The 10 Best ARPGs

Desktop computers continue to host one of the greatest pleasures of the gaming world: action role-playing games (ARPGs). This review aims to guide gamers on an exciting journey through the top ARPG experiences, offering epic stories, customizable characters, magical adventures, and immersive action. These ARPGs, available for PC gamers, have made a significant impact in the gaming industry and are highly anticipated titles. Now, are you ready to step into these magical worlds and explore the best ARPGs? If your answer is yes, continue reading!

Borderlands 2

Borderlands 2 ushers in a new era of thrilling shoot-and-loot gameplay, offering players the chance to become one of four unique vault hunters. Face off against the sinister Handsome Jack and a host of creatures in an unpredictable, open-world environment. Engage in 4-player co-op mode, make new friends, and arm yourself with an astounding variety of weapons. With dynamic online and LAN co-op capabilities, the game ensures a seamless experience as you embark on a quest for revenge and redemption across the vast and unpredictable Pandora. Discover new characters and classes and engage in an interconnected storyline, all while exploring brand-new environments and battling fresh foes.


Moonlighter, a game that’s constantly evolving since its release, promises an enhanced original experience, and it stands out among the best ARPGs. Fight unique mini-bosses with new weapons, armor, rings, and trinkets. Explore over a hundred new room patterns, and venture into new stories with nine companions. Finish the main storyline and unlock New Game+ for added quests and options. The archaeological discovery of interdimensional gates led to the establishment of Rynoka, a village dedicated to serving courageous adventurers hunting for endless treasures. Dive into an action-packed rogue-lite, embrace your dream of becoming a hero, and manage your shop while keeping an eye out for thieves in this dynamic world.

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The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim Special Edition

The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim Special Edition brings the epic fantasy to life with stunning remastered visuals and all-new features. Winner of over 200 Game of the Year Awards, this edition includes critically acclaimed gameplay, add-ons, and an array of enhancements, from remastered art to volumetric god rays and dynamic depth of field. Explore the world of Skyrim with a multitude of quests, environments, and characters. But what truly sets it apart is the power of mods, available for both PC and consoles, offering endless possibilities for quests, characters, and more, ensuring you’re never short on adventures.

Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning™

In Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning, set in a world born from the minds of renowned creators, you shape your character through the innovative Destiny system. The game is one of the best ARPGs. This dynamic role-playing game invites you to build your character’s destiny, featuring extensive customization, narrative depth, and responsive combat. Uncover secrets, embark on quests, and engage in intense battles as you explore a vast world filled with lore from the pen of New York Times bestselling author R.A. Salvatore. Choose your path, and enter a universe where every choice shapes your own unique adventure.

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The Incredible Adventures of Van Helsing: Final Cut

The Incredible Adventures of Van Helsing: Final Cut plunges you into the gothic-noir world of Borgovia, where the forces of darkness threaten to disrupt the balance between monsters and mortals. Armed with a remarkable companion, Lady Katarina, she explores a twisted metropolis and the untamed wilderness, fighting threats both known and unknown. Play the complete story, featuring three stand-alone episodes, six playable classes, and a new endgame mode with a multitude of open missions. Defend your lair, engage in tactical tower defense, and level up to the cap of 100, facing monsters, secrets, and epic challenges in this gothic-noir action RPG.

Lords of the Fallen

Lords of the Fallen transports you to a dark fantasy world where humanity once rebelled against a malevolent god, only to face an impending invasion from his demonic forces. As the last hope for humankind, you play as Harkyn, a former prisoner marked with powerful runes. In this action, RPG explores the crumbling world, engages in intense combat, and confronts powerful bosses. Choose your gear and challenge the Lords of the Fallen, each with their unique abilities. In this unforgiving realm, every decision counts, and your combat skills and equipment define your success or failure. Lords of the Fallen is considered among the best ARPGs with extraordinary style.

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Vikings – Wolves of Midgard

Vikings – Wolves of Midgard plunges you into a brutal world inspired by Norse mythology, and it ranks among the best ARPGs. As the chief of a Viking clan, you must save Midgard from the brink of destruction by battling the denizens of Fimbulwinter. This action RPG features fast-paced combat, emphasizing the importance of staying warm, which adds a unique layer to the gameplay. Collect the blood of fallen enemies to gain powerful gifts from the gods. Play as one of five character classes, customize your warrior, and annihilate your foes with powerful spells and epic rage abilities, all in a brutal, atmospheric world.

Last Epoch

Last Epoch combines time travel, dungeon crawling, character customization, and endless replayability to create a comprehensive action RPG suitable for both veterans and newcomers. As one of five classes, embark on a journey that leads to a Mastery Class, unlocking specialized abilities and building options. Customize over 100 skills with augment trees, transform your abilities, and make each character unique. Hunt for rare loot, modify items and explore the land of Eterra across different time periods. This game offers endless replayability and a dynamic skill system that promises a rewarding experience for ARPG enthusiasts.

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Torchlight II

Torchlight II returns bigger and better than ever, delivering an award-winning action RPG experience, and it stands out among the best ARPGs. Explore an expansive world with randomly generated levels, unique monsters, and abundant loot. Choose from four character classes, each of which can be played as male or female, and personalize your hero with cosmetic options. Enjoy multiplayer action through LAN or online play, experience a day-night cycle, and battle your way through a vast world filled with surprises at every turn. With a streamlined mod system, you can tailor the game to your preferences, ensuring a fresh experience each time you dive into this action-packed world.

Warhammer: Chaosbane

In Warhammer: Chaosbane, you become the last hope for the Human Empire in a world besieged by Chaos hordes. Choose from four unique character classes, each with distinct skills and customization options. Fight off over 70 different types of monsters, including the forces of Nurgle and Khorne, as you journey through an action-packed hack-and-slash experience. The game provides an epic narrative set in the Warhammer Fantasy universe, offering intense battles, class synergy in co-op, and exceptional replay value, making it the first hack-and-slash action RPG in the Warhammer world. Prepare to face the full might of Chaos in your quest to save the world from destruction.

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