Android 14 enters Platform Stability with Beta 3 release

Image Source: Android Developers Blog

With the arrival of Android 14 Beta 3, Google’s upcoming operating system has entered the final phase of its development cycle before its official release: Platform Stability. 

The tech giant announced the Beta 3 release in a blog post on Wednesday, saying it builds upon its ‘’core themes of privacy, security, performance, developer productivity, and user customization while continuing to improve the large-screen device experience on tablets, foldables, and more.’’

‘’Today with Beta 3, we’re highlighting new accessibility features such as non-linear font scaling, privacy upgrades including partial photos/videos access, new animation support in gesture navigation, and features that further align with the OpenJDK 17 LTS release,’’ the company said.

As the newest Android version has now entered the Platform Stability phase, all of its developer APIs and app-facing behaviors have been finalized for developers to review and integrate them into their products.

Google is now asking developers to check out the latest version’s new features, APIs and behavior changes, begin their compatibility testing, and get ready to release additional updates that may be required in order to ‘’ensure a smooth app experience’’ before Android 14’s public release.

The Android-maker unveiled two developer previews in February and March, followed by the release of Beta 1 in April, and Beta 2 last month. It will make Android 14 available to the public later this year once the Platform Stability phase comes to an end.

Image Source Android Developers Blog

Written by Tuna Cetin


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