Android Privacy Sandbox Will Enter Beta Early Next Year

Google announced in a blog post on Tuesday that it plans to roll out the initial Privacy Sandbox beta to Android 13 mobile devices beginning early next year. Google initially introduced the Android Privacy Sandbox in February. In September, Android 13 was made available.

Google said they will start the beta with a small percentage of devices and will increase over time. “Note that Developer Previews will continue to be released and this is where we’ll first deliver the latest features for early feedback before being released on production devices,” the company said in a blog post

Starting with the beta release, many of the APIs in the Android Privacy Sandbox, including Topics, FLEDGE, attribution reporting, and SDK Runtime, will be available for app developers and ad tech firms to test more seriously. 

In short, the attribution API is self-explanatory, FLEDGE enables for remarketing without cross-app IDs, and Topics offers basic targeting without cross-app identifiers.

A registration and verification procedure is required for developers and ad tech firms that want to test the Android versions of Topics, FLEDGE, and the reporting attribution API. To sign up for the beta early testers program, they will also need to complete a form.

SDK Runtime, however, will continue to be in closed beta for select apps. “Because of the coordination required to test the SDK Runtime on production devices, we expect this beta to involve a limited number of partners who can dedicate resources to support this testing,” Google said. Companies who are interested in giving it a try must submit a separate application.

To utilize the Beta release, developers will need to compile their solutions with an API level 33 SDK extension update that is coming soon.

Written by Sophie Blake


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