X Jobs gains momentum with over 750K listings in less than six months

X‘s foray into the job market seems to be gaining significant traction, boasting an impressive 750,000 job listings within the app just six months after the launch of X Jobs. The platform initially introduced job listings on business profiles as part of its Verification for Organizations package, priced at $1,000 per month or $200 per month for a scaled-down version.

Although Verification for Organizations didn’t see widespread adoption initially, X strategically offered the package to top ad partners, resulting in a surge of interest. Early adopters among these partners have embraced the feature, contributing to the substantial pool of job opportunities now available on the platform.

This surge is a considerable leap from the mere “hundreds” of companies that X reported had listed job openings in September. While exact statistics on the number of brands embracing the gold checkmark verification remain undisclosed, it’s evident that many are leveraging this opportunity to enhance their candidate outreach.

Given that users on the platform have been cultivating professional connections for years, the incorporation of formal job listings appears to be a logical evolution. The real test, however, lies in the success rate of X Hiring, prompting questions about whether candidates sourced through X outshine those from other platforms.

Written by Sophie Blake


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