The 25 Best Apple Arcade Games

Introduced in 2019, Apple Arcade presents a collection of more than 200 games, free from ads and devoid of in-app purchases, for users to indulge in across iPhone, iPad, Mac, and Apple TV.

Subscribers frequently benefit from early and exclusive access to anticipated games, gaining a preview before their availability on alternative platforms. The subscription service spans diverse game genres, encompassing JRPGs, sports simulations, and engaging family-friendly brawlers.

In this article, you will find the best Apple Arcade games that are truly worth experiencing. If you are ready, let’s start!

The Best Apple Arcade Games

  1. Air Twister
  2. Monster Hunter Stories+
  3. Assemble With Care
  4. Cat Quest 2
  5. Card of Darkness
  6. Crossy Road Castle
  7. Shinsekai: Into the Depths
  8. Disney Melee Mania
  9. EarthNight
  10. Fantasian
  11. Dead Cells+
  12. Exit The Gungeon
  13. Reigns: Beyond
  14. Sayonara Wild Hearts
  15. What The Golf?
  16. Neo Cab
  17. Grindstone
  18. Zen Pinball Party
  19. Manifold Garden
  20. NBA 2K24 Arcade Edition
  21. Oceanhorn 2
  22. Overland 2
  23. Really Bad Chess+
  24. Shantae and the Seven Sirens
  25. Samba De Amigo: Party-to-Go

Air Twister

Air Twister, one of the best Apple Arcade games, stands as a timeless on-rail shooter, immersing players in a thrilling quest to obliterate an array of distinctive adversaries while soaring through the skies. Assume the role of a Princess tasked with defending her homeland against an encroaching conqueror. The game features imaginative and formidable bosses, complemented by seamlessly executed combat. Elevating the experience, the inclusion of power-ups, special maneuvers, and diverse game modes such as Turbo-mode and Boss Rush ensures the title boasts exceptional replay value.

Regarded as a spiritual successor to the renowned Space Harrier crafted by game designer Yu Suzuki, Air Twister pays homage to his illustrious portfolio, which includes iconic Sega titles like Out Run, Shenmue, and Virtua Fighter. With Suzuki’s reputation for delivering top-notch gaming experiences, players can confidently anticipate a game of exceptional quality.

Monster Hunter Stories+

Marking the inaugural installment in the Stories subseries, Monster Hunter Stories+ embraces turn-based combat and creature recruitment. Tailored specifically for smartphones within the Apple Arcade platform, the game introduces enhanced graphics, an upgraded user interface, and the convenience of an auto-save function. Embark on a captivating journey in the realm of hunters alongside your personal flying wyvern, Ratha. Engage in multiplayer experiences by connecting with fellow players subscribed to the Apple Arcade service.

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Assemble With Care

In ‘Assemble with Care’, one of the most entertaining puzzle games released on Apple Arcade, you undertake simple tasks such as unpacking a suitcase and repairing a voice recorder.

Embark on the role of Maria, a skilled antique restorer dedicated to repairing cherished possessions for her clientele. Against the backdrop of an ’80s-inspired soundtrack, players immerse themselves in the intricate task of deciphering the connections between the various components of an object and meticulously reassembling it. As each restoration unfolds, a concise story exposition adds depth to the narrative experience.

Cat Quest 2

The initial Cat Quest boldly proclaimed itself as “Skyrim With Cats,” and remarkably, it lived up to that assertion. Cat Quest II continues in a similar vein, offering an accessible yet unexpectedly profound and captivating action-RPG experience featuring feline protagonists. Notably, this installment introduces the option to enjoy the game in co-op mode with a friend. It is one of the best games on Apple Arcade you should give a try.

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Card of Darkness

Blending elements from number-based card games and strategic systems, Card of Darkness stands out as a visually captivating adventure. The vibrant, cartoonish graphics evoke memories of Adventure Time, as the game is a creation of Pendleton Ward, the mind behind that renowned series.

Embark on a journey through dungeons, solving puzzles and engaging in combat with enemies, all within a card-game-style framework. The game’s addictive core gameplay loop is enhanced by a straightforward yet charming storyline. While the appeal of randomly generated dungeons may wane over time, the game compensates with its pocket-sized perfection, ideally suited for devices like the iPhone. Whether on road trips or other endeavors, playing Card of Darkness promises a gratifying experience.

Crossy Road Castle

Presenting a new twist to the familiar Crossy Road concept, Crossy Road Castle departs from the endless road-crossing scenario. In this iteration, you guide a chicken through platforming levels within an infinite tower. Despite the shift in genre, the game’s challenges remain enjoyable. As part of the esteemed Crossy Road franchise, Crossy Road Castle upholds the legacy of mobile gaming royalty, offering engaging experiences not only for kids but for anyone seeking some action-packed fun.

