The 9 Best GTA 5 Mods That Will Increase Your Gaming Pleasure

The release date of GTA 6, which Rockstar Games announced in the past months, is unknown. However, it is possible to say that the highly anticipated new game of the series will not be on the market anytime soon. GTA 5, sitting on its throne, continues to be played with pleasure and offers many enjoyable experiences thanks to thousands of mods.

ATM Robberies and Bank Heists

With the ATM and bank robberies mod, you can rob any bank you want and make robbery, one of the most popular aspects of GTA 5, a regular activity.

NaturalVision Evolved

NaturalVision Evolved mod, one of the best GTA 5 mods, takes GTA 5 to a new visual level. NaturalVision Evolved, one of the most ambitious graphics mods developed for the game, breaks new ground in realistic graphics.

Realistic Weapons Sounds

With the Realistic Gun Sounds mod, our chaos instruments in GTA 5 gain new sounds. With much more realistic shooting sounds, the gameplay becomes more believable.

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Gang and Turf

The gang wars that we enjoyed in GTA San Andreas find their place in GTA 5 thanks to this mod. The popular mod adds territory control and various gang zones to the game. Players take over territories by battling hostile gangs with their own gang members. Captured territories provide regular income to the player.

World of Variety

World of Variety, which adds many different NPCs, sounds, objects and models from the game’s story and multiplayer mode to the open world, manages to make the world of GTA 5 much more lively. The importance of World of Variety in turning GTA 5 into the highly anticipated next ring of the series is undeniable.

Expanded Field of View

This mode, which greatly expands the player’s viewpoint, plays a critical role in making GTA 5 look like GTA 6. If your system is strong enough to handle the technical load of the mod, you should definitely give the viewing angle increase mod a chance. So you can bring a much more realistic perspective to Los Santos.

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Home Invasion

Thanks to the Home Invasion mode, one of the best GTA 5 mods, it is also possible to break into houses and steal. This mode, which bears the same name as the mission we will remember from the legendary ring of the series, GTA: San Andreas, underlines a much more realistic atmosphere with the innovations it promises.

Open All Interiors

The Open All Interiors mod, on the other hand, opens the closed doors of the city of Los Santos depicted by GTA 5, making dozens of buildings accessible. Thanks to new interiors, Los Santos is becoming more full than ever.

LSPD First Response

One of the most ambitious mods developed for GTA 5, LSPD First Response brings a radical innovation to the police and security system. Turning the game into a police simulation, LSPDFR has expanded its technical scope by receiving dozens of different updates in the past period.

Written by Jordan Bevan


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