The 16 Best City Building Games for Android

City building games have long been a favorite genre for mobile gamers who aspire to create and manage their virtual metropolises. With the abundance of options on the Android platform, finding the perfect city building game can be a thrilling adventure. If you like to build a new city, develop and manage the city you have created, in this article, we have brought together the best city building games for Android that you will love to play.

The Best City Building Games for Android

Join us as we delve into the realm of urban planning and unveil the “Best City Building Games for Android,” each offering a unique blend of strategy, creativity, and immersive gameplay.

  1. SimCity Buildlt
  2. Pocket City
  3. Megapolis
  4. Townsmen
  5. Rise of the Roman Empire
  6. Frozen City
  7. The Simpsons: Tapped Out
  8. The Battle of Polytopia
  9. Little Big City 2
  10. Forge of Empires
  11. TheoTown
  12. Paradise City: Building Sim Game
  13. Global City
  14. City Island 5
  15. Designer City
  16. Tropical Resort Story

SimCity Buildlt

The SimCity series has already been available on Mac and PC platforms for many years. SimCity, which gained a modern look in 2013, appeared on mobile platforms as SimCity BuildIt for free.

SimCity BuildIt, the mobile game of the series, which already has many fans, has managed to become one of the most popular mobile city building games in a short time, thanks to both being free and the quality of Electronic Arts.

As the mayor, you’re tasked with constructing and expanding a bustling cityscape. Manage resources, make strategic decisions, and watch your city come to life with stunning graphics and intricate details.

SimCity Buildly on Google Play

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Pocket City

For those who crave a blend of simplicity and complexity, Pocket City offers a delightful experience. Create a thriving city from scratch, balancing the needs of your citizens, managing resources, and dealing with various challenges. The game’s intuitive controls and charming graphics make it a standout choice.

Pocket City on Google Play


Megapolis provides all the structures, service buildings, ports and airports that should be in a city building game, as well as mines, ring roads and an underground network. In the game, you can directly extract resources thanks to mines, sell them to other cities with your train networks, or provide access to resources in the same way. 

At the same time, you can gather the most known landmarks of the world, such as the Eiffel Tower, the Statue of Liberty and Stonehenge, in your own city. In addition to these, if you manage to develop enough in Megapolis, which provides a lot of diversity in industrialization and science, you can even build a spaceport to fire rockets into space to conquer the galaxy. 

Strategically plan your city’s layout, develop infrastructure, and engage in trade to ensure its prosperity. With realistic graphics and a wide range of buildings and structures, Megapolis offers a true urban planning experience.

Megapolis on Google Play

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Townsmen combines city-building with medieval charm. Set in a medieval world, this game allows you to construct a flourishing town, from humble beginnings to a grand kingdom. Manage resources, engage in trade, and ensure the happiness of your citizens in this visually appealing city builder.

Townsmen on Google Play

Rise of the Roman Empire

If you want to build a city from scratch and have some war in it, Rise of the Roman Empire is the game for you. This game, where you try to recreate the legendary Roman city and protect your citizens from attacks, is very similar to the other best city building games for Android in the list in terms of its gameplay. 

Of course, there are points where Rise of the Roman Empire differs from other city-building games. The most important of these is the combat system. In the game, on the one hand, you can establish your city and develop this city with historical buildings, on the other hand, you can try to seize other lands by owning a navy.

Rise of the Roman Empire on Google Play

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Frozen City

For strategy gaming enthusiasts, Frozen City offers a compelling entry into the city-building genre, thrusting players into an unpredictable and perilous world where strategic decision-making is paramount. While the game may not cater to those seeking quick thrills due to its slow-burning nature, its strength lies in immersive lore and long-term storytelling, providing an extra layer of depth for players seeking a more profound city-building experience.

Despite some clunky mechanics and build order issues, Frozen City’s expansive imagination and the element of unexpected suspense contribute to its appeal, offering a glimpse into the potential future of city-building games.

Frozen City on Google Play

The Simpsons: Tapped Out

Many of us are familiar with the city of Springfield, where The Simpsons series takes place. Have you ever thought about teaming up with Homer and creating your own dream city of Springfield? 

You also have the chance to build a new Springfield with The Simpsons: Tapped Out, as Homer accidentally destroyed Springfield by doing one of his usual clumsies. Although the game is not much different from the classic city building games in terms of gameplay, the theme it handles makes The Simpsons: Tapped Out one of the best city building games for Android.

