, all aiming to target your crew. Apocalypse Rising 2 is one of the best FPS Roblox games you should give a try.

Play Apocalypse Rising 2 on Roblox

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Frontlines, a creation by MAXIMILLIAN, stands out as the Roblox game bearing the closest resemblance to Call of Duty. It boasts remarkable graphics by Roblox standards, featuring detailed gun design, a high-quality HUD setup, and sophisticated mechanics that contribute to a smooth and enjoyable gaming experience. Offering modes like Team Deathmatch, Kill Confirmed, Domination, and King of the Hill, Frontlines provides a realistic yet arcade-like feel, addressing a gap often found in today’s FPS games. Despite its launch in March 2023 and not being as established as Arsenal, Frontlines has swiftly gained popularity, amassing 159,000 likes and 21.9 million visits.

Play Frontlines on Roblox

Rolling Thunder

Set against the backdrop of the Vietnam War era, Rolling Thunder immerses players in FPS battles characterized by large-scale conflicts, accommodating up to 25 players per team. The gameplay style closely resembles that of the Battlefield series, evident in modes like Conquest, Invasion, and Domination. These modes require players to capture and control specific zones on the map until the maximum score is achieved, mirroring the mechanics of Battlefield’s Conquest and Operations game modes. With four distinct classes—Marksman, Assault, Specialist, and Support—each offering a unique selection of guns and abilities, such as the Support class providing health boxes for teammates, Rolling Thunder captures the essence of Battlefield-inspired FPS action, making it one of the best FPS games on Roblox.

Play Rolling Thunder on Roblox

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In the realm of Roblox shooting games, precision plays a pivotal role in determining your performance. Enter Aimblox, an aim trainer designed to put your skills to the test and enhance them using a repertoire of 80+ common weapons. Whether engaging in combat with other players or dedicating time to the specialized aim lobby, Aimblox provides a comprehensive platform for skill refinement. The added perk of weekly updates adds to its appeal, ensuring a consistently evolving experience.

Play Aimblox on Roblox

Bad Business

Bad Business, one of the best FPS games on Roblox, offers a high-octane experience in the first-person shooter genre, tasking players with achieving kills while uncovering new weapons, arenas, and skins. Resonating with the style of Phantom Forces, it introduces various tweaks and enhancements to enhance the gaming experience.

For optimal gameplay comfort and confidence, customizing the controls to suit your preferences is essential. A key recommendation is to focus on adjusting the scope and sensitivity settings. The game provides three sensitivity variants in the settings—basic, scoped, and for sniper rifles. Experiment with these settings until the controls align with your familiarity and responsiveness preferences.

Play Bad Business on Roblox

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Island Royale

Over the past few years, battle royale titles such as Garena Free Fire, Fortnite, and Apex Legends have dominated a significant share of the battle royale genre. The scenario on Roblox reflects this trend, giving rise to Island Royale—an emulation of Fortnite renowned for its responsiveness. Expect familiar weaponry, expansive maps, and identical building mechanics. Additionally, the extensive collection of reasonably priced cosmetic items adds a new dimension for those contemplating a switch.

Play Island Royale on Roblox

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