The 17 Best Open World Games for Android

Open-world games, with some exceptions, are games where you can navigate the map comfortably and do whatever you want, usually without a task. Although open-world games have appeared in the PC world for a long time, the real star of these games started to shine when games such as The Witcher: Wild Hunt and Skyrim brought many awards to their pockets.

Although open-world games are frequently played on the PC platform, nowadays they are also very popular on mobile. There are many open-world games that you can play on your android device. In this article, we will list the best open world games for Android. 

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The Best Open World Games for Android

ARK: Survival Evolved

ARK: Survival Evolved, which is very popular on PC and console, came to mobile in 2018. In this open world adventure game, you are born on an island full of dinosaurs and struggle to survive.

There are tons of different kinds of dinosaurs in this game and they all have different characteristics. You can tame them for your own use. You can also craft things and build stuff during the gameplay. 

First, you start the game with stone age items, but with level achievements, you can have modern and futuristic items such as laser-firing rifles. Building a base like Minecraft is important in this open world game. The game also features tribes like the Clan / Faction mechanics.

The outer part of the map (the coastal areas) generally contains less dangerous dinosaurs, while the inner parts contain more dangerous ones. Therefore, if your level is not high enough, we recommend you to stay on the beach.

There are also multiplayer modes in the game and they are divided into four. 

  • PvE: The only danger in this mode is wild dinosaurs. Other players and the players’ dinosaurs cannot harm you. 
  • PvP: In this mode, other players can also damage you and your base. Being a member of the tribe is more important in this mode.
  • PvX: This mode is the mix of PvE and PvP. While the coastal part of the map is PvE, the more dangerous middle part is PvP. The PvE section gives less experience, while the PvP section gives more.
  • PvXc: In this mode, after each time zone, a certain part of the map becomes a PvP area. Other areas are PvE. It is important to base the region in the time zone you are in the game, so when you are awake you have the chance to protect your base from others.

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MadOut2 BigCityOnline

The open world adventure game is a mixture of the Grand Theft Auto and Need For Speed games we are used to. With this game, you can steal cars, face other players in your city and fight in a competition, shoot stuff, and cruise around the open world. You can also kill other players to survive and stand out according to the situation of the competition. 

MadOut2 BigCityOnline also has some racing games’ mechanics that lets you customize your car and race people. The popular title features more than 40 cars. 

A total of 100 players can be found on a map at once. A very fun and realistic map has been created by the game developers. 

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Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas

Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas Mobile Gameplay

Price: $6,99

Although the game was released in 2013-2014, it offers an experience like the best-selling GTA San Andreas on PC or Consoles. 

As one of the best open world games for Android, GTA: San Andreas has a very large map. Resembling the cities of Los Angeles, Las Vegas and San Francisco, this map also includes forested and rural areas. You have to complete the missions to open the whole map.

Like other GTA series, there are a variety of cars and weapons. It also offers many features such as playing billiards, changing clothes, radio channels that you can listen to for hours, improving your character’s features and improving your weapon abilities.

Graphically, we can understand that the game came out long before. Although there are “graphics improvements” for 7th Gen Consoles and Mobile devices, it is clear that the graphics level is old. Still, it has a pretty decent graphic.

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Genshin Impact

Released in September 2020 and featuring fantastic anime characters, Genshin Impact offers a very impressive experience.

You can swim in rivers and climb mountains. In addition, the region called Tevyat impress the players with its unique nature. Tevyat is a vast territory. However, players can explore the two regions in Tevyat for the time being. These areas called Mondstadt and Liyue Harbor have their own cultures, monsters, stories and mysteries. The players are trying to improve their characters by making discoveries in these two locations. The developer team says that Tevyat will expand further in the future, and that players will be able to explore other regions.

There are more than 20 playable characters in the game. You can travel every inch of land in Mondstadt and Port Liyue to develop these characters and improve some of your combat skills. Also, if you want, you can have the opportunity to have a different experience by cooperating with other players.

Developed by miHoYo, Genshin Impact is released for free on all platforms. However, this game contains some in-game purchases.The open world game generated $393 million in the first two months following its release. 

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Second Galaxy

In Second Galaxy, one of the best open world games for Android, there are thousands of star systems, spaceships of all kinds, and many other things to see, as well as taking part in breathtaking battles that can only be seen in Star Wars movies. It is also quite impressive to be able to see the beauty of space on your phone screen. If you are a science fiction fan with full shows to watch, the Second Galaxy might be a good option to fill this gap.

Second Galaxy is a role playing open world game that takes place after 3000 years from now and is about the life of world civilizations after colonizing space and the wars with it. In addition to dark matter, wormholes, space stations and other known concepts about space, we are faced with a massively multiplayer online game genre, MMO, which consists of 4961 galaxies in total.

