The 15 Best GTA 5 Mods That Will Increase Your Gaming Pleasure

The release date of GTA 6 is unknown, but it is expected to be released in 2024. We know that GTA 5 is still played like crazy, even though it was published by Rockstar Games in 2013. One of the reasons why the popular game is still enjoyed is the different enjoyable experiences thanks to thousands of modes.

How to install GTA 5 game mod?

Just follow the steps below to install a GTA 5 game mode. It may seem a little complicated, but all this installation process is completed in just a few minutes. There are different methods of installing GTA 5 game modes, but this is one of the easiest methods.

  • Step #1: Download the ScriptHook V file to your computer from the link here and install the ScriptHook V file in the folder where GTA 5 is located.
  • Step #2: Download the GTA V LUA Plugin file to your computer from the link here and install the plugin file in the folder where GTA 5 is located.
  • Step #3: Download the OpenIV file from the link here and complete the installation.
  • Step #4: Download the GTA 5 game mod you want.
  • Step #5: Install the game mod in the GTA 5 folder or save the game mod in the Mods file in the GTA 5 folder.
  • Step #6: This way you can install all the game modes you want.

The Best GTA 5 Mods

  1. ATM Robberies and Bank Heists
  2. NaturalVision Evolved
  3. Realistic Weapons Sounds
  4. Gang and Turf
  5. World of Variety
  6. Expanded Field of View
  7. Home Invasion
  8. Open All Interiors
  9. LSPD First Response
  10. Fuel Script V
  11. GTA V Redux
  12. Benny’s Original Motor Works
  13. Prison Mod
  14. 4K Water
  15. PRSA

ATM Robberies and Bank Heists

With the ATM and bank robberies mod, you can rob any bank you want and make robbery, one of the most popular aspects of GTA 5, a regular activity.

NaturalVision Evolved

NaturalVision Evolved mod, one of the best GTA 5 mods, takes GTA 5 to a new visual level. NaturalVision Evolved, one of the most ambitious graphics mods developed for the game, breaks new ground in realistic graphics. In addition to graphics suitable for weather conditions, ambient colors, tones, and lighting details become astounding. Exteriors of buildings and even water areas look much more realistic.

Realistic Weapons Sounds

With the Realistic Gun Sounds mod, our chaos instruments in GTA 5 gain new sounds. With much more realistic shooting sounds, the gameplay becomes more believable.

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Gang and Turf

The gang wars that we enjoyed in GTA San Andreas find their place in GTA 5 thanks to this mod. The popular mod adds territory control and various gang zones to the game. Players take over territories by battling hostile gangs with their own gang members. Captured territories provide regular income to the player.

World of Variety

World of Variety, which adds many different NPCs, sounds, objects and models from the game’s story and multiplayer mode to the open world, manages to make the world of GTA 5 much more lively. The importance of World of Variety in turning GTA 5 into the highly anticipated next ring of the series is undeniable.

Expanded Field of View

This mode, which greatly expands the player’s viewpoint, plays a critical role in making GTA 5 look like GTA 6. If your system is strong enough to handle the technical load of the mod, you should definitely give the viewing angle increase mod a chance. So you can bring a much more realistic perspective to Los Santos.

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Home Invasion

Thanks to the Home Invasion mode, one of the best GTA 5 mods, it is also possible to break into houses and steal. This mode, which bears the same name as the mission we will remember from the legendary ring of the series, GTA: San Andreas, underlines a much more realistic atmosphere with the innovations it promises.

Open All Interiors

The Open All Interiors mod, on the other hand, opens the closed doors of the city of Los Santos depicted by GTA 5, making dozens of buildings accessible. Thanks to new interiors, Los Santos is becoming more full than ever. After installing the mod, you will see that your map has changed and new places have been added. Moreover, you will see new characters in all new buildings and rooms you enter. So Open All Interiors expands not only the map but also the game world.

LSPD First Response

One of the most ambitious mods developed for GTA 5, LSPD First Response brings a radical innovation to the police and security system. Turning the game into a police simulation, LSPDFR has expanded its technical scope by receiving dozens of different updates in the past period.

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Fuel Script V

If you want to have a more realistic vehicle driving experience while playing GTA 5, Fuel Script V is for you because your vehicle has a fuel limit in this game mode. While driving, you will see a fuel gauge on the minimap. If gas runs out, the vehicle will not start. When fuel is low, you must find a gas station and fill the tank. If you wish, you can take the canister in the trunk, walk to find a gas station, and fill your car’s tank with the gasoline you filled in the canister. Moreover, the graphics you encounter while doing all this are extremely realistic.

GTA V Redux

GTA V Redux mod literally adds quality to the quality of the game graphics. It offers new aerial views and different effects along with visuals close to 4K resolution quality. In addition to the visuals, vehicle usage becomes much more realistic in this game mode. If you look carefully at the movements of the other characters, you will see that they are much more realistic, not their classic behavior.

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Benny’s Original Motor Works

If you wish, you can access the Benny’s Original Motor Works store, which appears in the GTA Online version, in the non-online version by installing the game mode. When you enter the store, you will find countless options to upgrade your vehicle. In addition to classic engine, suspension, exhaust and wheel upgrades, you can make your vehicle’s color unique. Moreover, it is possible to personalize the interior of the vehicle with a masterful touch.

Prison Mod

When you have no crimes left to commit and all the police are after you, you have two options: either you die or you get arrested. In one of these options, you wake up in the police station, in the other, you wake up in the hospital. But with Prison Mod, if you are caught, you go to prison and start playing as a prisoner. As a prisoner, you can fight other prisoners, move around, and try to escape from the prison. Of course, this escape is not easy at all.

4K Water

Let’s face it, GTA 5 water graphics are not very satisfactory. The 4K Water game mode, first offered in 2K and recently in 4K, focuses on exactly these graphics. When you install this game mod, you will see that the water graphics have been resized. Of course, it does not happen on every screen, but when the 4K Water mode is installed, you will feel as if you are looking at water images recorded in a documentary.

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PhotoRealistic San Andreas game mode, also known as PhotoRealistic, is one of the game modes offered to improve GTA 5 graphics. When you install the PRSA game mode, you will encounter a world with cinematic graphics. Thus, you will feel like you are in a Hollywood movie you are watching on the cinema screen, rather than in a game. Thanks to the correct adjustment of shadows and light, the graphics become realistic.

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