WhatsApp rolls out ‘View Once’ disappearing photos and videos

WhatsApp announced that it has launched its disappearing video and photo sharing feature, which will be available to all users this week. WhatsApp’s new feature, called “View Once”, allows users to send photos and videos that can only be viewed once before disappearing into the chat.

With WhatsApp disappearing photos and videos feature, which was first announced in June, users will be able to select the timer icon to set a photo as “view once” when sending it on WhatsApp. Unlike normal photo or video messages, content sent with the phrase “view once” will be exempt from preview in chat and will not be downloaded to the device. Once the recipient sees this photo or video, they will not be able to see it again and the visual content will self-destruct.

WhatsApp says the new feature aims to give “users even more control over their privacy”. However, the company warns that the recipient can take a screenshot or record their screen while opening the “view once” photo or video. Unlike Snapchat, WhatsApp will not notify the sender if someone takes a screenshot or screen recording.

The company states that the new feature can help users with things like sharing a photo of some outfits you’ve tried on or sharing any passwords with someone. Back in November, the company had also rolled out  a new feature called ‘Disappearing Messages’ that lets users mark messages including photos and videos to disappear after 7 days. 

Finally, the view-once messages you send to users who do not have access to the feature, that is, to users with old versions, will not be deleted from the other party. 

Written by Jordan Bevan


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