There are a total of 150 different spaceships that you can unlock. As you can guess, you must both improve your resources and win the battles you have entered in order to obtain them. In addition, there is a very complex technology tree that you will see in the game. As you can understand, it is not an easy progression to earn points or money and unlock the levels in an ordinary game. 

One of the most important points is the civilization you chose at the beginning of the game.You need to choose your civilization in direct proportion to how you progress in the game; because there are different subjects that every civilization has mastered.

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Off the Road

In Off the Road, which takes the open world gameplay to a whole new level, you can control everything from boats to trains and helicopters, including all types of wheeled vehicles such as trucks and even harvesters. In addition, every vehicle you will use has different difficulty levels. 

In addition, Off the Road game includes realistic mud mechanics and tire pressure simulation, which is rare in mobile games. It

Google Play: Store Link

Black Desert Mobile

Black Desert Mobile stands as a groundbreaking masterpiece within the realm of Android gaming, seamlessly transporting players into a sprawling fantasy world brimming with adventure and intrigue. Drawing inspiration from its critically acclaimed PC counterpart, Black Desert Online, this mobile iteration delivers an immersive gaming experience that surpasses expectations.

With its stunning graphics, expansive open-world environment, and dynamic combat system, Black Desert Mobile sets a new standard for mobile MMORPGs. Players are invited to create their own unique characters, choosing from a plethora of customization options to tailor their appearance to their liking. From the bustling cities teeming with life to the serene landscapes waiting to be explored, every corner of the game world is meticulously crafted, inviting players to embark on epic quests, engage in thrilling battles, and uncover hidden treasures.

Whether delving into the depths of dungeons with friends, participating in intense PvP battles, or simply immersing oneself in the rich lore and narrative, Black Desert Mobile offers endless possibilities for adventure and discovery. With regular updates, events, and new content additions, the game continues to evolve, ensuring that players always have something new and exciting to experience. As a true testament to the potential of mobile gaming, Black Desert Mobile captivates players with its stunning visuals, immersive gameplay, and boundless opportunities for exploration and adventure.

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Sky: Children of the Light

Thanks to the pastel and eye-pleasing colors that Sky: Children of the Light game has, it makes you feel as if you are in a dream. The world of sky is full of wonders and a lot of secrets that you have to uncover. The atmosphere of the game will make you feel more like meditating than playing games. 

In this open world game, you help the spirits around, strengthen your own soul and learn new communication methods as you get stronger. The game includes 8 realms and at the end of the story, you try to take your fire on the top of the farthest mountain. You can customize your character as you wish to express yourself. 

In Sky: Children of the Light, which is a mini MMORPG, the energy of your character is emitted by the simplest light source, fire. Ghosts flying around are other players. You share your fire with them if you want, even if you get along well, you add them to your friend list and walk around together. It is almost impossible to navigate certain maps alone, players who roam together can move much faster and freely. You can also team up with others to adventure into darker realms, save spirits, and uncover ancient treasures.

The developers announced that they will continue to expand the game with new domains and events. In the future, innovations await the players.

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Botworld Adventure

Embark on an immersive journey through the expansive landscapes of Botworld, where adventure awaits at every turn. Delve into a vibrant open world teeming with diverse environments, from lush forests to bustling cities, each brimming with rare treasures and secrets waiting to be discovered. As the commander of your very own bots, each possessing unique abilities and traits, you’ll lead them through thrilling quests and challenges, utilizing their skills to overcome obstacles and adversaries along the way. But the excitement doesn’t end there – Botworld offers extensive customization options, allowing players to collect and personalize their bots to unleash their full potential in battles and adventures.

With four distinct species to choose from and endless customization possibilities for appearance and abilities, every player can craft their own unique team of mechanized companions. Additionally, the game fosters a sense of camaraderie and collaboration through guilds, where players can team up to tackle quests, participate in exclusive events, and unlock special rewards. While Botworld offers a vast and engaging open-world experience, some players may find themselves longing for more variety, as the gameplay can become somewhat repetitive over time. Nevertheless, with its immersive world, captivating gameplay mechanics, and opportunities for teamwork and customization, Botworld is a must-play for adventurers seeking excitement and exploration in the realm of robotics and artificial intelligence.

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Price: $7.49

You are born into Minecraft, one of the most popular games in the world, in a living mode and you try to live. At night, the environment becomes more dangerous with zombies, skeletons, spiders and creatures called creepers.

In survival mode, to protect yourself, it’s important to build bases and equip yourself with more advanced materials. In this mode, you can kill bad guys, build stuff, go fishing, craft, things, and mine resources. In creative mode, you can do what you want more quickly. This game is an open world but also a sandbox so you can even destroy that world and build other things instead. 

One of the good things about Minecraft is the skin packs and behavior packs. With these, you can change the look of Minecraft and even install mods to the game like car mode or sword mode.