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Shinsekai: Into the Depths

Shinsekai stands out as a quintessential AAA title within the Apple Arcade lineup. Developed by Capcom, this visually stunning Metroidvania game immerses players in a captivating, wordless undersea world, where exploration and survival take center stage. The entire environment is crafted to resemble sculptures, providing a unique aesthetic. Traversing the depths feels appropriately weighty and floaty, capturing the essence of the underwater setting.

In this submerged realm, one of the best Apple Arcade games, your air supply serves a dual purpose as both your health and the means to propel yourself forward. Armed with a melee weapon, you can either engage enemies with a powerful club attack or employ sonar pulses to discover hidden treasures. Enhance your arsenal by crafting spears to be fired from your gun. Confront colossal bosses and venture into the uncharted depths, where the mysteries of Shinsekai unfold.

Disney Melee Mania

Enter the chaos of Disney Melee Mania, where beloved characters like Mickey Mouse, Buzz Lightyear, and Princess Elsa unite for frenzied multiplayer battles. Simplifying the typically intricate MOBA genre, two teams of three players leverage their characters’ distinct abilities to assert dominance in the battle arena. Forget Kingdom Hearts; this is the ultimate crossover you’ve been anticipating. Unveiling a surprising revelation, the genuine league of legends has been tucked away inside the Disney Vault all along.

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EarthNight, one of the best games on Apple Arcade, embodies the essence of an automatic runner, a prevalent genre in mobile gaming, interspersed with moments of free-falling from the sky. However, its unique art style, refreshing music, and seamless, liberating motion captivate players, drawing them into the experience. The added thrill of stabbing a dragon in the eye with a sword adds an extra layer of excitement to the gameplay.


Fantasian may not cater to every taste, but it undeniably stands as a significant testament to the potential inherent in Apple Arcade. Hailing from the creator of Final Fantasy, this expansive and authentic RPG boasts breathtaking visuals and formidable battles, demanding such grandeur that it unfolds across two parts. Renowned composer Nobuo Uematsu lends his magic to a distinctive yet cool soundtrack, while the influence of several Final Fantasy veterans permeates the intricacies of the gameplay systems. Undoubtedly, Fantasian stands out as the premier RPG on Apple Arcade, securing its place as one of the most exceptional original mobile games in the genre.

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Dead Cells+

Dead Cells+ proves to be a compelling conversion of the original Dead Cells for mobile, capable of converting skeptics into enthusiasts. Roguelikes, a genre characterized by the repetition of levels and restarting from scratch upon death, often face resistance. The prospect of returning to square one after an unfortunate setback during a promising run isn’t inherently appealing. However, Dead Cells captivates with its stylish aesthetic featuring sickly pastels and an apocalyptic ambiance, coupled with its intense combat employing an extensive arsenal and blood magic. 

Despite the challenge, the game’s allure makes it surprisingly easy to regroup and embark on a new battle. Dead Cells has the potential to devour entire weekends, and with the addition of the “+” signifying integration of all previously released DLC, the Apple Arcade version offers a comprehensive and immersive experience.

Exit The Gungeon

Exit the Gungeon goes beyond being a clever sequel title to Enter the Gungeon. It preserves the original’s skillful fusion of straightforward 2D arenas with intricately detailed and action-packed gunfight mechanics. Notably, the touch screen interface enhances the firefight experience, making battles more accessible and engaging.

Originally an exclusive Apple Arcade title for the duration of 2019 and 2020, Exit the Gungeon eventually expanded its availability to most other platforms. Despite its broader accessibility, the game continues to hold its status as a favored offering within the Apple Arcade service. Subscribers can enjoy playing the game without the need for any additional purchases.

Reigns: Beyond

Reigns: Beyond is one of the best Apple Arcade games where you form and manage your own intergalactic rock band. You manage your career by visiting different planets, recruiting the aliens living there to your band and giving concerts, while trying not to consume the resources on your spaceship and not to get lost in space. Starting from a fun and original idea, the game also attracts attention with its simple interface.

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Sayonara Wild Hearts

This fast-paced game from Sweden attracts attention with its strong visuals and beautiful music. ‘Sayonara Wild Hearts’, which is fast-paced and can be played over and over again whenever you want, is the winner of many awards in its field.

What The Golf?

What The Golf? defies the conventional golf game expectations. While it starts with the basic premise of getting a ball into a hole, developer Triband quickly subverts expectations. From golfing around Metal Gear Solid security cameras to navigating Frogger-style traffic or engaging in a wild-west chase with your ball mounted on horseback, What The Golf? is a whimsical and nonsensical experience. Despite its meme-like nature, the game manages to sustain its humor throughout the entire six-hour campaign, making it a remarkable and entertaining achievement.

