X unlocks advertising potential ahead of the Paris 2024 Olympics

As the 2024 Paris Olympics draw near, X is gearing up to leverage the global event’s excitement to highlight its advertising capabilities. With the Olympics set to commence on July 26th, X is preparing to become a central hub for sports fans and marketers alike, offering unique opportunities for brand engagement.

Historical trends and the increasing volume of sports-related discussions on X indicate that the platform is poised to host an unprecedented level of Olympics-related conversation. This surge in activity presents a valuable chance for marketers to tap into a highly engaged audience. According to X, “The most iconic sporting event in the world is set to begin on July 26th: the 2024 Paris Olympics. And, if recent sporting events conversation tells us one thing, there’s no substitute for X in real-time moments that matter. All signs point to the most monumental yet on X.”

X’s statistics reveal that 6 in 10 sports fans are active on the platform, which represents a 20% higher concentration of sports enthusiasts compared to other social media sites. While platforms like Facebook boast larger user bases, X’s strength lies in its dense, sports-focused communities that thrive on live discussions during major events. This aspect makes X a pivotal platform for real-time sports engagement, positioning it as a prime venue for Olympic coverage.

Despite a stagnation in overall user growth, X remains a vital connector for live events, particularly in the sports domain. This enduring popularity is expected to bolster X’s relevance during the Olympics, facilitating up-to-the-minute updates and discussions.

In anticipation of the increased traffic, X is emphasizing its advanced video advertising offerings. With 80% of user sessions now involving video content, the platform’s premium video service, Amplify, stands out as a key feature for brands. Amplify allows advertisers to run pre-roll videos against verified, brand-safe content from official broadcasters worldwide, including NBCU & CBS Sports (US), GOAL and Hearst (UK/EMEA), RMC Sport, French Television (FR), BeinSport (MENA), Globo (BR), Televisa (MX), Dentsu (JP), and Nine Network (AU).

This feature aims to create an interactive and memorable viewing experience for fans, thereby maximizing brand exposure during one of the world’s most watched sporting events. As the 2024 Paris Olympics approach, X’s strategic focus on its robust video capabilities and active sports communities positions it as a compelling platform for brands looking to capitalize on the global spectacle.

Written by Sophie Blake


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