Its map is huge and customized for each seed. So all the worlds you have created are unique. There is so much you can do. 

The open world arcade game has also multiplayer mode where you can play with up to 4 friends with a free Xbox Live account or up to 10 friends cross-platform anywhere on Realms.

Google Play: Store Link

Dragon Raja

Dragon Raja is an anime-style MMORPG game made using Unreal Engine, a popular game engine developed by Epic Games. 

You can choose any of the four classes and customize your character in great detail before starting your journey in the game. In Dragon Raja, you can complete missions and interact with other players and even fight them in PvP battles.

When you start the game, you wake up in a room and encounter mechanics such as playing the guitar, changing clothes, and sleeping. You can either travel around the open world with vehicles such as motorcycles and cars, or read books, play the piano and watch television at home.

There are four classes in the game. These are; Blade Master, (attack, tank) Gunslinger, (attack, agile) Assassin, (assassin, instant damage) Soul Dancer (support, attack) There are also 3 genders to choose from:; Male, Female, Lolita (small size, cute girl)

Google Play: Store Link

Goat Simulator 3

Price: $12.99

Prepare to dive into a realm of sheer absurdity and endless laughter with Goat Simulator 3, the latest and most outrageous addition to the beloved franchise that has redefined the concept of open-world gaming on Android platforms. Building upon the wildly successful formula of its predecessors, Goat Simulator 3 catapults players into a whimsical world where they assume the role of a mischievous goat on a quest for chaos and mayhem.

From soaring through the skies with jetpacks strapped to your back to causing havoc in bustling city streets, the possibilities are as endless as they are absurd. But Goat Simulator 3 isn’t just about mindless destruction; it also offers a plethora of engaging challenges and objectives to complete, ranging from collecting hidden collectibles to completing quirky quests for the eccentric inhabitants of the game world.

With its vibrant graphics, intuitive controls, and infectious sense of humor, Goat Simulator 3 is an absolute must-play for anyone looking to escape into a world of unbridled silliness and unadulterated fun. So strap on your goat horns and get ready for an unforgettable adventure that will leave you laughing until the very end.

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Radiation Island Free

The story of this game is about how you endure and change the consequences of an experience similar to the Philadelphia Project of the Japanese Empire in WWII. You are trying to live on a map that you have never known and is full of creatures.

The open world game is somewhat reminiscent of Minecraft. You are trying to struggle for life in a place you never know. There are things such as life, hunger and temperature in the game and if you do not keep them constant, you start to die. To keep them stable, you need to eat by hunting wild animals, fisr or gathering fruits, not get damaged, and be in a warm environment. 

In the evening, many dangers appear in the game. To protect yourself, there are also melee weapons such as sticks, axes and katana and long-barreled weapons such as pistols and machine guns.

If you do not want to struggle for survival, you can easily visit the radiation island without the worry of dying with the “exploration” mode. You can also make the game more challenging in “challenging” mode.

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Price: $6.99

Crashlands is one of the best open world games for Android, with advanced role-playing and adventure elements.

You start the game, which includes more than 500 craftable items, four sentient races, and three continents, as a galactic truck driver stranded on an alien planet. After that, you are completely on your own as you try to roam the planet in search of any material that can assist you on your journey. Don’t expect locals to be warm, they mostly see you as free food.

Crashlands also has controller support for the ones who want to experience the game with joysticks.

Google Play: Store Link

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Offering 10+ hours of story driven gameplay, accurate touch controls, and music from Nobuo Uematsu and Kenji Ito, Oceanhorn combines all these into its action-adventure game. In the game, which is mechanically similar to the Legend of Zelda series, the player has a series of islands of Uncharted Seas to explore, each with its own small open world.

With a story as well as a variety of puzzles, mini-games, and things to collect, Oceanhorn is technically not an open world in the truest sense of the word, as it features multiple areas. However, it is possible to explore them however you like to achieve the same effect.

Google Play: Store Link

Gangstar Vegas: World of Crime

In this RPG adventure saga of mafia and waging gang wars, you are offered an open world with racing challenges with different types of cars, various collectible weapons, and outfits.

A replica of the Grand Theft Auto series, the game asks the player to explore the open city with different TPS missions, box the mafia cartel, fight for the final prize and play in different adventure crime clans. There are also numerous mini-games such as casino, racing challenges, collectibles and other things to keep the player busy.

Google Play: Store Link


Price: $4.99

As one of the best-selling games of all time, Terraria offers an open world in a 2D graphics world with survival mechanics and simple graphics. Boss fights, mining, crafting, and a variety of other activities are all included in the game. Additionally, you may choose from different world sizes and controls whether you want anything big or little.

Recently, the game had a major redesign, and as a result, it now roughly matches the PC version. If you have Google Play Pass, this one is also free.

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