The Simpsons: Tapped Out on Google Play

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The Battle of Polytopia

In The Battle of Polytopia, you’ll engage in city building within the context of a turn-based strategy game. Expand your empire, research technologies, and strategically conquer the map. The game’s charming polygonal graphics and innovative gameplay make it a unique addition to the city-building genre.

The Battle of Polytopia on Google Play

Little Big City 2

Developed by Gameloft, Little Big City 2 is one of the best city building games for Android where you can take a tropical island from scratch and turn it into a big and technological metropolis. Adding some role-playing elements into the business, Little Big City 2 also lets you decide what kind of a city manager you’ll be. In this way, you have the opportunity to create a more industrial, technological or cultural center city.

In this game where you can expand in multiple areas with ports, airports and many more centers like SimCity BuildIt, you can unlock unique city symbols and attract more citizens to your city as you progress, as in SimCity.

Little Big City 2 on Google Play

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Forge of Empires

Forge of Empires combines city building with strategic empire management. Start with a small settlement and guide it through different eras, from the Stone Age to the future. Engage in tactical battles, negotiate with neighbors, and lead your city to greatness in this immersive and visually appealing game.

Forge of Empires on Google Play


If you’re looking for an Indie-inspired city building game with the taste of the original and first SimCity series games, TheoTown might be the game you’re looking for.

Standing out with its plain and sweet visuals, TheoTown is a fully refined city building game. Even at first glance, you can feel that TheoTown, where you can build the city you want in a relatively realistic way without going too far into the arcade atmosphere, has been developed in a sweet Indie game mood that is more of a distraction.

TheoTown on Google Play

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Paradise City: Building Sim Game

Developed by the Sparkling Society, known for city building games, Paradise City is a game where you build a city on an island. Paradise City, where you can start from scratch on an empty island and progress to becoming a village, then a town and finally a megapolis, can be played both online and offline. 

In Paradise City, where you build your own dream island city, there are 9 different islands with different surface conditions such as snow, desert and forest and over 200 different structures. Due to the diversity it provides, Paradise City is one of the best city building games for Android.

Paradise City on Google Play

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Global City

The last game in our list of the best city building games for Android is Global City, which has managed to stand out from the classic city building games with its gameplay that brings together the concepts of both resource gathering and development and city building. 

The main purpose of the game is not only to establish a city, but also to extract fossil fuels that will help the development of the city, produce and plow fields, establish mines and excavate.

In Global City, which is based on establishing and maintaining the most technologically advanced city, you have the opportunity to go into space if you develop enough.

Global City on Google Play

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City Island 5

Another Sparkling Society game on our list, City Island 5 is the last game in the series of the same name. City Island 5, one of the most popular games in the series, is basically an arcade city building game where you try to build metropolises on various islands by starting from the village. 

City Island 5, which even has an island with an active volcano, offers many islands with different weather and terrain conditions, as in Paradise City. In addition to city building, weekly themed events also increase the variety of gameplay.

City Island 5 on Google Play

Designer City

Designer City puts you in the architect’s seat, allowing you to construct and design a city according to your vision. Balance residential, commercial, and industrial zones, and witness the impact of your decisions on the city’s growth. With its emphasis on creativity, Designer City stands out among city-building games.

Designer City on Google Play

Tropical Resort Story

As you start from the ground up, Tropical Resort Story invites you to not only shape the island landscape but also explore the depths of the surrounding oceans. Dive into activities like fishing, add exotic plants, and craft travel packages that cater to the desires of your potential tourists. With its visually stunning graphics, intuitive gameplay mechanics, and a comprehensive environmental development approach, this city builder stands out as a visually appealing and addictive choice.

While the low-pressure gameplay might not suit those seeking a challenge, it precisely caters to users looking for a relaxing and enjoyable city-building experience, making it a must-try for enthusiasts and casual players alike.

Tropical Resort Story on Google Play

Embark on a virtual journey of urban development with these best city building games for Android. Whether you prefer realistic simulations, strategic conquests, or creative design challenges, there’s a city-building game on this list to satisfy every architectural ambition. Download your favorite, unleash your inner city planner, and witness the evolution of your digital metropolis!

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