Google introduces Credential Manager API for passwordless app logins

Image Source: Android Developers Blog

Google announced on Monday that it has launched the alpha version of its new Jetpack API named ‘’Credential Manager’’, which will make it easier for developers to integrate sign-in authentication into their mobile apps while enhancing security.

Username/password, passkeys, and federated sign-in solutions like ‘’Sign in with Google’’ are all supported by the new API, enabling developers to integrate such methods with less effort, and mobile users to sign-in to apps much easier and faster.

In May last year, tech giants Apple, Google and Microsoft announced their plans to expand support for passwordless sign-in across mobile apps and websites in line with the standards the FIDO Alliance and the W3C created. In October, Google said that it brought passkeys support to Android and Chrome, and that they were planning to launch an API for native Android apps in 2022. The API’s alpha release has now arrived with a little delay, and the system will also offer support for third-party password manager support this year, the company said.

‘’Since our update in October 2022, we’ve been expanding support for passkeys – the new industry standard for passwordless authentication – across Android and Chrome,’’ Google said in a statement. ‘’Credential Manager allows users to create passkeys and store them in Google Password Manager. Their passkeys will sync across all of their devices that are signed in to the same Google Account, allowing users to seamlessly sign in to apps that support passkeys across these devices.’’

The company has also shared a guide explaining how developers can integrate its Credential Manager.

Written by Sophie Blake


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