Twitter now allows sign up with Google and Apple accounts

Twitter announced that it now supports third-party login, allowing users to log in or sign up with their Google and Apple accounts. The new feature is currently available in many countries.

Until now, Twitter allowed users to sign up for the platform using an email address or mobile phone number. However, new login features will increase users’ options to log in to the platform. In addition, users will be able to link their existing accounts with Google or Apple accounts. However, in order to do this, the email address of the existing account should be the same as the email address of Google or Apple account.

For now, login with Apple ID feature is only available for iOS users and Twitter said the web support will be available soon. Login and sign up with Google, on the other hand, is open to everyone using iOS, Android or the web browser. 

The new feature currently has some problems in terms of user experience. Currently, users can’t change their password if they created an account with Apple login, as the page asks for their current password. (via The Verge) Google users, on the other hand, can reset their password after disconnecting their account.

Apple require apps to add Sign in with Apple as an option if an app lets any other third party logins so it is not a surprise that Twitter is rolling out Sign in with Apple and Sign in with Google at the same time. 

Written by Maya Robertson


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