The 9 Best Minecraft Mods (2021)

Minecraft, one of the most popular survival games of all time, was very popular when it was released in 2009, although it was far from its current gameplay. With the unlimited world that it offered to the players, and with the option to change this world as players wish, Minecraft also paved the way for many different survival games.

The popularity of the game increased day by day and they came up with the Minecraft PE version for mobile devices. Since Minecraft PE was originally paid, it also broke download records with the APK extension. (We do not recommend using files with APK extension.) Various toys made for Minecraft also made the game more popular. In this article, we have listed the best Minecraft mods for Minecraft lovers who are looking for new in-game experiences.

How to install Minecraft mods? 

For the Minecraft mod installation process, you first need to download the correct version of the program called Minecraft Forge. (You can download the Forge program from this link.)

We recommend using version 1.7.10 of the program, because most Minecraft mods may not be compatible with the latest version of the game. Almost all of the mods we have listed in this article are compatible with version 1.7.10. Here is how to install Minecraft modes?

  • First, download the mod you want in the list below,
  • Then place the downloaded “.jar” file into Minecraft’s “mods” folder. To reach here, type “%appdata%” into the Windows application named “Run” and click the “OK” button.
  • Enter the folder named “.minecraft” in the opened folder and put the mod file with the extension “.jar” into the folder named “mods” here. The folder named “mods” may not exist for you. If it doesn’t exist, it will suffice to create a folder with the same name yourself.
  • Restart the computer and launch “Java” with Forge selected. 

That’s it for the mod installation process. If you wish, let’s start to take a look at the most successful Minecraft mods.


LotsOMobs mod running on Minecraft version 1.8 adds more than 25 animals to the game. Among these animals are creatures that will directly affect the atmosphere of the game, such as fish, lions, mammoths and dinosaurs.

Moreover, when the creatures added with the mod are hunted, unique items are earned. These items can then be used to apply different recipes. In this way, the “exploration feeling” at the root of the game becomes even more exciting. You can download LotsOMobs mod from here and add it to your game.

The Lost Cities

A mod that can amplify the real-life feel of Minecraft, The Lost Cities is one of the best Minecraft mods for people who love to explore. The mod, which adds long-abandoned cities to random places on the map, offers a lot of new places to visit.

Thanks to these cities, the atmosphere of the game takes on a bit of a post-catastrophic world. You can download The Lost Cities from here. The Lost Cities supports Minecraft versions 1.10, 1.11 and 1.12.

Carpenter’s Blocks

As you know, the blocks in Minecraft are only square. Carpenter’s Blocks mod allows you to shape blocks into any shape you want. You can play like a carpenter with the shapes of the doors, flower pots and torches you put in your house.

In this way, it is possible to add your own interpretation to the ordinary structures of the game. You can download the Carpenter’s Blocks mod here.

The Aether

One of the scariest places in Minecraft is the Nether. Players encounter enemies that they cannot find in the normal world. The Aether, which is compatible with the 1.7.3 version, is one of the best Minecraft mods for those who are bored with the Nether, which can be called hell.

The Aether adds a world of animals with wings of gold and clouds that can be walked over. But keep in mind, there are creatures attacking you in this idyllic land, too. You can download The Aether here.


One of the favorite aspects of Minecraft is creating creative houses and structures. Decocraft mod allows you to decorate your house in detail with the new items added to the game.

These items include chairs, tables, lamps, torches, and a whole host of plush toys. You can download the Decocraft mod here.

Hyper HD Realism

As one of the best Minecraft mods, The Hyper HD Realism, supported in version 1.12.2, takes the textures and shadings in the game to the next level. With this mod that anyone with a powerful computer should try, the game looks like Minecraft 2. If you want to try Hyper HD Realism mod, you can download it here.

Rope Bridge Mod

The Rope Bridge mod, which works in harmony with the 1.11.2 version of Minecraft, brings a solution to one of the biggest problems encountered while exploring in the game. You know that Minecraft has a huge world of obstacles.

For this reason, the structures encountered while navigating can harm the pleasure of discovery. Thanks to the Rope Bridge mode, you can minimize the number of obstacles in your way by building bridges between structures. If you wish, you can download Rope Bridge here.

Animal Bikes

We can call Animal Bikes a car mod where you can drive creatures in Minecraft. Thanks to this mod, you can ride on most creatures to cross very large terrains in a short time. Among these creatures are huge creatures such as the Ender Dragon and the Iron Golem. You can download Animal Bikes, which allows you to ride more than 25 creatures, from here.


Thanks to Bacteria, one of the best Minecraft mods, you can produce new bacteria and engage in constructive or destructive processes just like a chemist. When using bacteria, you choose what kind of structures you want it to destroy, the bacteria takes care of the rest.

For example, by destroying stones and pebbles in a mine, you can breed bacteria that leaves only precious metals. You can download Bacteria Mod from here.

Written by Maya Robertson


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