The 7 Best Android File Manager Apps

Using an Android file manager app greatly enhances your ability to organize, access, and manage your files, leading to improved productivity and a smoother user experience.

Advantages of Using Android File Manager Apps

  • Enhanced Organization: Effortlessly categorize, label, and sort files and folders, ensuring quick and easy access to your documents, images, and media files.
  • Improved Storage Management: Monitor and manage your device’s storage by identifying and removing unnecessary files, duplicates, and large files that occupy valuable space.
  • Advanced File Operations: Perform a variety of file operations such as copy, cut, paste, delete, and rename with ease, streamlining your workflow and saving time.
  • Integrated Cloud Storage Access: Seamlessly connect to popular cloud storage services like Google Drive, Dropbox, and OneDrive, allowing for smooth file transfers and synchronization between your device and the cloud.
  • Enhanced Search Functionality: Quickly locate specific files or folders using robust search capabilities, including filters and advanced search parameters.
  • Security and Privacy Features: Protect sensitive information with built-in encryption, password protection, and secure file hiding features, ensuring your data remains private and safe.
  • Batch Operations: Execute bulk actions on multiple files simultaneously, such as moving, deleting, or renaming large sets of files, which significantly enhances productivity.
  • Customizable Interface: Tailor the app’s appearance and functionality to suit your preferences with customizable themes, layout options, and personalized shortcuts.
  • File Sharing Capabilities: Easily share files and folders with others via various methods, including Bluetooth, Wi-Fi Direct, and email, facilitating seamless collaboration and information exchange.
  • Root Access Support: For advanced users, gain root access to perform operations that require administrative privileges, allowing for deeper control and customization of your device.
  • Preview and Open Files: Instantly preview or open various file types directly within the app, including documents, images, videos, and audio files, without needing to switch to different applications.
  • Network File Sharing: Connect to and manage files on your local network, including FTP, SMB, and NAS servers, enabling efficient file transfers and remote file management.
  • Scheduled Tasks: Automate routine file management tasks by scheduling backups, cleanups, and other operations to run at specified intervals, maintaining your device’s performance and organization.
  • In-App Media Player: Play multimedia files directly within the file manager app, eliminating the need for external media players and providing a convenient all-in-one solution.
  • Regular Updates and Support: Benefit from continuous improvements, bug fixes, and new features through regular updates, ensuring your file manager app remains up-to-date and efficient.

The Best Android File Manager Apps

In this article, we have listed the best Android file manager apps that allow you to find the files you are looking for faster, manage your files better, and manage your storage space more effectively.

Files by Google

As one of the best file manager apps for Android, Files by Google allows you to check how much free space left on your device,  find files quickly with search or browsing, back up files to the cloud to save space on your device, and share your files offline quickly with others. 

The app, which was initially released as a trial, has become the most popular Android file managers over time, with over 1 billion installs, thanks to its features such as smart recommendations.

Files by Google on Google Play

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X-plore File Manager

X plore File Manager

X-plore can see and manage files on your device, as well as on distant file systems (e.g. LAN, FTP) and the cloud, such as Google Drive, Dropbox, Mega. nz, and MediaFire. It has a dual-pane structure that allows you to simply copy and transfer files between multiple locations. It also allows you to access data stored in cloud storage providers.

The ad-supported app also features an image viewer and can compress and extract data in a variety of archive formats. Each file also has its own MD5 and SHA1 hash for validation purposes.

X-attractive plore’s user interface displays the image’s path to open on your device, MIME type, size, last changed date, EXIF metadata, and compatible programs.

X-plore File Manager on Google Play

Mi File Manager

Xiaomi’s File Manager is one of the best Android file manager apps with features including offline sharing, quick search, file compression, unzipping files, and renaming.

The free app also recognizes multiple file formats, including music, videos, images, documents, APKs, and zip files. The app also supports multi-languages including Spanish, Chinese, and English. 

Mi File Manager on Google Play

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Total Commander

Total Commander

Total Commander, one of the most capable and highly rated Android file management apps, is ad-free and unique in that it includes a text editor for editing files. The software also has a layout with two side-by-side windows for simple file management.

The app also includes plugins for additional functionality (eg FTP, LAN, and WebDAV support). You can see all visible places on the app’s main screen, and touching one will take you there (e.g. internal storage, SD card, downloads).

It contains almost every feature you may want, such as network storage support, cloud storage support, bookmarks, and other features including an inbuilt text editor.

Total Commander on Google Play

Astro File Manager

Using Astro File Manager, you can move, copy, share, and rename files on internal storage, SD card, and cloud space. The app offers an easy-to-use interface for straightforward folder management and navigation of your internal, external, and cloud storage.

Used by more than 150 million users worldwide, the popular Android file manager app also allows you to easily organize, move, and back up your files and clean up your phone’s memory. 

Astro File Manager on Google Play

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Solid Explorer

Solid Explorer, one of the best file manager apps for Android, allows you to manage all your files as well as protect them with encryption. You can organize multiple remote file locations in one place in the application which also offers a dedicated storage analyzer.

The app allows you to navigate to files on your device and arranges them automatically into collections. Using the app, any file may be viewed, deleted, moved, renamed, or shared. It also enables you to easily locate the files you want using an indexed search with filters.

Solid Explorer on Google Play

File Manager Plus

In File Manager Plus, an app that includes all basic file manager features such as storage analysis, searching, copy & paste, you can access your android device storage from your PC using FTP. You can manage all files and folders on both your internal storage and external storage.

Your files and folders are automatically sorted by their types and characteristics so that you can easily find what you are looking for.

File Manager Plus on Google Play

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