Neo Cab

Step into the role of Lina, the last surviving human cab driver navigating the fictional city of Los Ojos in Neo Cab, one of the best games on Apple Arcade. This unique game seamlessly combines elements of a visual novel with survival aspects. As Lina, you drive passengers to their destinations, engaging in conversations through dialogue options.

Your decisions actively influence Lina’s mood, impacting the course of conversations and affecting your ability to pick up additional passengers. The Feelgrid, a visual indicator, helps you monitor Lina’s mood. Alongside managing the emotional dynamic, you must keep a close watch on the cab’s finances and remaining fuel.

For those yearning for a blend of classic neo-noir mysteries set against a cyberpunk backdrop, Neo Cab provides an immersive and captivating gaming experience.

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Grindstone stands out not only as a captivating block-matching puzzle game where the blocks occasionally pose a threat, but it’s the immensely gratifying chaos unleashed as your robust fantasy hero cleaves through hordes of monsters that truly elevates the game. This aspect propels Grindstone to remarkable heights. If there’s one Apple Arcade title that’s likely crossed your radar, it’s probably this one – and for very good reasons.

Zen Pinball Party

Experience the trademark quality of Zen Studios in Zen Pinball Party, where you’ll find an extensive lineup of over twenty tables. This collection includes brand-new tables inspired by popular licenses, classic Williams tables, and beloved Zen originals. Whether you’re a newcomer to pinball or a seasoned wizard, the game is full-featured and promises an exhilarating experience for all.

Manifold Garden

Manifold Garden, one of the best games on Apple Arcade, has been a labor of love for an extensive period. Once you engage with this puzzle game, the reasons become evident. Navigating through its mind-bending geometry feels seamlessly dreamlike, yet crafting these intricate and surreal challenges undoubtedly posed a challenging and stress-inducing task.

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NBA 2K24 Arcade Edition

The most recent release serves as a distinctive homage to the 25th anniversary of the NBA 2K franchise, featuring Naismith Memorial Basketball Hall of Famer Allen Iverson gracing the cover. In addition to the comeback of The Greatest mode, players now have the opportunity to personalize their indoor MyCOURT, refine their skills, and extend invitations to friends via Game Center to witness their outstanding achievements.

Oceanhorn 2

The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild stands as the most influential game of the past decade, spawning numerous imitators eager to capture the elusive and spontaneous magic the game offers for their own commercial gain. Oceanhorn 2, among these endeavors, is less offensive, as having a Zelda-inspired adventure conveniently available on our phones is a pleasant prospect. 

Assumed control of a hero resembling Link, you explore a fallen kingdom reminiscent of Hyrule, with the freedom to venture far beyond the main quest. There are pots to shatter, treasures to seize, and an evil warlock to dethrone; while the premise may lack depth, it compensates with efficiency. Consider how compelling Nintendo’s mobile endeavors could be if taken seriously. Until then, Oceanhorn 2 serves as a fitting substitute.

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Overland 2

While it might seem easy to attribute Overland’s inspiration to Into the Breach, the reality is that the game has been in development for so long that this isn’t the case. Nevertheless, both share the essence of turn-based roguelikes that underscore desperate tactics against unpredictable odds, prioritizing immediate decisions over grand, overarching strategies. As you traverse the compact grids constituting the wasteland, challenging choices arise—deciding how to stealthily scavenge for valuable gas, when to tend to your loyal dog, and whether it’s time to make a hasty exit. 

The interface is crafted to render the traditionally intricate strategy genre more accessible, particularly for tabletop players, resulting in a visually clean presentation, or as clean as one can expect in a post-apocalyptic setting.

Really Bad Chess+

Zach Gage, a developer renowned for transforming commonplace casual games into innovative and accessible art, asserts his expertise once again. Really Bad Chess introduces a unique twist to the classic game, where all your pieces are randomized. There are moments of fortune, like having five queens at your disposal, and challenges when managing an entire herd of knights becomes necessary. In a traditional chess setting dominated by the necessity of memorizing specific strategies, this unconventional approach injects a thrilling unpredictability, engaging both players and observers alike.

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Shantae and the Seven Sirens

Embark on the ongoing adventure of Shantae and her cheesecake companions in Shantae and the Seven Sirens, one of the best Apple Arcade games. This installment seamlessly merges modern illustrated graphics with the timeless nonlinear structure, delivering an exploratory action-adventure platforming experience. For optimal enjoyment, be sure to play this game with a controller.

Samba De Amigo: Party-to-Go

Samba De Amigo, a rhythm game crafted by Sega, demands players to synchronize their moves with on-screen shapes by shaking maraca controllers in the console versions. However, the mobile rendition simplifies this experience by eliminating the need for such complexity.

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